West Palm Beach Is the Ninth Happiest Place in the United States, NY the Unhappiest

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You feel happy, West Palm Beach? Because a recent study by the University of British Columbia says you are. SO SMILE.

Hell, West Palm is such a happy place, sharks migrate there in droves and hang out on the beaches.

Know who isn't so happy? Those fancy-pants New Yorkers and their tall buildings and their pizzas and their cabdrivers, that's who.

The working paper, titled "Unhappy Cities" and cowritten by Joshua Gottlieb of the University of British Columbia's Vancouver School of Economics, dove into federal data to find how satisfied younger folks felt with their lives, accounting for race, education, marital status, and family size. The study found, among other things, that people are willing to relocate to an unhappy city if it means getting a good and steady job.

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Boca Raton Is the Best Florida City to Live In, Study Says

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Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Mizner Park.

Financial sites, real estate blogs, and other websites that delve into figuring out the best places in the U.S. have been coming out and naming Fort Lauderdale to the top of their many best-of lists lately.

But one site has come out and bucked the trend, naming Boca Raton the best Florida city to live in.

That's right, Fort Lauderdale. You can keep your best downtown, most exciting city, and sexiest city. Those are all fine and good. But when it comes to actually living somewhere -- especially somewhere where you probably won't be murdered -- Boca takes you to the hole!

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Key West Gay Couple Who Can't Marry: "Love Is Love. That's All That Matters."

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A Monroe County judge yesterday said a Key West couple can't marry despite his ruling that Florida's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Chief Judge Luis Garcia said in an appeal by the State of Florida, "The automatic stay, currently in place, shall remain in place until completion of appellate proceedings or until further order of this Court."

But this past Thursday afternoon, Key West locals Aaron Huntsman and William "Lee" Jones heard the news they had been waiting 11 long years to hear: that they could be married in the place they call home.

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Ride Along 2 Being Shot on Fort Lauderdale Beach (Video)

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Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 100 percent explody.

Throughout this past week, people spending their summer on Fort Lauderdale Beach have been able to capture photos and video of the filming of Ride Along 2, the sequel to the buddy-cop comedy action flick released earlier this year.

The first film starred Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and apparently cars that crash and flip over and blow up.

And producers apparently wasted no time in green-lighting a sequel and taking to our neck of the woods to start shooting it.

That's right, Fort Lauderdale is so damned sexy, it's gonna be in a movie!

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Fort Lauderdale Named Sexiest Midsized City in America

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Photo by Alex Markow
Fort Lauderdale is sexy. But you already knew that. Well now, thanks to a study, it's official. And not only is Fort Lauderdale sexy but it's the sexiest place in the world. And by "sexiest place in the world," we mean it's the sexiest midsized city in America.

Suck on that, Salt Lake City!

Another comprehensive study by real estate blog Movoto shows that, thanks to the fact that this city has a vibrant nightlife, numerous hotels per capita, and places where you can buy porn and lingerie, Fort Lauderdale shot up to number one, beating out such luscious places as Knoxville, Richmond, and Tallahassee.

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Fort Lauderdale Named Second-Most-Exciting Place in Florida

Another day, another reminder that Fort Lauderdale is awesome.

While the Venice of America has been hitting the top rankings in national surveys, it was about time the city was placed against other cities in its own state.

And, thanks to real estate blog Movoto, Fort Lauderdale ranks as the number-two most exciting place in the Sunshine State, behind only Miami Beach (which is debatable).

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Florida Is the Most Expensive State to Get a Divorce

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You may want to reconsider getting that divorce because it's gonna cost you a crapload of money.

The reason: Florida is the most expensive place to get a divorce in the U.S.

According to a national database from FindTheBest.com, getting divorced is not only expensive, it's a pain in the ass too.

Which means you're probably better off not getting married at all, or just learning to tolerate your spouse, lest you want to go through a drawn-out process that will put a serious dent in your wallet.

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First Tropical Depression Might Become a Hurricane

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Via weather.com
Well, how do you like that? It's Hurricane Season.

Yup. That soggy weather you're driving to work in today is Tropical Depression One, which is spreading its large, unseemly clouds all over Florida and threatening to get us all wet.

This trop dep is expected to gain strength and is threatening to become a tropical storm, which sucks. For now, a tropical storm watch is in effect from Fort Pierce north to just south of Flagler Beach.

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Florida Is the Tenth Most Corrupt State

Photo by StockMonkeys.com via Flickr cc
When someone thinks "government corruption," one readily thinks "FLORIDA!"

But as it turns out, our fair state of supreme malfeasance has been tanking a little in the rankings. At least, according to one study.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong and Indiana University studied more than 25,000 convictions of public officials for violation of federal corruption laws since 1976 and have concluded that there are actually nine states more corrupt than ours.

Come on, Florida! You're slipping!

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Fort Lauderdale Ranked Among Worst Cities for Families

Photo by Eric Ward via Wikipedia Commons
After receiving so many high marks on different rankings, this bit of news is kind of a bummer: Apparently, Fort Lauderdale is not an ideal place to raise a family.

This, according to WalletHub, a personal finance social network that ranked more than a hundred cities across the U.S. in its annual Worst Cities for Families study.

As far as raising your family, Fort Lauderdale is ranked an atrociously low 142 out of 150.

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