Electronic Streetcar Coming to Broward County

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A Streetcar Named "The Wave" will operate via overhead electrical wires and batteries.

Streetcars conjure up visions of San Francisco, New Orleans, Uncle Ben's Rice, and that Marlon Brando movie where he pleads for his wife to return to him after he beats her.

But now, it will also conjure up downtown Fort Lauderdale and, also, the future, because the Broward County Commission has unanimously approved an electronic streetcar "of the future" that will run through the downtown Fort Lauderdale area by 2016.

Does "of the future" mean that the streetcars will fly around buildings, like in The Jetsons?


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Nemo: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Announces Cancellations

Categories: Transportation

If you haven't heard yet, there's a massive blizzard storm weather event snow thing that's about to engulf the northeastern part of the U.S.

The Weather Channel has nicknamed the menacing storm Nemo, for some reason.

In any event, thanks to Nemo, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has announced a crapload of cancelled and delayed flights Friday due to the incoming snowpocalypse.

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Broward County Transit to Cut Express Fares From $2.35 to $1.75

Categories: Transportation

Beginning January 7, the Broward County Transit will be cutting the east-west 595 Express bus fares from $2.35 to $1.75, with monthly passes at $58.

The move was made mainly to boost ridership, which averaged 80 riders a day on the Sunrise to Fort Lauderdale 595 Express route.

In contrast, those who rode to Miami averaged around 600 a day.

In addition to the lowered fares, the bus also features free WiFi, charging stations for phones and laptops, as well as high-back seats.

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New River Greenway Limps Toward Completion After a Decade of Inaction

Categories: Transportation
Broward County
An artist's rendering of the path, from 2001.
It was a fine vision, and a simple one.

Someday, you'd be able to walk or bike from the Pond Apple Slough in Fort Lauderdale all the way west, along the New River Canal, out to Weston and the Glades. 

Should have been easy: The county is flat as a pancake, moldable to the whims of planners. The "New River Greenway," as it was called, would just be a six-foot-wide strip of concrete and a few bridges. In 1999, county commissioners decided to fill in the "missing links" that interrupted the existing path. FDOT would kick in the $5 million to pay for it. The design was completed a decade ago, ready to build. 

We're still waiting. 
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Weston's Bike-Lane Ticket Scare Has Lingering Effects

Categories: Transportation
Weston cops: Stay in yo' lane, don't play no games
Plantation mom and triathlete Molli Serrano survived pancreatic cancer but never stopped riding her bike. She once participated in a 62-mile race with a portable chemotherapy pump. But she really started making headlines in May, when a Weston cop pulled her out of a group ride and gave her a ticket for being outside the bike lane. The BSO deputy said he had singled her out of the group of 30 cyclists because of her purple pancreatic-cancer charity jersey. She got a $65 ticket.

Weston has long been a cycling destination in Broward. The city's long, winding roads beckon cycling groups with dozens of members. And the bike lanes are nice, too--they show that the city welcomes cyclists.

Except when it doesn't.
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Bike to the Everglades! An Illustrated Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

Our brethren in Miami showed how you can kayak to Marlins Park or take the Metrorail to nowhere. But what if you just want a nice leisurely, relaxed, death-defying 17-mile bike ride from Fort Lauderdale to the Everglades and back? YOU'RE IN LUCK! We'll show you how! On the way, you'll see shitty infrastructure, blocked access, concrete walls, iguanas, and Swedish meatballs! READ ON!

Just some of the many sights you will see from your bike if you don't die!!!
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Do Red-Light Cameras Save Broward Money?

Categories: Transportation
See also "Six Ways to Avoid Red Light Cameras" and "Red Light Cameras May Increase Fatalities"

A single-red light camera in Davie could save the city $177,000 the first year and more than $800,000 over five years. In Coral Springs, the numbers are more dramatic: $220,000 in savings after a year and nearly a million bucks after five years.

But take those figures with a grain of salt, as they're being peddled by American Traffic Soultions, the manufacturer of the all-seeing, ticket-spewing Cyclops that we have grown to hate.

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Fort Lauderdale Streetcar a Terrible Idea, Cato Institute Says

Categories: Transportation
Streetcar rendering
Last month, the Department of Transportation announced that it will fork over an $18 million TIGER grant for the first phase of Fort Lauderdale's proposed Wave Streetcar. The plan, which city officials have been molding since 2004, features a ten-station, 2.7-mile trolley-like system intended to shuttle folks around downtown.

Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Alcee Hastings praised the federal windfall, saying it will create jobs, promote sustainability, and make getting around downtown less horrible. But will a few shiny new street cars and information kiosks cut through a deeply ingrained driving culture and reinvent transportation?

Randal O'Toole, a scholar with libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute, says absolutely not. "I like to call it faith-based transportation planning," he tells New Times. "They don't consider reality. All the planners consider is what they wish people would do."

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Two 23-Year-Olds Die in Wellington Wrecks

Categories: Transportation
Thumbnail image for pbsostar.jpg
UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: The original post had incorrect information about the first crash. It's been fixed, and comment from the PBSO has been added.

Two 23-year-old men were killed in Wellington less than 12 hours apart, according to police.

The first happened at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday -- James Duemig was driving westbound "at a high rate of speed" on Wellington Trace on a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle when 18-year-old Emily Berns attempted to turn left onto Wellington Trace, pulling in front of Duemig, according to police. Duemig, less than two miles from home, smashed into the driver's side of Berns' 2001 Nissan Maxima, flew off the bike, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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FEC Train Operator Plans New Privatized Rail Service Between South Florida and Orlando

Categories: Transportation
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It is, of course, essential Rick Scott lore that our budget-cutting governor nixed a federally funded high-speed rail project because it used too much taxpayer money. As little sense as that move made, the governor has always been clear that he favors private enterprise over the government providing... well, anything.

So Scott might have no choice but to accept the news that Florida East Coast Industries, the company that runs the FEC freight railway along our coast, has announced plans to open a privately funded passenger rail service by 2014.

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