Florida Drivers Warned About Fake Toll Violation Letter Scam

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The Florida Department of Transportation is warning people about a mail scam involving a fake letter asking to pay an overdue toll fine.

The letter, which comes from the official-sounding but extremely fake Toll Enforcement LLC, or TELC Inc., is trying to dupe people into sending a cashier's check for $57 to cover a final warning notice for an outstanding toll payment.

The letter goes on to warn the recipient that failure to comply will lead to a $500 penalty or a suspension of his or her driver's license.

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AAA Offers Free Towing for St. Patrick's Day

Categories: Transportation

Photo by Random McRandomhead via Flickr Creative Commons
If you've had a few too many green beers later tonight, keep those keys in your pocket and call AAA, which is offering free towing tonight for impaired drivers.

The company's "Tow to Go" program is offered throughout Florida and Georgia on big drinking holidays such as New Year's and St. Pat's.

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Man Who Disrupted JetBlue Flight Was Headed to Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

Categories: Transportation

On Friday, we reported on a JetBlue flight bound for Fort Lauderdale that was forced to divert to Jacksonville because of an unruly passenger.

And it appears that the passenger, who was reportedly drunk, was headed to a rehab center.

"I want to make sure everybody on the plane knows that I'm in the military and you can buy me drinks," the man reportedly announced during the flight. He also asked a flight attendant for free drinks because he was in the military.

Turns out, he was never in the military.

See also: JetBlue Flight From Boston to Fort Lauderdale Diverted to Jacksonville Because of Unruly Passenger

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Videos Show MSC Cruise Line Employees Tossing Bags of Trash Overboard

Categories: Transportation

Jorge in Brazil via Flickr CC
Workers on an MSC ship.
The website for Geneva-based MSC Cruises says the company has "great respect for the world's oceans."

But videos have surfaced online showing an MSC employee dumping black garbage bags overboard on the MSC Magnifica, allegedly off the coast of Brazil.

Jim Walker, a Miami maritime lawyer who has chronicled the dumping on his site, Cruise Law News, uploaded the videos. He said several former MSC employees sent him the videos, plus additional photos, showing the improper disposals after a Brazilian news outlet reported a similar incident last December.

"Someone's got to be ordering them to do that," Walker said. "It must be going on in a larger scale."

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JetBlue Flight From Boston to Fort Lauderdale Diverted to Jacksonville Because of Unruly Passenger

Categories: Transportation

Last night, a JetBlue flight headed from Boston to Fort Lauderdale had to land in Jacksonville because an unruly passenger was disrupting the flight.

Witnesses on the flight say a man who claimed to be a U.S. serviceman screamed and tried to light a cigarette. Passengers and crew locked him in the bathroom until the plane landed, and authorities in Jacksonville took the man into custody.

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Driver Ticketed in Ray Strack's Collision; DOT Says Standard Bike Lanes Might Be Widened From Four Feet to Five

Categories: Transportation

Diagram from the police report of Ray Strack's collision with a car.
A lot of people in South Florida's biking community were upset to see that Ray Strack, a leader of the monthly Critical Mass bike rides in Fort Lauderdale, got hit by a car while riding to get a loaf of bread on January 2.

He is currently home recovering from a broken vertebrae and head gashes but is reportedly in a lot of pain. His accident brought attention to bike safety in South Florida -- or the lack of it. (In a 2012 interview, Strack had specifically mentioned Oakland Park Boulevard as one of Fort Lauderdale's "very dangerous" roads.)

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Pilots Say Green Laser Light Is Interfering With Flights at PBIA

Categories: Transportation

Flickr cc/ Ziggy_Mo
Whoever's flashing a green laser light in the dark near Palm Beach International Airport, knock it off. It's messing with flights, multiple pilots report.

And it's a felony to aim a laser pointer at anyone driving a car, vessel, or aircraft.

Authorities are trying to track down the flasher(s), according to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

Here are descriptions from police of three recent incidents:

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Spirit Airlines Campaign: "We're Not Smoking Crack"

Categories: Transportation

Spirit Airlines, based right here in Miramar, is definitely known for its infuriating nickel-and-diming borderline tasteless marketing gimmicks.

In 2008, a slogan was "Return of the MILF (Many Islands, Low Fares)"; in 2010, "Check out the oil on our beaches" -- meaning suntan oil -- after the BP oil spill.

In September, National Public Radio got behind the scenes and went into Spirit's marketing department, where employees were kicking around ideas. Spirit Airlines President Ben Baldanza responded to criticism by saying: "Our consumer feedback has been positive, and the only thing we think is obscene is the fares that most of our competitors charge," he said.

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Starts Today: Big Buck Boats

Courtesy Hunton Inc.

Ticket sales are up for the world's largest in-water boast show, which starts today. Last year, 100,000 people attended but you may remember, the extravaganza was hampered by Superstiorm Sandy's landfill in the Northeast,.

The show, which runs through the weekend features crazy expensive yachts, big time boat dealers, and more salesmanship than you can shake a captain's hat at.

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Fort Lauderdale Commission Approves Streetcar Tax

A Streetcar Named The Wave
Streetcars conjure up visions of San Francisco, New Orleans, Uncle Ben's Rice, and that Marlon Brando movie where he pleads for his wife to return to him after he beats her.

But now, it will also conjure up downtown Fort Lauderdale because Ft. Lauderdale Commissioners have unanimously approved a plan to tax downtown property owners for the electronic streetcar called "The Wave," that will run through the downtown Fort Lauderdale area by 2016.

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