When Your Medical Marijuana Business Fails, You're Screwed

Illustration by Colin Hayes
As support for Amendment 2 picks up across the state, Floridians are eager to get their hands in the medical weed industry game. But it's become clear recently that the Republican-controlled Legislature might cap the number of dispensaries and limit the number of people who can cash in.

Consider California. When medical pot was first legalized there, dispensaries popped up everywhere. Voters decided to limit them, and many closed down, leaving would-be entrepreneurs in the dust.

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"Charlotte's Web" Medical Marijuana Bill Isn't Enough for Many Parents of Epileptics

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Illustration by Mark Poutenis
Paula Crews, a suburban mom with short black hair, dumps a stick of butter into a double boiler and stirs in her secret ingredient. Her 24-year-old son, John, waits expectantly at the white Formica counter in their West Broward kitchen, watching while his mom mixes the butter into a pot of melted chocolate. Finally, she pours the candy into a rectangular mold and puts it in the fridge to cool.

A few minutes later, John pops a piece of his mother's creation into his scruffy face. In about a half-hour, the frat-boy archetype in a Guy Harvey T-shirt will be comfortably numb from the marijuana baked inside the homemade candy bar.

"And that's how you make chocolate with canna-butter," Crews concludes proudly. "That's my son's medicine."

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Who's Giving Money to Florida's Medical Marijuana Campaigns?

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A7nubis via Wikimedia Commons
With a November ballot initiative teed up for medical marijuana, the camps working both sides of the issue are now deep in the trenches, trying to lure voters. Cold, hard cash is obviously powering the efforts, which begs the question: Where's the money coming from?

In both camps, big-money donors are footing most of the bill. But in terms of the pro-pot movement, two main funders are being underwritten by thousands of contributors from across the state -- moms and pops and potheads opening their wallets for $50 and $100 donations.

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Pot Lobby Reluctant to Embrace Supporters Who Claim Medical Weed Cures Cancer

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Allie Conti
In five days, Daniel Soligny will become a medical marijuana refugee.
Daniel Soligny had a good life, except for the whole health insurance thing. He didn't have the most glamorous job, sure, but spending 14 hours a day on rollerblades at Sonic Beach Miami Gardens kept him active, and his girl, Jacqueline, was always by his side. Although he was 20 and she a young-looking 35, the couple was a psychic match -- enjoying weekend outings to South Beach and goofing off.

On one such trip, Soligny accidentally injured himself while walking down Ocean Drive. He headed for a hospital, was prescribed Percocet, and sent home. Two weeks later, he returned to the hospital. Doctors took an ultrasound and found that Soligny, who wears giant green gauges and a long black ponytail, had aggravated tumors in his testicles and was diagnosed with cancer.

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Medical Marijuana: Florida For Care Forms Blue Ribbon Commission For Amendment 2

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Photo by Philip Poston
With the vote on medical marijuana a mere four months away, a group chaired by both those who advocate and those who are opposed to medical weed has formed a Blue Ribbon Commission to provide research, expert opinions, and feedback on a wide range of medical marijuana issues.

Florida For Care says its purpose is to help formulate a medical marijuana "Gold Standard" for the state by holding several meetings between now and November throughout Florida to not only educate people, but to serve as a resource for state legislators as they seek to develop and support medical marijuana policies.

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Sheldon Adelson's Research Organization Finds Medical Marijuana Helps MS Sufferers

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via Wikimedia Commons
Sheldon Adelson, the mega-rich casino magnate who last week donated $2.5 million to the anti-Amendment 2 group Drug Free Florida, also happens to have his own medical research group.

And according to that group's own studies, medical marijuana has been shown to aid those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

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Medical Marijuana: Rick Scott Signs Charlotte's Web Bill Into Law

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Photo by Philip Poston
In a historical moment for the medical marijuana movement, Rick Scott signed the Charlotte's Web bill into law on Monday.

Back in April, the Senate approved the bill by a 36-3 vote, and Scott said he would sign it into law as soon as it hit his desk.

Charlotte's Web, which is used to help children with epilepsy, has very low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it -- which is the stuff that gets you high when you smoke weed.

Charlotte's Web contains 0.5 percent THC.

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Boca's Evan Steward, 18, Tweeted Too Much About Drugs

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Courtesy of Palm Beach County Jail

Last Friday afternoon, a Palm Beach County sheriff stopped 18-year-old Evan Steward as he was cruising his silver Hyundai Sonata, without a driver's-side headlight, through Boca Raton. A cop pulled Steward over and told him he had been stopped because of the headlight. Steward then consented to a search, saying he had "nothing in the car" and "nothing to hide."

The deputy, however, found a black backpack in the trunk that contained two bags of weed (116.2 grams in all), 19 Xanax bars, a grinder, and a scale. Still, Steward had a pretty great explanation for all the drugs in his domain.

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Top Five "Questionable Characters" Involved With Drug Free Florida

Categories: The Pot

Drug Free Florida, the group that is putting on the full-court press to get Floridians to vote against medical marijuana, has been active in getting its message out, particularly with videos and with big-time donors coming from the woodwork to finance the cause.

But as much as the group wants to "educate" the state on the supposed dangers of medical marijuana, it sure has surrounded itself with what United for Care Campaign Manager Ben Pollara calls "questionable characters."

Most notable is the recent $2.5 million donation from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

"The Anti-Amendment 2 movement is now showing its true face," Pollara says. "Now more than ever, the people behind Drug Free Florida lack any moral standing to pronounce themselves on anything related to the health and well-being of Floridians."

From a homophobe to a bigot, Drug Free Florida has been rallying major support from some, let's call em dubious folks.

Here are the top five you should know about:

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Sheldon Adelson Donates Big to Anti-Medical Marijuana Group

Categories: Politicks, The Pot

via Wikimedia Commons
Sheldon Adelson
Big-money casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has jumped into the anti-medical marijuana fray by opening his deep wallet and donating $2.5 million to the Drug Free Florida campaign, the group looking to derail Florida's Amendment 2 initiative.

Adelson has made a name for himself as one of the biggest donors to conservative movements and campaigns over the years and is widely known for his anti-Palestine stance. He once suggested that the U.S. should drop an "atomic weapon... in the middle of the [Negev]" and that the Palestinians are an "invented people."

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