Sun Sentinel Digital Services Promises to Help You Use Twitter but Has No Clue How to Use Twitter

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New York Zoological Society via Wikipedia Commons

The Sun Sentinel doesn't just offer local journalism to the good folks of Broward and Palm Beach. It also offers digital services to businesses and websites. This separate branch of the paper, called 435 Digital by Sun Sentinel, promises to help any interested entities "grow your presence online," "increase your social media followers," and "manage all social media interactions for you."

It does all of this whilst also running a Twitter account that might very well be managed by a Boston terrier with an astigmatism.

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Seminoles Mark Columbus Day With Action Camp Against Genetically Engineered Trees


Members of all three South Florida native people's groups -- the Seminole Tribe, the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation, and the Miccosukee Tribe -- got an early start on Columbus Day this year, marking the date with education and networking on what they see as a new form of colonization -- genetically engineered trees.

See also: Frankenforests in Florida: Campaign Condemns Genetically Engineered Trees

The celebration -- such as it was -- took place last week in Qualla Boundary, N.C., over a period of two days and included members of indigenous groups from all across the U.S. Hosting the event was the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Indigenous Environmental Network, with participation by the Campaign to STOP GE Trees.

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Kat Stacks Ripped Off Manuscript, Author Claims

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Courtesy of Mohammad Abdollahi
Kat Stacks and her son.
It was 2013, and Tessie Patrick had been hired to write the biography of a woman named Kat Stacks. When the author first Googled the name, she was appalled.

Stacks, better-known as Andrea Herrera, was a foul-mouthed 24-year-old, internet-famous for talking smack about rappers. On WorldStar­, a viral-video and taste-making website, she confessed her sexual exploits with musicians. Because of Herrera's online popularity, WorldStarHipHop wanted to tell Stacks' story in a book.

Patrick, a mild-mannered woman who practices holistic healing, picked up the phone to get to know her subject. Herrera, she learned, had another, sympathetic narrative that added depth to her fame-seeking character.

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Camming Is the New Porn: Clinton Cox Brings Playmates to Little Haiti

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Leia Cinn has appeared on Playboy Live and in the print magazine.
Inside a windowless warehouse across from the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, workers rip up carpet and pressure-clean AstroTurf. Construction of several film sets is underway. One is meant to look like a college library; another, a receptionist's office. A third is modeled after a stereotypical 20-something girly-girl's bedroom, complete with teal walls, a purple comforter, and a yoga mat in the corner.

Soon, here in the middle of one of Miami's poorest neighborhoods, Playboy models will speak to men under the illusion that the young women are at home or work. Over the internet, these men will pay anywhere from $3.99 to $10.99 a minute.

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