Chris Bosh Hospitalized, Undergoing Tests for Blood Clot on Lungs (UPDATED)

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Update 5: Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra during Friday's practice: "In terms of all the rumors and speculation, we're aware of all the things that are out there. Everybody's jumping the gun right now. Frankly, there is not a full diagnosis, so for everybody to speculate at this stage is very premature."

Spoelstra also said the Heat believe Bosh's health issue is not life threatening.

Update 4: Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling is reporting that Bosh is dealing with blood clots in both lungs, and that further testing is being done.

Update 3: LeBron James has sent Bosh a message via Twitter:

Update 2: Bosh is still in the hospital and is reportedly on blood-thinner medication, according to Barry Jackson. The concern for the Heat is that Bosh could miss the remainder of the season, although the report says that "the longterm outlook is good."

Update: The Herald's Barry Jackson tweeted this morning:

Original post: The Miami Heat's Chris Bosh was taken to a Miami-area hospital Thursday to undergo tests in his lung area. While the Heat initially reports that the test are inconclusive, early reports have speculated that it might be serious.

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Goran Dragic Headed to the Miami Heat for Norris Cole, Danny Granger

Photo by Keith Allison via Wikipedia Commons
Let's make Dragic happen!
Pat Riley has done it again.

As the NBA's trade deadline loomed Thursday afternoon, the Miami Heat was able to pull off a trade that netted them Goran Dragic from the Phoenix Suns, immediately improving the Heat's point guard situation while still keeping key pieces.

According to several reports, the Heat is sending Norris Cole, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams, and Justin Hamilton to the Suns for Goran and his brother Zoran. Rumors had been swirling all day that the Heat would have to give up either Luol Deng or Chris "Birdman" Andersen.

Instead, they keep both while bringing in a point guard who will immediately make Miami one of the more dangerous teams in the East.

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Houston Astros, Washington Nationals to Make Palm Beach Permanent Spring Training Home

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Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals hits a dinger during a spring training game
Even with plans for a land-use change for a baseball site still up in the air, it looks like the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals will be making West Palm Beach their permanent spring training home for at least the next three decades following the 2016 season.

Gov. Rick Scott said in a press release the two major league ball clubs, "have chosen to stay in Florida for the next 30 years." Indications are that West Palm Beach will host the two teams when their respective leases expire next season.

For now, the plan remains to have the teams train at a new stadium that is planned to be built on 160 acres south of 45th Street. The Florida Legislature still must approve a land-use change for the stadium, but the press release from the governor's office at the vey least shows he's on board with making it happen, and will sign the bill should it be approved.

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Hassan Whiteside's Eight Best Moments in a Heat Uniform -- So Far

via Youtube
South Florida sports fans have not had a lot to be excited about this year. LeBron left, the Heat are racked with injuries, the Marlins are an enigma, the Panthers are a roller coaster of crazy, and the Dolphins are forever mediocre.

But all is not lost. Because hope has arrived in the form of a 25-year-old seven-footer named Hassan Whiteside. And just as he's been handing out hope to Heat fans, he's also been obliterating the competition. In a word, the man is awesome. And we're going all in on believing he's for real.

Sure, hope can be a sketchy thing sometimes. Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption that "hope is a dangerous thing."

Yes, hope is a dangerous thing -- FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

Whiteside has been with the Heat only a quarter of the season, and already he's piled up some great moments. Here are the eight best moments he's given us so far:

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Seven Reasons the Miami Dolphins Will Never Win the Super Bowl

Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
In case you were trapped under something heavy, the big news is that the New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl last night by defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

Much to the chagrin of Dolphins fans everywhere, the Patriots are the picture of sustained excellence in the NFL. This current franchise has gone to six Super Bowls and won four of them since 2001. The Fins, meanwhile, have flailed and flopped their way through a miserable existence since they last won the big game 41 years ago.

And here's some more crappy news for Dolphins fans everywhere: There's likely no end to all of that flailing and flopping. Because the Fins are so far from being like the Patriots -- or the Seahawks, for that matter -- it's tragic.

See also: Are Ryan Tannehill's Toe-Thumbs to Blame For His Struggles?

How far off, you ask? Here are seven reasons the Miami Dolphins will never reach the pinnacle like the Patriots have:

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Miami Heat May Finally Have Given Us the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight We've All Been Waiting For

via Twitter
For years, boxing fans the world over have been waiting for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to agree on a date and get things rolling already. There's no argument that this card would be the most highly anticipated, most viewed boxing match in decades. But for one reason or another, it's just never materialized.

Yet now, thanks to a chance encounter at a Miami Heat game, the world could be closer to finally getting that Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown.

The two happened to be attending the Heat-Bucks game on Tuesday night, of all things. And after the American Airlines Arena scoreboard playfully showed the two on split screen, the buzz began to happen. Things got really crazy when, at halftime, Mayweather made his way over to Pacquiao's seat to have a chat, making it the first time the two have ever met in person.

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Brent Grimes' Wife Accuses NFL of Being Anti-Woman and Caring Only About Money

via Twitter
Miko Grimes, wife of Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, went full scorched Earth on the NFL on her Twitter last night. Though Miko's saying inflammatory things on Twitter is nothing new and though she says nothing revelatory about the NFL, it's still the most public lambasting of the league anyone related to a current player has ever done.

Among some of the things she tweeted were accusations of how the NFL pretends to be friendly to women but is actually anti-woman, having started its domestic violence awareness campaign only after the Ray Rice controversy broke, and how the league doesn't truly care about player safety and concussions, even though it pretends it does. She also slammed the league for only being truly concerned about its bottom line: big money.

See also: Ten Reasons Miko Grimes Is the Best Dolphins WAG

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Hassan Whiteside Blocked All of the Chicago Bulls' Shots on Sunday

The Miami Heat has had something of an inconsistent season. While the team has struggled to find some coherence trying to overcome mediocre play and injuries, hope may have come in the form of a seven-foot journeyman who is capable of head-butting skyscrapers and obliterating basketballs like flies.

Hassan Whiteside, a 25-year-old former castoff, has emerged as the Heat's biggest surprise this season. And on Sunday against the Chicago Bulls, he was unleashed to the rest of the basketball world, recording a triple-double by blocking 12 shots, grabbing 13 rebounds, and scoring 14 points, leading the Heat to a 96-84 victory

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Ichiro Suzuki and Marlins Agree to One-Year Deal

Kowarski via Flickr
Ten-time All Star free agent Ichiro Suzuki has agreed to join the Miami Marlins this season, according to multiple reports.

Ichiro, who will enter the season at 41 years of age and is 157 hits away from his 3,000th hit, is being brought in as depth and insurance to a thin outfield corps.

The contract, a reported, one-year $2 million deal, could be extended after this season if the Marlins want to be the team Ichiro reaches the 3,000th hit with, though a 2016 extension probably won't be in the cards.

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Miami Dolphins Sever Business Partnership With SeaWorld

Photo by George Martinez
Protesters at the March for Lolita in Miami.
The Miami Dolphins finally did something right, it would seem.

After a three-year relationship with SeaWorld, the Dolphins are ending their marketing partnership with the theme park. For SeaWorld, it's yet another company that has broken ties. Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, STA Travel, Hyndai, and Taco Bell have all distanced themselves.

Just last year, animal rights groups were calling the Dolphins out for promoting SeaWorld as a way to entice people to become season ticket holders.

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