HeatLifer Hashtag Has Taken Over Twitter: Here Are the Best Ones

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Nothing brings an entire fan base together quite like LeBron James abandoning your team. And that's been more evident this offseason as Heat fans have rallied around Dwyane Wade and his magical #HeatLifer hashtag.

Wade put the hashtag out there when he announced his return to the Heat, breathing hope and passion back into the faithful, while ceremoniously stamping out LeBron's #LaFamilia hashtag he had been tweeting as his announcement of his return to Cleveland approached.

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Seven Spots Where David Beckham Could Build His Stadium in Broward County

Photo by Michael E. Miller
Miami-Dade has given David Beckham a hard time in finding a place for his new soccer stadium. So now the rumblings have begun: He and his investors are considering Broward County.

Some say it's an empty threat made only to pressure Miami.

But before anyone scoffs at the idea of Beckham's putting his soccer stadium in Broward (we're looking right at you, Miami), consider this: Broward has pretty much everything Beckham seems to be asking for (except for, you know, the name Miami).

Beckham has stated his desire to be on the water. And Broward has plenty of seaside and other waterside locations to be considered. Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America, for crapsake! Not only that but Broward has space. Lots and lots of open space. Look around. In between the restaurants, beaches, and malls.

Space and water -- two things Miami can't seem to deliver.

And Broward leaders are apparently serious in trying to woo Beckham to look north. Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief has asked leaders to come up with lists of possible spots for Beckham to build his stadium.

But we've gone ahead and compiled our own list of seven locations he should consider.

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Stephen Ross Buys the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale

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Stephen Ross doesn't want to spend his own money to renovate Sun Life Stadium because he's apparently too busy buying hotels.

Specifically, Ross' New York-based Related Cos. Related Fund Management is dropping a reported $90 million to buy the W Hotel & Residences in Fort Lauderdale.

The group says the hotel will remain the W, instead of being renamed after a beer or a bank or something like that.

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Investigation Into Alleged Incident With Pounceys Continues

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Local sports radio host Andy Slater (940 AM) was sent this photo by a listener, taken the night of the Pounceys' birthday party.

Last week, the victims of an alleged assault that took place at Cameo nightclub said they planned to file a lawsuit against Miami Dolphins player Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice for their role in the incident.

While it's unclear where the potential lawsuit stands now -- messages for representatives of the victims went unreturned -- Miami Beach Police have updates on where the investigation stands.

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Brilliant Song About the State of the Miami Heat Is Released

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Miami Heat's Instagram (@miamiheat).
The star of a popular new Heat song.

Earlier this week, a listener to the Zaslow and Joy morning show on the Ticket Miami submitted a remake of the popular song by Magic! called "Rude."

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The listener -- who goes by @itsleooo on Twitter and Wolf Coat on SoundCloud -- named his version "So Rude (Riley Ain't Scared)."

And he ain't scared.

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Five Things South Florida Sports Fans Can Look Forward to Now That LeBron Has Left

Miami Heat's Instagram (@miamiheat).
Ever since LeBron James left, shit has been weird in South Florida. The mood, at first, was grateful and appreciative. That was nice. Necessary, even. Then we got defiant, and Cocky Heat Fan returned, celebrating in a loud way the return of a roster that we didn't like a whole lot sans LeBron over the past few years. Then we remembered this fact, and we got spiteful, Shabazz Napier getting caught doing what many fans did.

And now? Now we're really angry. You wanna see what we have to look forward to, 'Bron, now that you're in that dump Cleveland? 'Cause it ain't much.

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Victims of Alleged Pouncey Brothers Assault Announce They're Filing Lawsuit

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Miami Dolphins (@miamidolphins) via Instagram.
A man with two knots on his forehead and a chipped tooth spoke to the media on Tuesday evening about filing, along with two other people, a lawsuit against Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and his twin brother, Maurkice.

On Saturday, New Times broke the story of Riquan James, 24, better-known as Ricky Vasquez, who took to Instagram saying he got swung on by the big brothers.

"All I can remember," he says in a series of videos, some of which have since been deleted, "is standing in a crowded club and this big guy keeps hitting me in my back, I look at him, and I'm like, OK, he's obviously turned up. And he just keeps hitting me. I ignore it. I keep ignoring the guy -- he's calling me a faggot. I realize that there's two of the guys. Now they're both in my face. The next thing I know, Honey tries to break it up. One of them punches Honey in the face, the other one punches me or the same one, I don't know. Security comes."

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Dwyane Wade Announces Return to the Heat in the Coolest Way Possible

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Dwyane Wade is officially back with the Miami Heat, and he decided to make the announcement in the coolest way possible.

Heat fans are still mostly livid over LeBron James' departure. Especially with the way he did it -- via an article in Sports Illustrated that never mentions Heat fans, and then with taking to social media with the hashtag #LaFamilia.

Since Friday, that hashtag has come to mean, more than anything, LeBron's close friends and entourage and not Cavaliers fans or even his own immediate family. It's a hashtag that has fueled resentment and anger throughout Miami Heat Nation, given the recent reports that it was LeBron's "familia" that staged his departure from the get-go.

But on Tuesday afternoon, Wade took to Instagram and introduced his own hashtag: #HeatLifer

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Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton Loses 2014 MLB Home Run Derby in Style

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Miami Marlins Instagram (@marlins).

Oh, Giancarlo. That power.

Last night, the rest of baseball-watching America figured out what we already knew: Giancarlo Stanton is pretty much the strongest dude in the sport.

So what if our beloved fauxhawk-wearing monster didn't win the Home Run Derby -- that honor would go to Yoenis Cespedes, the Cuban-born Oakland A's player who hit 30 homers over three rounds, becoming only the second player ever to win the derby in back-to-back years.

Giancarlo Stanton won the internet instead.

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Six Reasons the Miami Heat Is Going to Thrive Without LeBron James

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The Miami Heat had a rough weekend, what with LeBron James deciding to fly the proverbial escape pod back to Cleveland, where he'll try to win titles for a guy who once very publicly called him a coward.

But something happened when all the dust settled. The Heat was still around. Pat Riley was still making moves, signing the talented Luol Deng to team up with sharp-shooting Josh McRoberts. Miami also re-signed Chris Bosh and Chris "Birdman" Andersen and is on the verge of bringing back Heat icons Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem while putting the finishing touches on what's going to be a pretty formidable team.

All in all, while it stinks to lose LeBron, there's reason for not only optimism but for an unshakable hope.

Because the fact is, the Heat is a championship organization, and nothing will ever make it not that. So here now are the Top Six Reasons the Heat will thrive without King James:

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