Hallandale's Cheetah Strip Club Can Now Stay Open Until Dawn

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Ever been to a strip club and thought to yourself, "Boy! This place is great! I sure like looking at all the boobies! If only it were open until the sun came up so I can look at boobies till breakfast!"?

Well, Hallandale Beach resident who loves boobies, you're in luck.

Because, thanks to City Hall, Cheetah's Gentleman's Club can now stay open until 6 a.m.

City Hall's reason? Other strip clubs in South Florida stay open until the sun comes up, allowing their patrons to gawk at topless dancing girls till the crack of dawn.

So why not Hallandale?

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Fifty Shades of Grey Helping Fort Lauderdale Hustler Store Sell Loads of Saucy Toys

Rich Abdill
Read a book? Why not put it inside yourself?
Plenty of attention has already been paid to the runaway success of E L James' erotic 50 Shades trilogy, but the phenomenon goes well past all 180 copies in the Broward County library system being checked out -- the scandalous series anchored by Fifty Shades of Grey is also helping the Fort Lauderdale Hustler Hollywood store sell kinky accessories. 

"SEX LUST LOVE BONDAGE," reads a display at the entrance of the store. "You only need one hand to hold this book."

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Scientists Insist That Polish Guy Didn't Actually Find the G Spot

On Wednesday, reporter New Times Chris Sweeney brought you an interview with St. Petersburg medical researcher Adam Ostrzenski, who says he may have discovered the fabled G spot in a dead 83-year-old.

The peer-reviewed paper Ostrzenski wrote about it got a lot of attention in the interblags, but not all of it was of the "here we go; let's all have orgasms" variety -- plenty of places poked holes (heh) in the research, so here's the other side of things.

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Florida Doctor Discovers Precise Location of G Spot in 83-Year-Old Cadaver

If only it were that simple. 
Man's struggle to find the G spot has been the subject of many a punch line, but a new study shows that it's quite small and not exactly easy to get to. 

This week, Adam Ostrzenski, a St. Petersburg doctor, published a paper that confirms the "anatomic existence of the G-spot" for the first time. Not only does it confirm that there's an actual anatomical structure but it explains that the G spot is 8.1 mm wide and 3.6 mm wide with a "bluish grape-like composition."

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Florida Named Porn-Viewing Capital of United States: Six of Florida's Googling Habits

Florida loves to pass laws solidifying the state's solid traditional values -- there's the gay marriage ban we put into the state constitution in 2008, the law against sleeping with your roommate, the law against "unnatural" acts, the one completely outlawing commercial phone sex... the list goes on.

So, with such a thoroughly regulated state conscience, it may come as some surprise that, when Men's Health combined information including DVD sales, streaming media use, and online search habits, the magazine discovered Florida to be the number-one state for pornography consumption in the entire country.

When it's broken down to the city level, Orlando, the home of Disney, takes first place in the nation, according to their rubric, with Tampa following at number eight and Miami at number 12.

This got us thinking -- what are Floridians searching for that's so salacious? So we dug into the Google Trends information and found some pretty intriguing tidbits:
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'Round-the-Clock Sex-Toy Delivery Service Coming to Broward

Kelly Perez and Orlando Moncada make a living getting people sexy bargains. They're two of the folks behind the Coconut Creek-based SensualSteals.com, which offers shoppers a different discounted item every day. (Its "Friday the 13th" special was a Jason-style hockey mask made by Fetish Fantasy Extreme at 45 percent off.)

But they're expanding past being the Groupon of dildos and into a new gig -- delivery. Once LoversLodge.com launches early next month, shoppers in Broward and Dade counties will be able to order any of about 25 products for immediate delivery, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to Moncada.

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Amy Fisher, Former Lover of Joey Buttafuoco, Dancing in West Palm

Amy Fisher.jpg
Fisher's all grown up now.
If you fancy a little '90s nostalgia with your lap dance, be sure to stop by T's Lounge in West Palm Beach this week to catch the featured dancer. 

Amy Fisher, who was Jersey Shore trashy before it was cool, is bringing her stripping talents to South Florida. For those too young to remember, Fisher became a tabloid star in 1992, when she was a 17-year-old from Long Island with atrocious taste in men. Her affair with grease monkey Joey Buttafuoco and her decision to shoot his wife in the head gave the world many things -- a lesson on statutory rape laws, a deep aversion to men with four-syllable last names. For a time, it seemed we would never escape bad Buttafuoco jokes.

But now Fisher is just your average D-list celebrity. She's appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, got married, had three kids, and made a sex tape. Now she's a touring stripper. You can catch her show tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at T's Lounge, an upstanding establishment "where cooterball was invented."

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Oversexed in South Florida: The Full Results of Our Sex Survey (NSFW)

Sex is so common in South Florida that it's even done at our pizzerias. For more photos, click here.
If you've given a read to this week's cover story in New Times, you know we South Floridians like our kinks. OK, maybe you knew that already.

But the results from our first sex survey give credence to what we already knew about our heated-up libidos.

The full results, culled from the 479 entries, are below.

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Take the Inaugural Broward-Palm Beach "New Times" Sex Survey

Miche Ratto
We know you Floridians get down and dirty. It's not because Florida is a mecca for swingers. And no, it's not because The Daily Show spent some time on our turf swallowing fistfuls of Viagra with the elderly community.

Nope, it's because we know the mass amounts of beautiful bodies and intellectual minds that surround us on a daily basis make sex hard to ignore. 

But we really want to know more.

Take our inaugural sex survey and tell us what turns you on, gets you going, and revs those engines into overdrive.

Once the survey is complete, we'll return with all of your naughtiest secrets (plus graphics!). This survey is completely confidential, so don't worry about the boss man. In fact -- you might find out he's thinking about your wife.

To answer all of our titillating questions, click here: http://polls.browardpalmbeach.com/polls/bpb/sexsurvey/

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Meet "Cris Cummando," Porn Star Who Allegedly Had Sex With a 15-Year-Old Girl

cris commando headshot.jpg
"Commando" may be in some trouble.
Last week, we told you about the lawsuit filed against a South Florida porn production company claiming that one of the female stars of a movie called Cum Fiesta was actually a 15-year-old runaway from Palm Beach Shores. Producers claim the girl known as "Bieyanka Moore" deceived them, saying she provided a valid Nevada learner's permit purporting her to be 19-year-old Tyler Chanel Evans.

Of course, in the eyes of the law in Florida, it doesn't matter if the girl misrepresented herself. The state's criminal law decrees that "a minor's misrepresentation of his or her age... may not be raised as a defense" in statutory rape prosecution.

That means that no matter how the civil case turns out, there could be a significant amount of legal trouble brewing for Bieyanka's male costar, a South Florida man known in the porn industry asMore »

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