Broward School Board Voting on Updated Sex Ed Curriculum

Broward School Board members are set to vote on whether the county should update its public school's sex education curriculum.

Proponents of an update say that Broward's students are lagging behind the rest of the nation when it comes to sex ed. As it stands now, the county's sex education curriculum has not been updated in a decade.

Broward has consistently been a county with a high number of HIV/AIDS cases in recent years -- especially among young people.

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"Bathing in Nude Condition": Skinny-Dip Arrests in Fort Lauderdale

Photo by Harrieta171 via Wikipedia Commons
As if herpes and irritable seagulls weren't enough, Fort Lauderdale spring breakers can now add another potential hazard to their list of things to avoid on the beach.

"Bathing in Nude Condition" is against the law in Fort Lauderdale. This is the exact phrase used by a cop on a city police report (and quite possibly plagiarized from a Jane Austin sex scene... or Fernandina Beach city ordinances.)

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West Palm Beach Doctor Claims His Much Younger Polish Love Interest Swiped His Debit Card

Ania Sobura/Facebook
Joseph Serian was used to the duck-face pout of the young twenty-something girls on They were half his age.

When he messaged them -- and he rarely did -- they never replied. After all, he was a 65-year-old optometrist who moved to West Palm Beach in the mid-80s after six of his bargain contact lens delivery companies went bankrupt in Missouri and Ohio. He had separated from his wife of 21 years (with whom he has two daughters) in 2008. He had been on a few coffee dates with middle-aged women since then, but says the women doted too much on their grandchildren.

Then there was Ania Sobura. According to her profile she was 25, new to the area, and looking to meet new people. There was a black and white photo of her smiling, her index finger seductively hanging from her lower lip. In another shot, she was walking along a beach barefoot and in a short dress with her wavy light brown hair falling around her shoulders. After clicking through her online album, the single doctor sent her a long flirty email. Two months later he would regret doing so.

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South Florida Is Getting Its Own Burning Man-Type Festival: the Love Burn

via loveburn facebook page
If anything, South Florida knows how to get its freak on. No matter what your particular weird way for getting down is, you can probably find it somewhere in the 305, 954, or 561. Megaclubs? Yup. Fetish parties? Sure. But one piece missing from the local lineup has been a Burning Man-style festival -- known as a Burn. That's all going to change next month thanks to two locals. They're calling the event the Love Burn.

See also: Five 2014 Florida Festivals Worth a Road Trip

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Florida Porn Stars Need to Wear More Condoms, AHF Complaint Says

Sara Jay is a Miami-based porn star. The AHF says Florida porn stars need to use more condoms.
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has filed a new Health and Safety Complaint that basically says porn actors in Florida aren't wearing enough condoms when making their movies.

The AHF is on a crusade of sorts to get adult film actors to be more proactive in reducing the spread of STDs, including AIDS.

The suit was filed against San Diego Boy Productions under one of Florida's "Sanitary Nuisance" statutes.

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In Fort Lauderdale, Sex Shops Get Creative to Avoid Restrictions

The name Booby Trap Love Stuff connotes a certain level of trashiness. Although it's shaped like a cottage and customers enter through castle-esque wooden doors, they have to flash an ID before they can behold rows of phallic objects and feather boas.

But the Fort Lauderdale store, located 397 feet from a Poinciana Park swing set, isn't legally considered an "adult establishment." If it were, it would be too close to the playground under a Fort Lauderdale city ordinance that treats sex stores like sex offenders, requiring erotic shops to stay 500 feet away from parks, churches, schools, or residential areas.

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Scary Mary, Legendary Fort Lauderdale Dominatrix, Opens New Mind-Blowing Fetish Dungeon

Kate Maier
It's hard to hang onto a reporter's notebook when a pro dominatrix is smacking your ass.

That's the lesson Scary Mary Santa is literally hammering into a visitor touring her new Fort Lauderdale dungeon. She's showing off her Saint Andrew's Cross, a domination rack where willing slaves (and reluctant reporters) strap in while Mary unleashes business-like thwacks. The contraption is just inside the door of Chamber 7, the dominatrix's new digs in an anonymous, industrial space off North Dixie Highway.

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Couple Arrested for Having Sex on the Beach

Ward Powell and Tanya Wheeler were found getting it on in public.
A Boynton Beach man and his special lady friend were arrested after cops caught them having sex on a Manalapan beach.

The result was lewd behavior and indecent exposure charges for both, as well as a couple of fantastic mug shots that tell the tale of their crime.

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EXXXotica Is Moving to Fort Lauderdale

exxxotica 1.JPG

Fort Lauderdale is about to get an influx of people from across the country who love to watch other people do it.

Because after eight straight years of porno-ing it up in Miami Beach, the annual EXXXotica sex porn thing expo is hitting up the Broward County Convention Center.

Featuring hundreds of adult performers, exhibitors, a full schedule of seminars, and world-class entertainment acts, EXXXotica is the place to be if watching people bang on the internet just isn't enough.

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Breastaurants Will Be Hitting Up Hallandale and Weston in the Coming Months UPDATED

Tilted Kilt Girls.jpg

What's better than a beer, a burger, and some very large boobs? Hallandale Beach and Weston would say, "Nothing. Nothing is what's better than those things."

Because, as it turns out, both cities are planning to open new breastaurants in the coming months because titties is awesome!

Hallandale Beach will be opening a joint called the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery next month.

That's where you'll find traditional Scottish dishes. Ha. Ha. Just kidding. It's beer and titties.

Meanwhile in Weston, a group of restaurateurs has signed an agreement to open 10 Twin Peaks. We're not sure what that name means. Maybe it's an homage to the old David Lynch television program?

Update: The Twin Peaks PR folks tells New Times that the group that is bringing the restaurant to South Florida is based in Weston, but the restaurant itself won't necessarily be located in Weston.

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