Ann Murray, Former School Board Member Busted for Using N-Word, Running for Reelection


Former Broward School Board transportation department supervisor Ann Murray is running for reelection for the Broward School Board in August. But before voters decide between her and or her opponent -- West Park City Commissioner Felicia Brunson -- there's the little matter of Murray's past use of the "N word."

Back in 2007, a year before her election to the School Board, Murray's allegedly used the racial epithet while describing the cheap seats at Sun Life Stadium.

Her use of the word became public in 2011, and Murray was called to resign by the vice president of the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County.

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FAU Will Probably Lose $7 Million in Funding for Abysmal Performance

Wikimedia Commons, via KnightLago
This library is full of people who won't graduate and who probably have low GPAs.
It's hard to believe that there are 12 universities in Florida's system. We can remember UF and FSU, no problem (go sports!), but the rest might as well be alphabet soup. FGCU? UWF? FAMU?

But at the bottom of the pile is our very own FAU, according to an analysis conducted by the Board of Governors. This body was just tasked with divvying up $100 million in funds among the schools, and its members decided to use a performance-based model rather than splitting it evenly.

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Palm Beach County Students Best in Florida in Test Performance

Categories: School Daze
Last time we checked up on Palm Beach County students, things weren't looking too hot. The county's school system saw a dip in its overall grades, according to the Florida Department of Education's annual school grades.

Two schools got D's and two schools received F grades in Palm Beach.

But now that school is officially over and all the results are in, turns out Palm Beach schools did better than most other counties in the state when it comes to end-of-course exams.

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Broward School District Lifts Ban on Bible Reading During Free Time

George Bannister via Flickr Creative Commons
Broward County Public Schools has sent a letter to the Liberty Institute, ensuring it that students are permitted to read their Bibles in school as a part of free-reading time and during the Accelerated Reader Program.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we brought you the tale of Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth-grade Park Lakes Elementary student who was told by a teacher that he was prohibited from reading his Bible in school.

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Boynton Beach Police Caught on Video Using Chokehold, Kicking Students

Video by Terrence Denson via
Members of the Boynton Beach Police Department were caught on cell-phone video using excessive force on two seventh-graders they pulled off a school bus for bad behavior.

The two videos, uploaded to, show one officer putting one of the students in a chokehold and another officer kicking the other student in the back of the leg, causing him to fall to the ground.

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Broward Schools Chief Apologizes to Student Who Was Told He Couldn't Read His Bible at School

George Bannister via Flickr Creative Commons
On Tuesday, we brought you the tale of Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth-grade Park Lakes Elementary student who was told by a teacher that he was prohibited from reading his Bible in school.

Whatever anyone's thoughts and feelings on religion on school grounds might be, this was clearly a violation of Rubeo's rights. And the Pulp suggested that, perhaps, the Broward School Board should just sack up and offer the kid and his family a mea culpa.

And it did. On Tuesday afternoon, Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie apologized to Rubeo for the brouhaha.

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Broward School Board Voting on Updated Sex Ed Curriculum

Broward School Board members are set to vote on whether the county should update its public school's sex education curriculum.

Proponents of an update say that Broward's students are lagging behind the rest of the nation when it comes to sex ed. As it stands now, the county's sex education curriculum has not been updated in a decade.

Broward has consistently been a county with a high number of HIV/AIDS cases in recent years -- especially among young people.

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Broward Teacher Allegedly Tells Fifth-Grader Not to Read the Bible in School

George Bannister via Flickr Creative Commons
The Broward school district should apologize to a fifth-grade boy at Park Lakes Elementary School in Lauderdale Lakes because a teacher prohibited him from reading the Bible during a free reading period, according to a Dallas-based legal group that advocates for religious freedom.

The Liberty Institute -- which represents Paul Rubeo, father of the Bible-reading boy, Giovanni Rubeo -- posted online a letter it wrote to Broward school officials.

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Palm Beach County Enters Parents Dress Code Discussion

Categories: School Daze

It looks like the Palm Beach County School Board wants in on the parents dress code debate after Broward County took the lead last week in calling for parents who pick up and drop off their kids to dress more appropriately.

Broward County School Board member Rosalind Osgood called for moms and dads to not show up to school in saggy pants or curlers because, as she put it, "it's hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas, or short shorts if they see parents wearing them."

Well, now Palm Beach County School Board member Karen Brill is raising the same concerns for Palm Beach, saying she has gotten positive feedback about possibly placing a statement about it in the student handbook.

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Two Parents Arrested After Attacking West Palm Beach School Bus Driver; Third Being Sought

Categories: School Daze

photo: Bernd Mehle via Wikimedia Commons
Two people have been arrested and one more remains at large after angry parents beat up a Palm Beach County bus driver last week.

Shacaurra Burns, 25, and Ryan Beckford, 33, as well as a third person are accused of assaulting West Palm Beach elementary school bus driver Joseph Beauzile, 40, according to a Palm Beach County School District Police arrest report.

Palm Beach bus drivers held a rally outside Palm Beach County School District offices in West Palm Beach on Monday morning to protest the attack.

Burns, meanwhile, says Beauzile got everything he deserved that day.

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