Miami Catholic Archbishop Hints He'll Fire Employees Who Publicly Support Gay Marraige

Monica McGivern
Same-sex couple after getting their marriage liscence at midnight at the Broward County Courthouse.
With Florida basking in the glow of a historical day in which same-sex couples were granted the right to be married, two opposing views have emerged from the state's Roman Catholic leadership.

In one corner, we get the archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski, sending out a letter threatening to fire any employee who shows public support for marriage equality. In the other, Bishop Robert N. Lynch of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, writing an op-ed piece for the Tampa Bay Times calling for Catholics to have more compassion for same-sex couples looking for marriage equality.

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Satanic Invocation Could Come to Almost Every City in Florida

Categories: Politics, Religion

courtesy Chaz Stevens
Festivus Pole erected in Capitol Rotunda
Satan could be coming to your city's commission meeting very soon. Atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens was recently given the go-ahead by Lake Worth to lead a Satanic invocation before one of their upcoming meetings. And, with his foot firmly in the proverbial door, Stevens is looking to knock down the entire proverbial building.

Buoyed by Lake Worth's giving him a slot to give his invocation, Stevens is set on getting one done in just about every city throughout the Tri-County area, and possibly beyond.

"Depending on the responses," Stevens tells New Times, "if we get enough cites giving me the go-ahead, I'll probably franchise it with places in northern Florida, if anybody wants to help join the cause."

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Lake Worth to Let Atheist to Lead Satanic Invocation Before Commission Meeting

Via YouTube
Atheist Preston Smith giving his invocation last week. The mayor and several commissioners walked out.
The City of Lake Worth has accepted the request of an atheist to give a "Satanic" invocation before an upcoming commission meeting.

Atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens sent his request to the city last week, after news broke that Lake Worth's mayor and a few commissioners had walked out during a fellow atheist's invocation December 2.

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Atheist Requests to Lead Satanic Invocation at Lake Worth Commission Meeting

Categories: News, Religion

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo's decision to walk out of a commission meeting before atheist Preston Smith gave his invocation last Tuesday is causing a ripple effect. In response to Triolo's walkout, atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens has now asked the city for permission to give a satanic invocation at an upcoming city commission meeting.

Stevens, best-known for putting up a Festivus Pole made of beer cans as a holiday display at the Florida Capitol Rotunda, sent an email to the city requesting the invocation.

Meanwhile, Triolo has responded to criticism over her walkout on her Facebook page, which has caught the attention of Preston Smith.

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Lake Worth Commissioners Walk Out During Atheist Invocation

Categories: News, Religion

The mayor of Lake Worth and a handful of commissioners walked out as an atheist was about to give an invocation before a meeting last week.

Like many cities, the commission allows a religious invocations to be given before holding their meetings. But as atheist Preston Smith walked up to the podium to begin his invocation, Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo and three city commissioners got up and left the chambers.

"Duly noted," Smith said as they walked out. Triolo's explanation for leaving wasn't over Smith being an atheist but over an offensive tweet the mayor says Smith tweeted out earlier this year.

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Festivus Pole to Again Be Erected in Florida Capitol Rotunda

Chaz Stevens
Last year, Deerfield Beach activist, blogger, and self-proclaimed "militant atheist" Chaz Stevens made headlines when he put up a Festivus pole in the Florida Capitol rotunda.

Now Florida officials have approved Stevens' request to put up the pole in the rotunda again this year.

Last year's pole -- which was an eight-foot-tall pole made of Pabst Plue Ribbon beer cans -- was inspired by Tallahassee officials allowing Christian groups to put up Nativity scenes and other holiday displays.

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Satanic Temple Gets Permission to Put Holiday Display in Florida Capitol

Categories: Religion

Courtesy of Satanic Temple
After being rebuffed by officials last holiday season, the Satanic Temple has been given the green light to erect its holiday display in the Florida Capitol rotunda this year.

According to the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Florida's Department of Management Services has agreed to allow the temple's display to be put up, reversing its stance from last year, when officials called the display "grossly offensive."

Last year, other groups' displays were allowed to be erected, including a Nativity scene, a Festivus pole made from beer cans, and a spaghetti monster sculpture.

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Florida Pastor Claims to Have Delivered Longest Sermon Ever

Photo credit: Silas Barr
On the outskirts of Orlando lies the small town of Mount Dora. Often referred to as the New England of the South and famous for its October bike festival and macabre ghost tours, it is also now the scene where a quirky piece of history has allegedly just taken place. The congregation of Cross Church claims its 31-year-old pastor, Zach Zehnder, broke the record for the longest documented marathon speech on Sunday, November 9.

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The Satanic Temple Children's Activity Book Causing School Board to Rethink Policy

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Courtesy of Satanic Temple
Back in September, the Satanic Temple announced its intention to hand out pamphlets on its tenets to Florida schoolchildren in response to an Orange County School Board decision that allowed a Christian group to hand out Bibles and pamphlets of its own.

But the outcry over the idea of a group that calls itself the "Satanic Temple" handing out materials to kids is forcing the School Board to revisit its policy of allowing any kind of religious material to be handed out.

The School Board met Thursday to discuss its policy.

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Atheist Group to Distribute "X-Rated Bible" Pamphlets to Florida Schools

Categories: Religion

Back in September, we told you about the Satanic Temple's plan to hand out pamphlets to school kids in Florida titled The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities in response to a recent Orange County School Board decision that allows for the distribution of religious materials in public schools.

Now comes news that atheist group the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) will also be handing out its own pamphlets, although with a tad more edge to them.

Meanwhile, the School Board says the organization has neither asked for nor gotten permission to hand out the material, though that may be a misrepresentation of the facts.

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