Florida Can't Ban Satanic Holiday Display Just Because It's Offended, Says Americans United

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The Florida Department of Management Services can't ban the Satanic Temple's holiday display from the state Capitol rotunda just because ot thinks it's offensive, says watchdog group Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

On Wednesday, the group sent state officials a letter warning them that they must not keep the Satanic Temple from putting up its display, as they did last year.

"Members of the religious majority are sometimes offended by the beliefs of religious minorities, and vice/versa," the letter says. "But the Satanic Temple is not required to censor itself in order to take advantage of a forum supposedly open to all."

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Satanic Temple Looking to Put Up Holiday Display in Florida Capitol Again

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Via The Satanic Temple of Florida
Last year, the Satanic Temple put in a request to Florida's Department of Management Services to have a display placed in the state's Capitol rotunda along with a Nativity scene for the holidays.

The Satanic Temple was rejected with extreme prejudice and told that its display was "grossly offensive for the holidays" by the department. The temple asked for an elaboration on what exactly was grossly offensive but never got a response.

The 2013 holidays came and went without the temple being able to set up its display.

Now, with the 2014 season approaching, the Satanic Temple is once again submitting its request for the same exact display to be put up in the state Capitol. And it's come armed with lawyers.

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Florida Reverend Causes Strike at New York Seminary Over Racism and "I Love Vaginas"

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NYPL Digital Gallery
The General Theological Seminary in New York is the nation's oldest training grounds for Episcopalians. It's been going strong in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan since 1817. That is, until a year ago, when it hired Florida Rev. Kurt Dunkle as its new dean.

Eight out of ten of the teachers at GTS were fired on Monday for going on strike against Dunkle for offensive remarks he allegedly made, which they said created an unbearable work environment. The AP reports that Dunkle, who is from Orange Park, Florida, near Jacksonville, told a female faculty member that he "loved vaginas."

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Pagan Prayer During Florida Commission Meeting Forces Commissioner to Walk Out

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via YouTube
A Florida commissioner stormed out of a meeting after a man was allowed to give a pagan invocation prior to the meeting.

David Suhor, an agnostic pagan pantheist, was allowed to recite a pagan song prior to the Escambia County Commission meeting last week, which prompted Commissioner Wilson Robertson to walk out and call the invocation "satanic."

"People may not realize it," Robertson said via WEAR. "But when we invite someone, a minister, to pray, they are praying for the county commissioners, for us to make wise decisions, and I'm just not going to have a pagan or satanic minister pray for me."

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UFO Religion Wants to Hand Out Pamphlets at Florida Schools Now Too

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photo by Carmen Slade via WIkimedia Commons
Earlier this week, we told you about how the Satanic Temple plans on handing out their literature to public school kids in Florida on the heels of an Orange County School Board decision to allow an Evangelical Christian group to hand out Bibles.

And now an international UFO religion wants to get in on that handing out religious materials to school kids action. And, yes, they have a chapter here in Florida.

The religion, known officially as the International Raelian Movement, has announced their support for the decision to allow the Satanic Temple to offer their religious literature in the school district. The group's leader is encouraging Raelian members to now go and do likewise.

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Satanic Temple to Distribute Pamphlets to Florida Schools

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courtesy Satanic Temple
The Satanic Temple is planning to hand out educational religious materials to public school children in the coming months.

The materials, which includes a coloring and activity booklet for children titled, "The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities," are being handed out in response to a recent Orange County School Board decision that allows for the distribution of religious materials in public schools.

Specifically, the school board allowed an evangelical Christian group to hand out Bibles to school kids while censoring atheist materials.

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Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of a Hamas Founder, Will Speak at Boca Synagogue September 20

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Mosab Hassan Yousef
Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in Ramallah in 1978. By 1987, his father, Sheik Hassan Yousef, was helping to found Hamas.

Mosab has said that
he was raised to want to become a soldier fighting Israel and that he was first arrested at the age of 10 for throwing rocks at settlers in the West Bank.

"The model for every Palestinian child is a mujahid (ph) or a fidahi (ph) or a fighter. So, of course, I wanted to be one at that point of my life. It wasn't -- it's not my only dream. It's every child's dream in that territory."
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Independent Catholic Priests in Wilton Manors Will Marry Gay Couples

Richard Vitale (right) came to the Holy Angels Catholic Community in January.
Father Richard Vitale knows what it's like to feel unwanted by God. His family in New York was a triple whammy of conservatism: Roman Catholic Republicans who were deeply involved in the Boy Scouts.

He knew he was attracted to other boys at the age of 6, although he was too young to have a word for it. At first he thought it was a good thing. But when slurs started getting thrown around in the fifth grade, he vowed to never reveal the urges he was feeling to his peers.

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Boca Families Move to West Bank Despite Violence

Uri Pilichowski's new view is breathtaking. Last Monday, the Boca Raton rabbi packed up his wife and five kids, boarded a chartered flight, and relocated to Mitzpe Yercho, a suburb of Jericho. When he looks out his window, all he sees is Jordan.

Jericho -- one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world -- has had a posse of Americans moving in over the course of the past few weeks. And the place that's known in the Pentateuch as the "city of palm trees" is seeing this influx of people moving from what's known in the states as "Palm Beach County."

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Broward School District Lifts Ban on Bible Reading During Free Time

George Bannister via Flickr Creative Commons
Broward County Public Schools has sent a letter to the Liberty Institute, ensuring it that students are permitted to read their Bibles in school as a part of free-reading time and during the Accelerated Reader Program.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we brought you the tale of Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth-grade Park Lakes Elementary student who was told by a teacher that he was prohibited from reading his Bible in school.

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