Michael Wekerle, Financial Wild Man and Reality-TV Star, Scoops Up Anheuser-Busch Mansion

Tucked on the Intracoastal, the Anheuser-Busch estate is one of the snazzier stacks of historic brick in Fort Lauderdale. Built by America's first family of beer in 1938 by world-class designer Francis Abreu, the six-bedroom Spanish-style villa spreads out over 12,533 square feet of waterfront property, making it one of the largest such lots in town. Although no Bud progeny has picked up mail from the address since the late '60s, the estate attracts high-class house hunters. This week, the historic mansion was bought by a new owner: Canadian financial whiz and reality-TV star Michael Wekerle, who's been described as the test-tube byproduct of Warren Buffet and Mick Jagger, equal parts numbers nerd and rake.

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21-Story Gulfstream Condo Approved by Hallandale Beach Commission

Alex Markow
The owner of the Village at Gulfstream Park has been granted permission to build a 21-story, 182-unit luxury condo atop a parking garage next to the mall at the pari-mutuel casino.

The project will cost $92 million and is expected to bring an estimated $523,000 a year in property taxes, according to the Sun Sentinel. Of that, $497,000 would go to the Community Redevelopment Agency.

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Star Trek Mansion in Boca Raton Is On the Market for $35 Million

Thumbnail image for trek2.jpg
photos: Andy Frame Photography
So, there's a Star Trek themed mansion in Boca Raton that just hit the market.

The 27,000 square foot home boasts eight bedrooms, a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, a gym, and a gorgeous pool and patio.

But what sets this thing apart are the multiple sci-fi Star Trekie rooms, Enterprise bridge movie theater, and over 60 arcade games.

The Star Trek theme was put together in the span of a decade by former owner Marc Bell, a giant-Trek fan who produced Jersey Boys on Broadway and made millions running FriendFinder, a web site where nerds can meet other nerds and fall in love.

Now he's put his Trek house, located on 3682 Princeton Place in Boca Raton, on the market for a cool $35 million.

Ready to check out the pics? Well load up that inhaler and set your phasers to AWWEEESOME.... Here we go:

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You Need to Earn $19.08 an Hour to Afford Rent for a Decent One-Bedroom Apartment in Broward County

The National Low Income Housing Coalition calculated the Department of Housing and Urban Development figures in what they say is "fair market rent" and determined that a person would have to make at least $19.08 an hour in a full-time job to make rent in a one-bedroom apartment in Broward County.

Which means, you'd have to have a job that pays around $40,000 a year to make rent on a one-bedroom unit.

According to the study, which was published last week in the Washington Post, it's actually pricier to live in Broward County than it is in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach.

See also: You Need to Earn $17.50 an Hour to Afford Rent for a Decent One-Bedroom Apartment in Miami

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Hollywood Commissioners Approve of Massive Beach Tower Condo

Hollywood commissioners voted unanimously on Wednesday for the construction of a $240 million luxury tower that will put the Hollywood Beach skyline on the map.

The tower, which is planned to be called Hyde Beach Resort, will be a massive 40-story condo with 367 condo and condo-hotel style units where guests can stay at for up to 150 days at a time.

Hyde Beach Resort will be built on the 1.6 acres by the water tower on Hollywood beach at the intersection of Hallandale Beach and A1A.

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Scottie Pippen's Fort Lauderdale Mansion Is for Sale

via Coldwell Banker

Ever wanted to own Scottie Pippen's lavish mansion with basketball court and putting green? If so, now's your chance.

The former Chicago Bulls star and Michael Jordan sidekick has put his Fort Lauderdale mansion on the market, and it's a humdinger of a house for anyone who ever wanted to own a home with his very own full-court basketball court, plus a twirling slide that leads to a spa.

According to Caldwell Banker's listing, the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom,13,500-square-foot Venetian-style house on 2571 Del Lago Drive -- in the Harbor Beach neighborhood -- can be yours for $11.8 million.

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Florida's Death Row For Women Is For Sale

You in the market for a new home? How about, instead of buying a house with a pool and a white-picket fence, you buy yourself and your family a prison that used to hold female serial killers? It's plenty spacious! And it has a yard!

Apparently the old Broward Correctional Institution is going to be put up for sale at the end of March.

There'll be a 60-day marketing period, of course, but then you'll be free to own your very own 66-acre prison.

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John Boehner Buys Florida Luxury Vacation Condo

photo: Gage Skidmore via wikimedia commons
House Speaker John Boehner is apparently not orange enough, so he's gone and bought himself a vacation condo right here in the Sunshine State.

The luxury condominium is located in exclusive Marco Island, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Now Boehner will be able to be closer to his daughter and Rastafarian son-in-law!

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Celine Dion Lists Jupiter Island Home With Water Park for $72.5 million

Hey, got an extra $70-plus million lying around?

Because Celine Dion has put her giant Jupiter Island property/water park/mansion on the market and is asking $72.5 million for it. Cheap!

What does a plethora of middling and annoying Canadian pop songs buy you? Why, a luxurious Bahamian-inspired estate with a tennis court, a simulated golf range, a pool house with a full kitchen and beach house with a massage room, five pavilions, a four-bedroom guest house, 415 feet of ocean frontage, three swimming pools, and a small personal water park that includes a lazy river!

Also, celebrity neighbors such as Tiger Woods and Greg "The Shark" Norman.

At one point, her neighbors got all mad at Dion because the water park stuck out over the tree line. Sacre bleu!

You can check out the listing here. And check out some photos of the property after the jump.

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