Conservatives Are Not Happy About Jeb Bush's Presidential Announcement

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photo: Michelle Eve Sandberg
On Tuesday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced that he's going to start exploring the possibility of running for president in 2016. This was just a fancy political way of saying he's going to throw his hat in the ring and that he's going to run, just as his father and brother once did.

But, perhaps not surprisingly, the news was met with a tepid, if not outright angry, response from the very base he's going to count on to get votes. Republicans are just not that fired up about Jeb and they've made their voice pretty clear.

The apprehension seems to be stemming from where you'd expect: the Tea Party crowd, who think Jeb is just too much of a moderate.

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Marco Rubio Criticizes Release of Alan Gross From Cuban Prison UPDATE

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Update: In his brief presser Wednesday afternoon, Rubio told reporters that he would do everything in his power to undo President Obama's plans to thaw relations with Cuba, including opening a U.S. embassy in Havana.

"This entire policy shift announced today is based on an illusion, based on a lie," Rubio told reporters gathered on Capitol Hill. "The White House has conceded everything and gained little."

Rubio also vowed to block whoever is eventually nominated to be a U.S. ambassador to Cuba.

Original Post: On Wednesday morning, news broke that the Obama administration secured the release of American contractor Alan Gross from a Cuban prison in exchange for the release of the three of the so-called Cuban 5, a spy ring held by the U.S. for decades.

And Marco Rubio is not happy about it.

"This going to do absolutely nothing to further human rights and democracy in Cuba," Rubio told the Associated Press in commenting about the Gross release.

He also went on FoxNews to say that Obama has a history of being chummy with leaders of rouge nations. "It's absurd," he said. "And part of a long record of coddling tyrants & dictators."

Rubio also called Obama the worst negotiator since President Carter.

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Jeb Bush Announces He's Exploring a Run For the Presidency

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
And here we go...

After months of speculation and hinting and non answers, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced on Tuesday morning that he's starting an exploratory run for the Presidency of the United States of America.

As all pols do nowadays, Bush took to social media to announce his intentions.

Jeb, the brother of President George W. and son of President George H.W. says he talked about running for the White House over Thanksgiving weekend.

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Jeb Bush One Step Closer to Running For President with Release of Emails and eBook

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Anthony Cave
While the current Florida governor is doing everything he can to hide his email exchanges, one former Florida governor just released a bunch of his to the public. And there can really be only one reason anyone would do this: so that he can be transparent as he gets ready to run for the highest office in the land.

That or Jeb Bush really wants everyone to know how good he is at emails.

But we're going to go ahead and say it's because he's getting ready to announce he's running for president in 2016.

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Protesters to Disrupt Winterfest Boat Parade in Fort Lauderdale (UPDATED)

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port of san diego via Flickr creative commons

Evan Rowe is an adjunct professor of history at Broward College.

See Update at end of text. There were two arrests.

It just so happens that Christmas 2014 is coinciding with social tensions over both police brutality and treatment of the homeless population.

That should make for an interesting scene as protestors from various groups are planning actions to coincide with tonight's Winterfest boat parade in Fort Lauderdale.

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Lake Worth to Let Atheist to Lead Satanic Invocation Before Commission Meeting

Via YouTube
Atheist Preston Smith giving his invocation last week. The mayor and several commissioners walked out.
The City of Lake Worth has accepted the request of an atheist to give a "Satanic" invocation before an upcoming commission meeting.

Atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens sent his request to the city last week, after news broke that Lake Worth's mayor and a few commissioners had walked out during a fellow atheist's invocation December 2.

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Rick Scott Broke the Law With Private Gmail Account, Lawyer Argues

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photo: Michelle Eve Sandberg
Tallahassee attorney Seven Andrews has been on a crusade to prove that Gov. Rick Scott used his private Gmail account to circumvent around Florida's public records law. Andrews convinced the courts to have Google subpoenaed to turn over basic information about Scott's private email accounts.

And now, just a couple of weeks after Scott admitted to having used the email address without forwarding it to the proper parties, Andrews has been given permission to try and prove that Scott did it intentionally, and broke the law in the process.

On Monday, Chief Judge Charles Francis granted Andrews permission to use the more than 200 emails released last month to try and prove his case.

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Festivus Pole to Again Be Erected in Florida Capitol Rotunda

Chaz Stevens
Last year, Deerfield Beach activist, blogger, and self-proclaimed "militant atheist" Chaz Stevens made headlines when he put up a Festivus pole in the Florida Capitol rotunda.

Now Florida officials have approved Stevens' request to put up the pole in the rotunda again this year.

Last year's pole -- which was an eight-foot-tall pole made of Pabst Plue Ribbon beer cans -- was inspired by Tallahassee officials allowing Christian groups to put up Nativity scenes and other holiday displays.

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Rick Scott's Wanting to Drug-Test Welfare Recipients Shot Down by Federal Court

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Michele Eve Sandberg
Back in May of 2011, Rick Scott signed into law a bill requiring that Florida's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare recipients pass a drug test. That's right. Scott wanted poor people needing government assistance to first piss into a cup before begin granted said assistance.

This, in turn, led to the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida to call the bill an invasive, mandatory bodily-fluid search. A federal judge then agreed that the bill was an invasion of privacy and personal dignity to thousands and a violation of the Fourth Amendment. But undeterred by this legal blockage to getting poor people's pee, Scott appealed that decision.

On Wednesday, in a 54-page ruling, a federal appeals court shot the governor down once again, saying that there is no reason to believe "impoverished individuals are necessarily and inherently prone to drug use, or, for that matter, are more prone to drug use than the general population."

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Rick Scott Claims He Did Better With Hispanic Voters Than Media Reported

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Michele Eve Sandberg
Rick Scott is saying he actually won the Hispanic vote over Charlie Crist in November, contradicting most exit polls that reported Crist had won the Hispanic vote by double digits.

According to Scott's own internal polling, Crist won only 49 to 47 percent among Hispanics, which differs greatly from the exit polls used by the media following the election.

The poll was conducted by OnMessage Inc., a polling firm hired by the Scott campaign. While most exit polls were conducted on Election Day, OnMessage conducted its poll between November 10 and 12, a week after the election.

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