Florida Voters Want Clinton as President

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Marc Nozell, via Wikimedia Commons
Barack Obama's approval rating is pretty abysmal right now in Florida, at 44 percent. That number seems OK until you consider that Gov. Rick Scott is at 43 percent. Then you realize that number is terrible.

But Floridians aren't so disenchanted with the president that they're seeing red. A Quinnipiac poll released today shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the clear frontrunner here for 2016.

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Rick Scott and Charlie Crist Are Too Close to Call, Poll Says

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If the election for governor were held today, it would be a toss-up. Because, Florida! This according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, which was released on Wednesday.

Overall, Crist leads Scott by 45 to 40 percent. But a third candidate has emerged to screw things up, as third candidates are wont to do in tight races.

Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is garnering interest, according to the poll, which brings everything down to "too close to call" margins.

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John Paul Alvarez Wants to Be Broward's First Gay State Rep

Via Facebook
John Paul Alvarez lives for the look in a student's eye that shows he or she gets it. At Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood, the baby-faced teacher is known for working well with troubled third-graders.

Perhaps it's because he recognizes himself in them. Alvarez grew up in Miami, just south of the airport, as the son of two Cuban immigrants who made their way over to Florida in the '60s. Although his parents opened a sandwich shop downtown, it floundered after a few years, leaving them to work a series of what Alvarez remembers as "the bad jobs, the hard jobs."

But now Alvarez, a Democrat, is asking for South Floridians' permission to take on a hard job his parents could have never dreamed of. He wants to serve as District 100's state rep and prioritize women's rights, LGBT rights, and education. If granted his wish, he'll also be making history as Broward County's first openly gay state rep. The district stretches south to Hollywood, Hallandale, Sunny Isles, Aventura and North Miami Beach.

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Charlie Crist Names Annette Taddeo-Goldstein as Running Mate

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Back in January, Gov. Rick Scott named Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera as his lieutenant governor and eventual reelection running mate. This was seen as a good move at the time to lock down the Hispanic vote.

But on Thursday, Charlie Crist has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down by announcing that Colombian-American-female-married-to-a-Jewish-man Annette Taddeo-Goldstein will be his running mate.

Taddeo-Goldstein is vice chair of the Democratic Party of Florida and is the first Latino named chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.

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Florida Judge Throws Out Republican Voting Maps

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Photo by Michael Rivera via Wikipedia Commons
A Florida judge took the GOP and their redrawn congregational district maps from 2012 to the proverbial woodshed on Thursday, when he ruled that the maps were drawn up illegally.

Second Judicial Circuit judge Terry P. Lewis called the maps a mockery to the rules of transparency when he ruled that Florida GOPers schemed to manipulate the congressional district boundaries to better favor them by protecting their majority.

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Broward College Increases Pay to Adjuncts by $100 Per Course

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Photo by Natoya ferguson via Wikipedia Commons
On Tuesday, members of the Broward College Board of Trustees met to discuss typical things like budgets and other college affairs. But they also took on a bigger subject: Why they, along with other college administrations around America, continue to redistribute wealth and power to a small class of business bureaucrats and away from the faculty and student populations they are supposed to serve.

The following is a set of very troubling points that run counter to the dominant PR line put out by Broward College to justify paying me and countless others poverty wages, while others in top support classes get salaries in the hundred-thousand-dollar range. I have requested a dialogue in front of the media, one in which I and my fellow adjuncts are not walking to a podium to plead our case but one that includes an open discussion about the purpose of higher education writ large.

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Florida Voters Are Lukewarm on Pam Bondi, According to Poll

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From voting on a former governor who jumped parties or a governor with a low approval rating to legalizing medical marijuana, Florida has some interesting things to vote for come election time.

But one election of real significance could be that of attorney general. Pam Bondi has already filed for reelection, and it remains unclear who can be a real challenge to her (right now, it's looking like this guy).

But one thing seems clear -- according to the latest Public Policy Polling survey -- Floridians are kind of not sure about her. And that may be a very good or bad thing, depending on what side of the fence you're on.

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Charlie Crist Receives Endorsement From LGBT Group

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In 2008, the ban of same-sex marriage was voted into the Florida constitution, the end of a process that was kick-started two years prior, when then-Gov. Charlie Crist signed a petition to get that prohibition approved.

Six years later, the LGBT advocacy group Equality Florida is taking the state to court, claiming the ban is unconstitutional.

And, on Thursday, that same group announced that it is backing Charlie Crist to become the next governor of Florida.

You can't make this stuff up. Not in Florida.

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Medical Marijuana: Alan Clendenin, Florida Democratic Vice Chair, Breaks With Wasserman Schultz on Amendment 2

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via Facebook
The backlash over Debbie Wasserman Schultz's opposition to the amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has trickled into Monday with the vice chairman of the Florida Democratic Party publicly separating himself from Wasserman Schultz's stance.

Alan Clendenin sent out a news release proclaiming his support for Amendment 2 while sending out what seems to be a veiled shot at Wasserman Shultz's comments from last week.

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Former Broward State Sen. Nan Rich Opens Campaign Headquarters in Weston

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Photo by OSTFlorida via Wikipedia Commons
Irene Secada sat in the back of the campaign headquarters doing mental math. About 80 people were crammed and sweating inside of a Weston shopping mall suite to see Nan Rich, the 72-year-old former state senator and lifelong Democrat, open her gubernatorial campaign headquarters. Although the majority of the Nan fans were pushing 80, Secada, a political consultant with sharp features and cropped black hair, says that's actually a good thing. These are the people who vote, after all. Although a less savvy observer might see octogenarians double-dipping popcorn chicken into a vat of honey mustard, Secada sees the beginnings of a great grassroots campaign.

"I came here to see how Nan's doing, and this is very much a race," she says. "People are saying it's a done deal, and I don't think it's a done deal at all."

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