Ron Book's Daughter Considering Run for State Senate for Broward in 2016

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Lauren Book, daughter of lobbyist Ron Book, is considering a run at state Senate for South Broward in 2016.

Ron, who reps a bevy of governments, including Broward, and private clients, including the Miami Dolphins, and is regarded by many as the most powerful lobbyist in Florida, has had his clients donate to Lauren's political committee, reports Broward Beat.

According to the report, the Dolphins have donated $100,000 to Lauren's committee, Leadership for Broward, along with another $25 grand from Vitas Hospice and $10,000 from AutoNation.

Ron himself kicked in another 25 grand, bringing the total to $235,000 raised so far in a single month.

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The Diary of Rick Scott's Hair

1970, Kansas City, Missouri

Dear Diary,

Annette said yes! I have to admit, when Rick decided to ask her to prom via messenger pigeon, I was worried. Especially when the pigeon flew into a power line and burst into flame, landing at her feet a charred pile of feathers atop a burnt note that said "rom?" But missing P be damned, she said yes! And we finally have a prom date.

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Charlie Crist and Rick Scott Still Tied in New Polls; Voters Still Don't Like Either

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With voting day a mere six weeks away, two new polls find that the race for governor is looking like it's going to be a photo finish. And the reason for this is that people just don't dig either candidate.

A Quinnipiac University Poll is labeling the governor's race "too close to call" after its latest poll shows Rick Scott leading Charlie Crist by a mere two percentage points.

Meanwhile, SurveyUSA/WFLA's latest poll has Scott leading Crist by one percentage point.

Qunnipiac's poll delves further into this dead heat by showing that the likely voters they surveyed just aren't sold on either guy.

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Why Democrats Are Reportedly Turning Their Backs on Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Florida's own Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has been the chair of the Democratic National Committee since 2011, has been a rising star in Washington. She had high ambitions and was a trusted mouthpiece by the Obama administration.

But lately, Wasserman Schultz has been making headlines for the wrong reasons, and more and more insiders from within her party are fed up with her, according to a detailed report/ hit piece by Politico.

Here's a summary of the reasons Democrats are reportedly turning their backs on Wasserman Schultz.

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Gary Hart Scandal Tipster Was Broward Woman, New Report Says

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In 1987, the Gary Hart scandal uncovered by the Miami Herald obliterated the Democratic frontrunner's run for the White House and changed the way politics is covered forever. For 27 years, it was widely believed that the tipster to Hart's infidelities with model Donna Rice came from a friend of the model's named Lynn Armandt.

But according to a recent New York Times piece, the real tipster is a clothing designer from Broward named Dana Weems.

While the Herald's then-political reporter, Tom Fiedler, has vowed to keep the identity of the tipster a secret, he told the writer of the NY Times piece that the tipster was not Armandt.

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Rick Scott Has Appointed Fewer African-Americans to Judgeships Than Previous Governors

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In the first four years of his governorship of Florida, Rick Scott has apparently appointed fewer African-Americans to judgeships in the state than the past two governors in that same time span.

This, according to new data released by Scott's office over the weekend.

In all, Scott has appointed none black attorneys to Florida judgeships in four years, which include reappointments of three judges. Those three judges work smaller courts, such as traffic and injury cases.

When it comes to more prestigious seats -- such as trial and circuit court, Scott has appointed only two African Americans in the last four years.

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Charlie Crist Targets Rick Scott's Anti-Abortion Stance, Women's Issues

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Gov. Rick Scott has been spending millions on ads attacking Charlie Crist and his flip-flopping ways, pointing out how he much he screwed Florida the first time he was governor of the state.

Now Crist is fighting back and, as he did with gay marriage rights, he's attacking Scott on an issue Scott has been vehemently against: women's issues and abortion.

In doing so, Crist has teamed up with Planned Parenthood to get after Scott and his stance on abortion and women's issues.

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Allen West, Former U.S. Rep. From South Florida, Gets Tea Party Tattoo in West Palm

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@AcesHighTattooShop via Instagram
"Molon Labe." It's a Greek phrase well-known to Army folk. It means "come and take it," and it's what King Leonidas supposedly told Xerxes before the Battle of Sparta. The slogan, which was used during the Texas Revolution, is also popular among Second Amendment activists today.

Military members, separatists, and gun nuts. What do these people have in common? Many of them probably watch Fox News, where former U.S. Rep. Allen West commentates. And as of yesterday, the Palm Beach Gardens resident will have something up his sleeve other than Tea Party rhetoric. He got the conservative motto permanently etched on his forearm yesterday at Ace's High Tattoo in West Palm.

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Charlie Crist Challenges Rick Scott to Not Defend Gay Marriage Ban

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Michele Eve Sandberg
Same-sex marriages could become legal in Florida as soon as September 22, thanks to a 33-page ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle last week. That is, if Rick Scott doesn't file an appeal to stop it.

Gay rights advocates, including Rand Hoch, Florida's first openly gay judge, have already called on Scott not to intervene.

Now Charlie Crist has stepped into the fray, taking it up a notch by penning an open letter to Scott to not get in the way of Florida lifting the ban on same-sex marriage.

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Steven Feren, Judge in Confederate Kidnapping Case, Loses His Seat; Now What?

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This week's election was cruel to incumbents. Among the sitting Broward pols who are soon going to be looking for new jobs: Steven Feren, the jurist whose decisions in family court set the stage for Megan Everett to run off with her 2-year-old daughter, Lilly. After we published a long feature on the situation, Lilly's disappearance became a campaign issue, with critics lining up to take shots at Feren over the kidnapping. But unfortunately, the election doesn't change much: The girl is still missing.

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