Sheldon Adelson Donates Big to Anti-Medical Marijuana Group

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Sheldon Adelson
Big-money casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has jumped into the anti-medical marijuana fray by opening his deep wallet and donating $2.5 million to the Drug Free Florida campaign, the group looking to derail Florida's Amendment 2 initiative.

Adelson has made a name for himself as one of the biggest donors to conservative movements and campaigns over the years and is widely known for his anti-Palestine stance. He once suggested that the U.S. should drop an "atomic weapon... in the middle of the [Negev]" and that the Palestinians are an "invented people."

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Rick Scott and Charlie Crist Are Tied in Latest Poll

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For months now, polls have been showing Charilie Crist leading Rick Scott in the race for governor.

In March, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Crist up by 16 points.

Before that, in October, Public Policy Polling showed Crist leading by 12.

Now all that seems to have changed, as a brand-new survey from Public Policy Polling is showing Scott and Crist in a virtual dead-heat -- though a majority still disapprove of Scott's job performance.

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Floridians Trust Scientists More Than Marco Rubio on Climate Change

It looks like Floridians would rather have all the scientists run for president than Marco Rubio, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released last week.

After the White House released the findings from the National Climate Assessment last month that said climate change was man-made and that Florida was sinking into the ocean, Sen. Marco Rubio stepped up to the plate to lash out against science and reason.

Rubio questioned the reasons for running with just what scientists say, and that all that dirty CO2 that's coming from nuclear plants and wrecking the environment really isn't all man's fault.

"I think it's an enormous threat to say that every weather incident that we now read about is -- or the majority of them are -- attributable to human activity," Rubio told CNN in an interview following the National Climate Assessment findings.

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John Thrasher, Likely Florida State President, Is Ethically Challenged

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John Thrasher
John Thrasher, a Florida Senator and now the lone candidate for president of Florida State University, doesn't deserve the job.

Thrasher, a Republican lawyer, was reprimanded on the House floor back ithe 1990s after appearing as a lobbyist for his longtime employers, the Florida Medical Association. A year after leaving office, he had to pay a $500 fine after hosting a luncheon for his State House pals -- state law prohibits pols from lobbying for two years after leaving office.

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Marco Rubio Is Ignoring Threats to South Florida's Environment

Earlier this week, the White House released its National Climate Assessment, and, judging by the results of that assessment, things are looking pretty bleak for the environment. Particularly in South Florida.

Sea levels are on the rise, and South Florida is sinking.

But Sen. and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has taken the same stance he took on the age of the Earth. Namely, he's dismissing scientific facts with political pandering and calling the president names.

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Rick Scott on Pace to Spend $8 Million on TV Ads in Two Months, Releases Spanish Ad Attacking Charlie Crist

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There are a good six months before Election Day, and Scott is not holding back on attacking Charlie Crist. He's also not holding back on how much money he's willing to spend doing it, nor in what language.

Scott is eyeing a full-on campaign of wooing Hispanic voters by launching a second Spanish-language ad.

This latest one, which is slated to run in parts of South Florida as well as Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando, goes right for the main talking point the GOP has been zeroing in on with Crist: namely, his flip-floppiness.

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You Could Win Allen West's Motorcycle Helmet

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Gage Skidmore/Flickr

It's a random weekday during a random month and so -- wheeee! -- Allen West is back in the news.

This time, though, it's not for calling FAU students "animals" and promising to "face" them if they step to his lady, and it's not for writing A TOTES AWESOME book comparing Democrats to Star Wars characters, and it's most certainly not for saying Nazi leaders would be "very proud" of democracy.

Instead, the former Tea Party crazyman Congressman Fox News contributor (who told Sean Hannity yesterday that Obama was to blame for the recent Ft. Hood shooting) receives headlines today for a giveaway he's having on his site. For an autographed motorcycle helmet.

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