Christopher Glenn, Military Contractor from West Palm Beach, Pleads Guilty to Hacking Top Secret Military Files

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Photo by Colin via Wikipedia Commons
This week in federal court, a Palm Beach County man tied to a strange case of international espionage pleaded guilty to the rack of criminal charges he was facing. Rather than fight his case, Christopher Glenn admitted he hacked into classified computer files while working as a private contractor at a U.S. air base in Honduras. The 34-year-old's guilty plea closes the door on a bizarre case that includes accusations of sex trafficking, computer hacking, and misdeeds across the globe, from Latin America to Iraq.

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All 38 Cities in Palm Beach County, Ranked From Worst to Best

Photo by WPPilot via Wikipedia Commons
Hello, Palm Beach County.
Palm Beach County is massive.

Housing more than a million people, it's the third most populous county in Florida. It spreads from the beautiful beaches of the east coast all the way to the shores of Lake Okeechobee.

And it has been keeping Botox in business since the '80s.

Join us now as we carefully examine the innards of this county and decide once and for all what's the best and what's the worst.

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Billionaire Jeff Greene Tells Other Billionaires That Poor People Want Too Many Things

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In two short news stories, there was so much shade thrown at Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene, the former U.S. Senate candidate might have to invest a few hundred million in solar power just to believe sunlight still exists.

Greene was over in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, where rich people talk to other filthy-rich elites about how to fix the world. And Greene's solution? Americans need to live more simply, want less stuff, and change their lives "so we have less things and a smaller, better existence," he said, according to Bloomberg.

The irony of a billionaire telling other billionaires that the less fortunate should want less (and, in effect, be happy with paltry wages as they slave away in hotels owned by the likes of Greene) wasn't lost on reporters.

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Student Stabbed at Polo Park Middle in Wellington

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An eighth-grade student at Polo Park Middle School was stabbed by another student Thursday morning.

The student, a female, was transported by helicopter to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach with what reports say were minor injuries and released.

According to WPBF, the girl was stabbed by a fellow student, a boy, though it's still unclear what he used to stab her. Police were called to Polo Park, located at 11901 Lake Worth Road in Wellington, Thursday morning shortly after 9 a.m.

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National Geographic TV Host James Currie Arrested for Defending Man in Superman Costume; Is Suing Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

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photo: Bernie44 via Wikipedia
James Currie, the birding expert and host of National Geographic Wild's Aerial Assassins, was apparently arrested for trying to defend Superman from cops after a multicar accident, and now the TV host is suing the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office for wrongfully arresting him.

OK, let's back up.

Currie, a longtime Lake Worth resident, was involved in a car accident in June 2013. According to the police report, alcohol was apparently involved. And a man in a Superman costume -- later identified as Currie's brother-in-law -- was riding with Currie. Police believe Superman was the one driving the vehicle, though Currie disputed that. When police arrived to investigate, Superman ran away while Currie stayed at the scene of the accident.

Superman was eventually arrested, and when Currie tried to stick up for the Man of Steel, he was arrested too. But Currie claims it was a wrongful arrest and has filed a suit claiming that his reputation was "greatly injured."

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West Palm Beach Officials Wrote Letters Requesting Murderer Be Freed From Prison

Michelle Lennon's arrest photo in 1994
An unconscious Brooke Lennon was lying on the ground, his head a massive bloody wound. Lennon's young wife, Michelle, had smashed a baseball bat across his head. Her live-in boyfriend, Robert Tomassi, stood a short distance away, coaching Michelle on how to properly hold a bat for a more accurate strike.

Brooke had been drunk, so cracking him over the skull had been easy. The hard part was killing him. And the blood. All of the blood.

Tomassi instructed Michelle to cover Brooke's head with a plastic bag. That would keep the blood from seeping onto the floor. To keep the bag in place, Michelle tightened it with a telephone cord, wrapping it around the dying man's neck. She then squatted over her husband's limp, bloody body and sat on his chest. She punched and slapped his face, telling him to die already. She then stood up and kicked him in the testicles and kept shouting at him to die.

Michelle and Robert were eventually arrested and charged with murder. And in a tale that can unravel only in Florida, Palm Beach commissioners tried to get Michelle free by writing several letters to the New York state parole board.

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Jury Finds PBSO Deputy Guilty of Excessive Force

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Back in 2008, a woman claimed that she was pulled over for a blaring stereo in Belle Glade -- and that her encounter with police ended with a beating in the back of a police car. She filed a lawsuit against the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. This month, a federal court in Miami heard Maria Paul's claims about her run-in with former PBSO deputy Michael Woodside. After deliberation, the panel found that Woodside and PBSO were liable for the use of excessive force.

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The Family of a Black Teen Shot by Palm Beach County Police Wants Answers

Courtesy of Sunjee Louissaint
Devin Jolicoeur
It was December 13, 2012, when 40-year-old Sunjee Louissaint, a soft-spoken woman with gentle eyes, looked across the front yard of her West Palm Beach home and saw two green-and-gold-striped Palm Beach County Sheriff's cruisers.

Two deputies had pinned her 17-year-old son, Devin, to the ground. She heard a bang and, suddenly, his body shook violently.

Louissaint thought he had been hit with a Taser. Then she saw the blood. He's been shot, she thought.

"I ran over and put my face on the ground," she recalls, "because his face was on the ground, and I saw his eyes were dilated. He was gone."

Devin Jolicoeur died of gunshot wounds in the early evening that Thursday. Four bullets pierced his chest and one his hand. Not only his mother, but also his grandmother, aunt, and best friend were there. So were several other family friends and neighbors who had come out to see why police were questioning the teen.

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West Palm Beach Teen Busted for Pretending to be a Gynecologist at St. Mary's Medical Center

Alex Proimos via Flickr
So a teenage kid was walking around in a lab coat at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach totally pretending to be a gynecologist.

According to an incident report, police got a call on Tuesday about a teen boy roaming the halls of the medical center wearing a lab coat and stethoscope, and telling people he was a doctor.

The name of the kid has not been released and his exact age was redacted from the West Palm Beach Police incident report, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

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Barack Obama Highway Might Be Coming to Palm Beach

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Ian Witlen
The mayor of Riviera Beach wants to change the name Old Dixie Highway and rename it Barack Obama Highway.

Mayor Thomas Masters is on a personal quest to have the old road renamed after the current president and hopes his constituents can back him up on the plan.

Masters says he's looking to change the name of the street that runs along
along railroad tracks through industrial and residential areas and crosses Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard after he took his case to his Facebook page, where he announced his vision.

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