Palm Beach County Gas Stations Must Post Exact Price on Signs for Credit Card Users, According to New Ordinance

Palm Beach County gas stations will have to start posting the exact amount gas costs for both cash and credit prices, thanks to a new ordinance that passed Tuesday.

At it stands, gas stations usually charge extra for gas when it's paid for with a credit card, mainly because of fees the stations are charged. But thanks to the ordinance, the exact amount -- including whatever extra credit card customers will pay -- must be clearly posted.

That means that both the cash and credit card prices must be the same size on gas stations' display signs, as well as be well lit in the evening.

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Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Conducting "Traffic Enforcement Initiative" Friday

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via Facebook
The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office will be conducting something called a "traffic enforcement initiative" all day Friday as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

The PBSO said on its Facebook page that its officers will be all about traffic enforcement in unincorporated Palm Beach County throughout the day and evening, making sure people whom they spot "driving distracted" get pulled over and slapped good and proper with a citation.

So, basically, be sure to put that cell phone down, both hands on the wheel, and follow those road rules to a T today, or else expect to incur the wrath of a traffic violation ticket.

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Palm Beach County Closer to Importing Trash for Money

Ahh, Palm Beach County... palm trees swaying with the waft of putrid refuge in the breeze.

Palm Beach County is a dump.

Or, at least, it's going to be, after county commissioners voted 4-3 vote to seek bids from waste haulers from all parts outside of Palm Beach just so they can land some big money for a new incinerator.

The commissioners argue that the money would give trash revenues a lift so they can lower trash-disposal bills for Palm Beach County residents and businesses.

Naturally, there's been some backlash.

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Top Five Things I Learned on Gossip Extra Palm Beach Bus Tour

All pictures by Dana Krangel
All aboard!

If there is dish in South Florida, Jose Lambiet is your best server. The founder of has been covering all things juicy and scandalous in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami and beyond for the better part of a decade. Armed with a baldhead full of stories about everything from Trump's high-profile divorces to P. Diddy's public romps, Lambiet is now taking his gossip show on the road.

Partnering with Palm Beach Bus Tours, Lambiet has put together an hourlong excursion around the ritz of Palm Beach. He has made a point to set up a fun and informal environment that appeals to locals and tourists alike. For tourists, it's nice to have a productive, culturally enriching experience in a new city that does not involve looking at art framed on a wall. But this excursion is a real blast for locals who can chime in with their own stories or ask bona fide expert the burning questions they have always had.

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Authorities Seize Lotto Equipment After Post Exposes Flaw in System

The Florida Lottery has been very, very good to about 200 people. Suspiciously good.

Those 200 have "won" more than 30 times each, according to a Palm Beach Post investigation that rolled out this week.

But reporters found that the most winningest gamblers were often store clerks.

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Palm Beach County Gets $12 Million for Beach Renourishment Projects

Christopher Ziemnowicz via Wikimedia Commons

Palm Beach County got a huge check to help with the beach erosion problem.

In Ocean Ridge on Friday, congresswoman Lois Frankel presented the county with a $12 million check as reimbursement for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project.

The project is for the county's beach renourishment and to help the coast after it suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy, which hit the area in October of 2012.

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Tea Partiers Cancel Their Health Insurance to Protest Obamacare

Everett Wilkinson, Palm Beach Gardens' Tea Party czar, does not want Obamacare, nor its birth control coverage.

Wilkinson, the Chairman of the National Liberty Federation (formerly the South Florida Tea Party), told the New Times that he dropped his health insurance Jan. 1 because of rate increases.

"I don't need birth control, I don't need free mammary exams," Wilkinson said. "We don't need a drug plan."

See Also:
-- Everett Wilkinson, Fringe Tea Party Extremist

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In Palm Beach, a Champagne Party to Celebrate the Smell of a $595 Candle

On March 18, from 5 to 7:30 p.m., a store called Babalu Palm Beach will hold a cocktail party.

Its purpose is to celebrate the smell of a candle.

The candle costs $595.

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One Dead After Small Plane Crashes in Wellington

One person is dead after a small plane crashed into a lake by the Wellington dog park in the 2900 block of Greenbriar Blvd.

The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue reportedly found the pilot dead inside the cockpit of what is being described as an "experimental plane."

The plane went down about one mile from the Wellington Aero Club, a private airpark community.

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Vanilla Ice to Be Named Wellington's Outstanding Citizen of the Year




The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has decided that, of all 55,584 people who live there, former rapper, former reality-TV star, former Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dancer, former Hero-Not-Zero Vanilla Ice will be named its Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

Today is February 13. Wellington does not mess around!

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