Wellington Ranked Among Most Boring Places in Florida

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Back in March, the real estate blog Motovo used its calculations and numbers to proclaim Fort Lauderdale among the most exciting cities in all the land.

However, it had quite the opposite to say about the tiny Palm Beach County village affectionately known as Wellington.

In a ranking of all the boring places in Florida, Wellington and its horse-loving community comes out as the sixth-most-boring.

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Five Reasons Howard Stern Will Fit in Perfectly in Palm Beach

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Photo by Bill Norton via Wikipedia Commons
Last year, the King of All Media bought a house for $52 million on Palm Beach. Howard Stern, as he's also known, lived in the five-bedroom custom mansion only part time. But now, according to Gossip Extra, he's planning to become a permanent Florida resident. The site claims that the shock jock is one of many wealthy New Yorkers making the move down South and that the exodus has to do with Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to impose additional taxes on high-income residents.

Whatever the reason, we want to welcome Stern. And we think he'll fit right in. It might not seem like it, given that the Private Parts author is known for a character named Fartman and that his neighbors are three times more likely to be conservative than liberal (and that Stern, who once ran as the Libertarian candidate for New York governor, is moving to a place with five registered Libertarians.) Still, we're confident it will be a smooth transition. Here's why:

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John Goodman Wants His Entire DUI Manslaughter Retrial Moved Out of Palm Beach

Last week, news broke that the jury selection for the DUI manslaughter retrial of Wellington polo magnate John Goodman would not be happening in Palm Beach but, rather, in Tampa.

Chief Judge Manuel Menendez told the Tampa Tribune that jury selection, which is slated to begin October 6, would be happening on the other side of the state to meet a request by the defense to have prospective jurors chosen outside of Palm Beach in order to better get a more partial jury. The decision for this was made by Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

Now the defense is asking Colbath to have not just the jury but the entire trial set outside of Palm Beach.

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Lake Worth Rapper Sparks Debate About Crime on Facebook

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Via YouTube
It's hard to be black in Lake Worth. At least that's how the rapper 28 Gramz tells it. The 27-year-old self-described "King of Palm Beach County" wants people who live east of Dixie Highway to understand his struggle.

This past June, he released "Living in Lake Worth" through Smokeface Entertainment. In the video, Gramz raps in front of Lake Worth Community Gymnasium about poverty, imprisoned family members, and being raised by the streets. A sample lyric: "Money is everything when you living in the hood/Tell that to the rich folks, because they be burning it like wood."

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Jordan Garnett, Rising 22-Year-Old Boynton Beach Comedian, to Open for Jen Kirkman This Weekend

Reid Garnett
Six comedians took the stage this past Tuesday at Aroma's Hookah Lounge in Wellington. Some were young -- one, actually, was on the stage for his time ever -- while others were 40, 50 years old like Perry Sak and Terry Wayne. South Florida comedy veterans. They were all, however, booked by one man: 22-year-old Jordan Garnett, a rising South Florida comedian who has hosted and booked Tuesday comedy nights at the hookah joint since April of this year, booking a fresh six each week.

This weekend, he's opening for the New Times approved Jen Kirkman on Friday and for Mark Viera on Saturday and Sunday at the Palm Beach Improv.

Over the last six months, Garnett, a short, spiky haired blonde with frenzied energy, has gone from an aspiring stand-up artist (he even mimicked Chris Rock's Never Scared comedy special for a 7th grade book report) to a full-time host and comedian, responsible for booking two comedy shows every week at two different clubs (Papa's Raw Bar on Monday's is all his, too) and performing stand-up most other nights, often times at places like the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton.

"I don't have a lot of bills, and my grandma still pays my cell phone bill," he says. "But I am seeing it progressing. Me two years ago? Completely different story. We wouldn't be here right now."

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Boca Families Move to West Bank Despite Violence

Uri Pilichowski's new view is breathtaking. Last Monday, the Boca Raton rabbi packed up his wife and five kids, boarded a chartered flight, and relocated to Mitzpe Yercho, a suburb of Jericho. When he looks out his window, all he sees is Jordan.

Jericho -- one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world -- has had a posse of Americans moving in over the course of the past few weeks. And the place that's known in the Pentateuch as the "city of palm trees" is seeing this influx of people moving from what's known in the states as "Palm Beach County."

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Palm Beach County Drinking Water Being Flushed With Chlorine Until August

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Hey there, Palm Beach County. Notice how when you turn on the tap, your kitchen suddenly smells like a swimming pool?

That's because, as of Monday, county officials are having chlorine flushed through the pipes in a disinfection process that'll last until August.

Palm Beach County Water Utilities will be using the chlorine to flush out the pipes of about 500,000 residents.

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Louis Salgar Murder: Details Emerge on Suspect Who Shut Down Palm Beach

Via Florida Department of Corrections and St. Johns County Sheriff's Office
In 1996, Raul Reinosa was arrested in Duval County for armed robbery.
It was Fourth of July in St. Augustine when a cop spotted Raul Reinoso Martinez pushing a beaten-up bike down A1A. A car braked as he cut across the road, and the homeless-looking man angrily slammed on the vehicle's hood.

When Officer Todd Smith called the man over, he noticed Martinez was carrying a small bayonet and knife in his pants. He started talking about how much he loved the officer and loved God. He also mentioned spending some time in Miami.

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FAU Will Probably Lose $7 Million in Funding for Abysmal Performance

Wikimedia Commons, via KnightLago
This library is full of people who won't graduate and who probably have low GPAs.
It's hard to believe that there are 12 universities in Florida's system. We can remember UF and FSU, no problem (go sports!), but the rest might as well be alphabet soup. FGCU? UWF? FAMU?

But at the bottom of the pile is our very own FAU, according to an analysis conducted by the Board of Governors. This body was just tasked with divvying up $100 million in funds among the schools, and its members decided to use a performance-based model rather than splitting it evenly.

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Cocoanut Row Closed as Cops Search for Armed Man or Men UPDATE

via Twitter
Police are searching for the armed and dangerous man or men who abandoned this car.
Update: Police are still searching for what they believe to be at least two suspects. Palm Beach police have not yet confirmed that the suspects or the Honda are tied to the Salgar case, but are urging residents of the neighborhood to stay indoors while the search is going on. Our sister blog, Crossfade, has more on the victim of the murder that launched this search.

Original Post: Police are warning the residents of Palm Beach County to stay inside because at least one armed and dangerous man is on the loose. Although no names have been released, the search is linked to a Miami homicide that took place last night during a home invasion.

There was a lot of violence in Miami last night. A shooting in Liberty City injured ten and killed two. Louis Salgar, a well-known Miami musician and bartender was murdered in his home. So far the cops aren't saying which 305 crime led to the chase up north.

If you choose to go outside, expect to experience some delays. Surprisingly, though, it's not the alleged killer or killers but an empty car that's creating the biggest holdup.

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