"Habitual Drunkard" Who Owns Rehab Centers Sues Boca Club After Boozy Episode

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Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería via wikimedia commons
Habitual drunkard.
A Palm Beach County couple recently took their grievances with the Boca Raton Resort and Club to the courthouse, filing a bizarre lawsuit and using a you-shoulda-known-that-I-drink-and-not-served-me argument.

Christopher and Karen Walsh were members at the exclusive club, a 1 percenters' playpen nestled on 356 beachside acres. They were members, at least, until Christopher Walsh had a particularly drunken evening on October 16, 2013.

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Florida Fines West Palm Beach Health Spa After Claims of False Cancer Treatment

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BotMultichillT via wikimedia commons
This is what a real doctor looks like.
>Update, March 1: New Times initially reported that the Hippocrates health Institute had been shut down. The story has been corrected to reflect that it was fined but not shut down.

Also, spokesperson Vicki Johnson provided more information about the institute and took issue with New Times describing Hippocrates' offerings as "alternative medical practices."

New Times stands by that description --- Hippocrates' own website describes "A Comprehensive and Unique Integrative Regeneration Medicine Program for individuals wanting to maximize the benefits of treatment by integrating Alternative Medical Therapies with Standard Medical Care" -- but we have posted Johnson's comments at the end of this article.

Original story:
West Palm Beach's the Hippocrates Health Institute has been in operation since 1987, offering alternative medical practices on its swanky spa-like campus. But according to Canadian news reports, the institute and its top man, Brian Clement, are responsible for smooth-talking cancer patients away from traditional therapy, with disastrous results. One of the institute's patients -- an 11-year-old girl -- recently died. Now the state has hit Hippocrates with a fine.

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Florida Has Highest School Suspension Rate in Nation; Broward and Palm Beach Differ

You can always find a seat on a Florida school bus.
A new report about school suspension rates finds that Florida suspends students at a higher rate than any other state in the nation. Broward County, however, has gone against the state trend by lowering school suspensions. But the same can't be said for Palm Beach County.

The report, Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap? from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that 3.5 million public school students were suspended at least once during the 2011-12 school year, including elementary and secondary schools.

"To put this in perspective, the number of students suspended in just one school year could fill all of the stadium seats for nearly all the Super Bowls ever played (the first 45)," the report says.

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As FBI Investigates, Boynton Beach Police Show Helicopter Video of Officers Beating Man

Boynton Beach PD/YouTube
The footage was recorded by a PBSO helicopter.
The Boynton Beach Police Department is under an FBI investigation for brutally beating a suspect who had led them on a high-speed chase on August 20, 2014. And in an effort to give "some context to the public," the BBPD showed helicopter footage captured by PBSO that night.

Byron Harris, 26 at the time, fled a traffic stop and lead police on a chase southbound on I-95 and then into a residential neighborhood off Okeechobee Boulevard. He is also accused of intentionally hitting an officer with his car during the chase.

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Michael Jordan Hates Florida's Slow Golfers, So He Wants to Build His Own Course

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shgmom56 via wikimedia commons.
Dad jeans fashionista and former NBA godhead Michael Jordan has been living quietly as a South Floridian since setting up shop in Jupiter in 2010. His Airness' retirement has included watching his terrible NBA team, puttering around his 11-room mansion, and a lot of golf. A lot. But that last activity has been a source of existential anguish for Jordan.

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Protesters at Doctor's Office Hope to Stop 4-Year-Old From Being Circumcised

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Photo by Tabatha Mudra
Chase has been at the center of a long court battle between his parents over whether he should be circumcised.
A 4-year-old boy named Chase has been at the center of a long court battle between his parents over whether he should be circumcised. The courts have now ruled that the circumcision be allowed to proceed, and the boy is reportedly due to be circumcised tomorrow at South Florida Pediatric Surgeons in Plantation.

Protesters, who believe that childhood circumcision is wrong because it's an invasive cosmetic surgery performed before a boy is old enough to consent, will be holding signs outside the doctor's office from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. today.

Organizer Jen Cote VanWie said they hoped to persuade Dr. Subhash Puranik not to perform the procedure. She said this tactic worked a few months ago, when a doctor in Boynton Beach had been scheduled to circumcise Chase but backed out after a protest at his office.

"We hope to convince this doctor to change his mind," she said. Even though the court had ruled that the boy's father be allowed to schedule the circumcision, the court "can't force [Puranik] into doing the surgery."

See also: Florida Mom Fights Court Order to Circumcise Her 3-Year-Old Son

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Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Announces Massive Latin Kings Indictments

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via Twitter
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of PBSO
Thirty eight gang members from the Latin Kings, Top 6, and Sur-13 have been federally indicted following a 16-month investigation, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office announced Thursday.

The massive operation, dubbed Operation Check Mate, began in August 2013, and was set up to disrupt and dismantle the narcotics trafficking by the Latin Kings, the PBSO says. The operation involved 30 detectives and agents and also included 300 officers from the FBI, PBSO and BSO. Through the operation, 42 people were indicted, with 38 currently in custody.

One suspect was found in Boston, while another was nabbed in Fort Pierce. The rest were found and arrested in Palm Beach County.

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Florida School Arrests Down, But Still Disproportionately Affect Black Youth

via Open Society Foundations/Steve Liss
School arrests are down, but are still disproportionate according to race.
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has released its annual Delinquency in Schools report, and there's some good news: School arrests are down across the state, including Broward and Palm Beach counties. The bad news: black youths are proportionately arrested most in nearly every single county in Florida.

DJJ's report documents the numbers of every school arrest in every county, including race and alleged crime. School arrests include an arrest of a youth on school grounds, school bus or bus stop, and school events. The DJJ has been providing this annual report to the public for the past five years, and it shows that there has been a steady decrease in arrests over that time.

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West Palm Beach Man Arrested for Running Gambling Ring

Adrian Sampson/Flickr
Patsy Capolongo has allegedly been running gambling rings since 1987.
A 65-year-old West Palm Beach man at the center of a million-dollar gambling bust last week has a long history of running similar operations with Italian Mafia ties that goes back to when Ronald Reagan ruled the nation.

Pasquale "Patsy" Capolongo was taken into custody along with several other men in Broward and Palm Beach counties on charges of bookmaking, racketeering, and money-laundering. The bust started in December after a 16-month investigation by New York authorities resulted in 14 arrests in three states, including New York, New Jersey, and Florida. BSO cooperated with New York counterparts and arrested eight men in the Palm Beach and Broward areas.

BSO spent six months investigating eight men, including Capolongo, who were allegedly involved in offshore sports betting websites and in-person cash transactions. According to BSO, more than $1 million in cash was seized in the latest bust.

That might be a big deal for Broward's finest, but for Capolongo, it seems this is all just business as usual.

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Haitian Police Are Using PBSO Riot Gear on Protesters

Tear gas is fired on protesters in 2011. PBSO has donarted gas masks since 2010.
In Haiti, anti-goverment protests have rocked the island nation over the past two months as thousands of people have taken to the streets over a wide range of issues, including delayed elections and high fuel prices. Often, Haitian police have fired tear gas to suppress the crowds, which gives the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office a direct link to the unrest in Haiti, because it donated some of the gas masks police wear when firing tear gas on protesters.

PBSO has been donating police supplies to the Haitian police force since 2010, when the Caribbean nation was devastated by a massive earthquake that killed more than 230,000 people. With the country ravaged by poverty and insecurity, free equipment and training was welcomed by locals. Since the first trip, PBSO deputies have returned three times, including this past November, to donate more equipment. In addition to gas masks, donations include riot shields, bulletproof vests, and even two police cars. PBSO has also conducted "leadership seminars" in which they apparently teach leadership skills.

Earlier this week, Haitian police force leaders visited PBSO headquarters to honor the sheriff's department for its continued assistance in providing equipment and training to the country's police forces.

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