Sawgrass Springs Middle School Students Hospitalized After Popping Diabetes Pills

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Photo by Tom Varco via Wikipedia Commons
Several female Sawgrass Springs Middle School students were hospitalized Wednesday after apparently ingesting diabetic pills.

According to Local 10, one student said at lease one of the girls began acting erratically and couldn't even walk after taking what officials say were Glipizide pills, which is a drug for treating diabetes.

Some of the side effects of Glipizide include nausea and dizziness.

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Fort Lauderdale Tops List of Florida's Most Dangerous Cities

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Crime stats are always figuring into the decisions people make about where to lay their heads. The folks at the website have done everyone a solid by doing a state-by-state breakdown of each of that particular 50's most dangerous municipalities. The Sunshine State edition has just hit the internet, and you might be surprised how many Broward and Palm Beach county locales are on the list.

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Congresswoman Trying to Get Rush Limbaugh Forced Off the Air

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Congresswoman Lois Frankel is mounting an attack to get South Florida resident and all-around blowhard Rush Limbaugh off the radio.

Frankel, who represents Florida's 22nd congressional district, which includes parts of northern Broward, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, and Coconut Creek, has put together a petition to have Limbaugh's show pulled.

In the petition, Frankel points out the many insidious remarks made by the conservative radio talk-show host. She points to his latest comments on rape as the proverbial last straw.

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John Goodman Wants His Entire DUI Manslaughter Retrial Moved Out of Palm Beach

Last week, news broke that the jury selection for the DUI manslaughter retrial of Wellington polo magnate John Goodman would not be happening in Palm Beach but, rather, in Tampa.

Chief Judge Manuel Menendez told the Tampa Tribune that jury selection, which is slated to begin October 6, would be happening on the other side of the state to meet a request by the defense to have prospective jurors chosen outside of Palm Beach in order to better get a more partial jury. The decision for this was made by Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

Now the defense is asking Colbath to have not just the jury but the entire trial set outside of Palm Beach.

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Jameis Winston Suspended for First Half of Game Versus Clemson

Photo by David July via Wikipedia Commons
Florida State Seminoles star quarterback Jameis Winston created a stir across campus and the internet on Tuesday when he apparently hopped onto a table and yelled out some obscenities about doing something adult to a woman's private parts.

And now, the FSU football team has come out and announced that Winston has been suspended for the first half of the Seminoles game against the Clemson Tigers this coming Saturday.

"You can't make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race, or gender," head coach Jimbo Fischer told the media Wednesday afternoon. "You have to understand that. You have to be very intelligent about what you say. It matters."

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Satanic Temple to Distribute Pamphlets to Florida Schools

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courtesy Satanic Temple
The Satanic Temple is planning to hand out educational religious materials to public school children in the coming months.

The materials, which includes a coloring and activity booklet for children titled, "The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities," are being handed out in response to a recent Orange County School Board decision that allows for the distribution of religious materials in public schools.

Specifically, the school board allowed an evangelical Christian group to hand out Bibles to school kids while censoring atheist materials.

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Sun Sentinel Forgets to Mention Sex Scandal on Front-Page Versailles Cafe Story

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On Monday morning, the Sun Sentinel dropped a big, wet kiss of an A1 story on Versailles Cafe, the famous Miami eatery located in Little Havana. The piece, titled "A Taste of Versailles," did a quick drive-by on the restaurant's history and sociopolitical significance while also mentioning that a cookbook on the place's "enduring legacy" is heading for press. Throw in a top-of-the-fold photo of Versailles founder Felipe Valls, his son Felipe Jr., and granddaughter Nicole and boom: journalism.

But... um... what the daily's story doesn't mention is what everyone else is talking about when it comes to Versailles: the recently filed harassment lawsuit alleging that the restaurant's owner -- the same guy smiling there on A1 -- engaged in serious sexual misconduct with a former employee, including videotaped sex in a sex-toy-littered back office at the restaurant.

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Tonight: Fort Lauderdale Votes on More Anti-Homeless Laws

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Colin Davis via Flickr cc

Tonight, Fort Lauderdale city commissioners will vote on two ordinances: one which that would ban camping downtown, and another that would ban panhandling in many city locations.

This past spring, the city passed an ordinance that allows police to confiscate homeless people's belongings, and another that strengthened a law against defecating in public. Commissioners have also said they want to more strictly regulate groups that pass out food to the homeless, and it's expected that such a law might be introduced this fall.

The laws have come as a response to the business community, whose members have complained that the presence of homeless people drives away customers. But advocates for the homeless say these measures amount to "anti-homeless hate laws," which make it difficult for the homeless to perform basic living functions such as sleeping and eating. The criminalization of homelessness is a trend that's happening around the country. (Pensacola this year briefly made it illegal for homeless people to have blankets.)

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Lawsuit: Church and Charter School Enabled Man to Use Kids as "Sex Slaves"

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Photo by Brian Turner via Flickr cc
In 2012, Jeffery London, a former youth pastor and charter-school dean of students, was accused of a vicious pattern of sexual assault with the poor kids he let stay with him at an unlicensed foster home dubbed "London's Hotel." The investigation reportedly involved up to 40 possible victims.

When London went to trial in early 2014, a jury found him not guilty. But this October, he's scheduled to again face a jury on 18 additional criminal charges coming from four more accusers.

Additionally, a civil lawsuit has dropped in Broward filed by four alleged John Doe victims rehashing the allegations. The target of this suit: not London but the charitable institutions that allegedly enabled the abuse.

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Gaudy "Palace" in Hillsboro Beach Available for $139 Million -- the Most Expensive Real Estate Listing in America

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Thumbnail image for royal7.png
Le Palais Royal is a gaudy 60,000-plus-square-foot "palace" that will cast a garish shadow all across Hillsboro Beach with its supreme palatialness when it's done being built by 2015.

The home, which is inspired by the Palace of Versailles, boasts 11 bedrooms, 17 baths, a 4,500-square-foot pool with waterslide, a glass-bottom Jacuzzi, a putting green, and an underground 30-car garage. It also has the world's first IMAX home theater, with 18 seats.

At a listing price of $139 million, it is officially the most expensive home for sale in the United States.

Though the listing agent did not want to disclose the owner's name, public records link it to Robert Pereira -- a construction company owner and former strip club owner who has made the news for giving Sheriff Scott Israel rides on his yacht.

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