Palm Beach County Authorities Collect 5,500 Pounds of Pills -- but They Don't Know What Kind

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Pills collected by PBSO
Today, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, along with law enforcement and drug addiction specialists, will announce the results of an initiative to collect unused prescription medicine.

But whether that medicine was baby laxative or oxycodone, they don't know, because no one tracked the drug types.

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Pagan Prayer During Florida Commission Meeting Forces Commissioner to Walk Out

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via YouTube
A Florida commissioner stormed out of a meeting after a man was allowed to give a pagan invocation prior to the meeting.

David Suhor, an agnostic pagan pantheist, was allowed to recite a pagan song prior to the Escambia County Commission meeting last week, which prompted Commissioner Wilson Robertson to walk out and call the invocation "satanic."

"People may not realize it," Robertson said via WEAR. "But when we invite someone, a minister, to pray, they are praying for the county commissioners, for us to make wise decisions, and I'm just not going to have a pagan or satanic minister pray for me."

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Florida Ranked Among the Worst States for Teachers

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photo: FEMA via wikimedia commons
The personal finance social network WalletHub put together a comprehensive study of the best and worst states for teachers and concluded that Florida is not good.

In fact, Florida comes in as the eight worst state for teachers, with places like Arizona, South Carolina and Mississippi ranking worse.

Basically, if you're a teacher, you'll get better career opportunities in places like Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana before you do in Florida, according to WalletHub.

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South Florida Ranks High In Having the Least Proficient English Speaking Employees

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A Brookings Institution study released Wednesday says that South Florida ranks fourth in the U.S. for percentage of workers with limited English proficiency.

The data shows that 23.2 percent of South Florida workers have limited English speaking skills, with only McAllen Texas, El Paso Texas and Los Angeles ranked higher than our neck of the woods.

Overall, the amount of working age people (ages 16 to 64) with limited English proficiency was 865,905 in 2012, which ranks third in the U.S.

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Rick Scott's Top Inspector Told of Prison Death Cover Ups, Did Nothing About It (UPDATED)

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Gov. Rick Scott's chief watchdog was warned about a possible cover up of two inmate deaths, but did nothing about it.

According to a Miami Herald report, Melinda Miguel, Scott's chief inspector general, received an anonymous letter in late 2012 about the suspicious deaths of two inmates incarcerated in Florida.

But instead of opening an investigation, she turned the letter of the the inspector general at the Department of Corrections. They, in turn conducted a cursory review. By the time the letter got to Scott's office, the investigation was closed.

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Critical Mass Fort Lauderdale Is Happening Tonight With New Route

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Photo by James Argyropoulos
Critical Mass Fort Lauderdale is back and running tonight, but with a slight twist.

According to the CM Fort Lauderdale Facebook page, a new route with some new rules has been set down.

Only thing is, you'll have to arrive early to find out what that route is, as they won't be posting a map or anything online.

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Flanagan High Evacuated After N-Word Bomb Threat

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via Twitter
Charles Flanagan High School was evacuated early Wednesday morning after a wooden cabinet with racial slurs scribbled on it was discovered in the school's courtyard.

The dresser had the words "Open Me" and "Surprise Inside" scribbled on its surface, with a drawing of a swastika below the words "I hate [N-word]."

The Broward Sheriff's Office bomb squad was called to the scene, and classes were evacuated around 7:40 a.m.

Investigators arrived to try to figure out if the abandoned dresser was a threat and conducted a sweep of the remainder of the school to make sure there weren't any other suspicious items left on campus. Police say no other items were found.

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Petition: FAU Needs Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to Accommodate Transgender Students (Updated)

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@Jeffrey Beall/Flickr

Faculty and students at FAU are petitioning the university to make its restrooms more trans-accessible, though so far there hasn't been a response in nearly a month. Currently, there are 23 gender-neutral public restrooms on campus. But where they are isn't listed on the university's handbook or website and the signage on them identifies it as a family restroom, not like the picture shown above.

This can cause problems, many in the transgender community say.

The site the petition is housed on is run by Peter Cava, a former professor and current Doctoral Dissertation Fellow and Research Assistant at FAU. More than 150 universities and colleges across the nation already have similar measures, including UCF and UF.

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Gary Hart Scandal Tipster Was Broward Woman, New Report Says

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In 1987, the Gary Hart scandal uncovered by the Miami Herald obliterated the Democratic frontrunner's run for the White House and changed the way politics is covered forever. For 27 years, it was widely believed that the tipster to Hart's infidelities with model Donna Rice came from a friend of the model's named Lynn Armandt.

But according to a recent New York Times piece, the real tipster is a clothing designer from Broward named Dana Weems.

While the Herald's then-political reporter, Tom Fiedler, has vowed to keep the identity of the tipster a secret, he told the writer of the NY Times piece that the tipster was not Armandt.

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Kat Stacks Ripped Off Manuscript, Author Claims

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Courtesy of Mohammad Abdollahi
Kat Stacks and her son.
It was 2013, and Tessie Patrick had been hired to write the biography of a woman named Kat Stacks. When the author first Googled the name, she was appalled.

Stacks, better-known as Andrea Herrera, was a foul-mouthed 24-year-old, internet-famous for talking smack about rappers. On WorldStar­, a viral-video and taste-making website, she confessed her sexual exploits with musicians. Because of Herrera's online popularity, WorldStarHipHop wanted to tell Stacks' story in a book.

Patrick, a mild-mannered woman who practices holistic healing, picked up the phone to get to know her subject. Herrera, she learned, had another, sympathetic narrative that added depth to her fame-seeking character.

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