New Times' Beerfest Is Saturday: Come On Out and Get Your Beer On!

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Max Reed
Beer is awesome.

Festivals are awesome.


And that's exactly what's going down Saturday at the 17th-annual New Times' Original Beerfest, presented by Isle Casino.

What is Beerfest, exactly? Well, it's only a time when breweries from all over the U.S. convene in our backyard to give you a taste of their finest brews.

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Plantation Jewish Temple Targeted in Worldwide Pro-ISIS Cyberattack

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A few weeks back, there was a small news story that blipped across the media about a local Jewish temple in Planation that was hit by a scurrilous cyberattack. Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El's website was hijacked with anti-Semitic messages, including a shoutout to the ISIS terrorist group.

Although the incident was initially written off as a random bit of cyber pranksterism, now, a couple of weeks later, it's become clear the hack was part of a global attack that targeted more than 200 sites reportedly pulled off by a group of Arab teens.

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Palestinian Coalition Calls for Broward Protest in Defense of Jerusalem Mosque

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The Middle East is ablaze with so many fires that even the Israeli-Arab conflict has been obscured by the smoke, fading from the headlines. Tomorrow, though, Palestinian activists in South Florida hope to change that, taking to the streets to air their concerns about the fate of a place of worship sacred to the Muslim faith.

See also: Broward Activists Fight Florida Bill Against Boycott of Israeli Universities

The third holiest site in Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is part of the Temple Mount, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The district was captured by Israeli forces during the Six-Day War, and, though the mosque is administered by an Islamic trust, the area remains under effective control of the Israelis.

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Tonight: Protest at Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Over Excessive Use of Force

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Alarmed at a recent rash of bloody encounters between Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies and members of local immigrant communities, immigrant right's groups are planning to demonstrate tonight at the sheriff's Lake Worth station.

See also: Palm Beach Deputies Caught on Video Beating Man

The 5 p.m. rally will be one of many coast-to-coast, a national day of protest against police brutality called by the October 22 Coalition, an alliance of left political and social justice groups.

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Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Set to Vote on Ordinance That Would Restrict Feeding the Homeless

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Fort Lauderdale city commissioners will be voting tonight on the proposed ordinance that could cripple groups that distribute food to the city's homeless.

The crux of the ordinance deals with applying rules on food handling, providing toilet facilities and hand-washing areas, and requirements on how and when the food should be served, particularly for groups that service the homeless outdoors and in parks.

On the surface, the rules seem to have good intentions, with commissioners contending that passing the ordinance would protect the homeless from illnesses caused by ill-prepared foods. Homeless advocates, however, say that the ordinance will restrict them from doing what they can for the homeless. Having to provide toilet facilities and hand-washing areas is not only a hassle but expensive -- particularly for nonprofit groups.

But more to the point, the ordinance would represent yet another obstacle to helping Fort Lauderdale's homeless, who have become more and more marginalized over the past few months.

See also: Fort Lauderdale Looking Into More Homeless Crackdown Laws

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Florida Can't Ban Satanic Holiday Display Just Because It's Offended, Says Americans United

Wikimedia Commons
The Florida Department of Management Services can't ban the Satanic Temple's holiday display from the state Capitol rotunda just because ot thinks it's offensive, says watchdog group Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

On Wednesday, the group sent state officials a letter warning them that they must not keep the Satanic Temple from putting up its display, as they did last year.

"Members of the religious majority are sometimes offended by the beliefs of religious minorities, and vice/versa," the letter says. "But the Satanic Temple is not required to censor itself in order to take advantage of a forum supposedly open to all."

See also: Satanic Temple Looking to Put Up Holiday Display in Florida Capitol Again

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Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Wants to Fully Legalize Marijuana

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Adrian Wyllie campaign
When Adrian Wyllie is elected the next governor of Florida, he's going to legalize all marijuana and have it regulated like alcohol.

That's just one of a plethora of libertarian ideas from the Libertarian candidate, who is looking to take down establishment candidates Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

Like any Libertarian, he believes government should mind its own damned business and stop meddling in people's lives. That includes same-sex marriage, taxes, Medicare, and, yep, weed. But no one knows this. Because he's not even getting an opportunity to debate it with Scott or Crist directly, which is significant.

Because while Wyllie's chances of actually winning this thing are slim to none, he might just tip the scales one way or the other for those other two guys.

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Broward College Adjunct Task Force Is a Joke

osseous/ Flickr creative commons
On Wednesday, Broward College will be the site of a gubernatorial debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. Good time to bring attention to another important issue at the college.

In recent years, colleges and universities have faced a crisis within their ranks. Fewer and fewer teaching jobs are designed as full-time positions with benefits, and administrations instead use highly educated but poorly paid part-time or contract workers to teach the bulk of classes. Though these lecturers or adjunct professors frequently teach classes of the same quality and/or duration as the full-time professors, they typically accept the poor compensation in hopes that they can one day slide into permanent positions. Meanwhile, a few top-level administrators get away with six-figure salaries that come as fruits of the adjuncts' labor. Some adjuncts are starting to organize in response; a national walkout day is slated for February.

I am an adjunct who teaches history at Broward College. Despite having worked here for a decade, the maximum I can earn teaching a full load of classes is $16,000 a year -- poverty wages. In the past year, I have harnessed the discontent of my fellow adjuncts and attempted to engage the administration to rectify the two-tiered labor conditions.

Now, the college administration has utilized a classic time-stalling technique of creating of a "task force" to get to the bottom and really do some sleuthing over what makes perpetual adjuncting such a sort of academic purgatory.

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Satanic Temple Looking to Put Up Holiday Display in Florida Capitol Again

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Via The Satanic Temple of Florida
Last year, the Satanic Temple put in a request to Florida's Department of Management Services to have a display placed in the state's Capitol rotunda along with a Nativity scene for the holidays.

The Satanic Temple was rejected with extreme prejudice and told that its display was "grossly offensive for the holidays" by the department. The temple asked for an elaboration on what exactly was grossly offensive but never got a response.

The 2013 holidays came and went without the temple being able to set up its display.

Now, with the 2014 season approaching, the Satanic Temple is once again submitting its request for the same exact display to be put up in the state Capitol. And it's come armed with lawyers.

See also: Satanic Temple to Distribute Pamphlets to Florida Schools

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Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Looking at Proposal That May Make It Tough for Churches to Feed Homeless (UPDATED)

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Wikimedia Commons
Update (Correction): The original post on this commission meeting incorrectly reported that the vote did not take place. The first reading of the proposal specifically covered rules for food handling, providing toilet facilities, hand washing areas, and requirements on how and when the food should be served, particularly for groups that service the homeless outdoors and in parks. Fort Lauderdale Commissioners did tentatively approve the ordinance that puts up restrictions on how churches and other groups can feed the city's homeless, with a second vote coming in two weeks.

Commissioners contend that passing the proposal would protect the homeless from illnesses caused by ill-prepared foods. Homeless advocates maintain that the ordinance will restrict them from doing what they can for the homeless. A second reading and final vote is scheduled to take place on October 21.

Original post: Fort Lauderdale city commissioners might be on the verge of passing even more stringent laws against the homeless in the city.

On Tuesday night, the City Council met to discuss a new ordinance that would limit homeless people being fed by churches or in parks.

Although the meeting never went beyond discussing the ordinance without a vote, due to some technicalities, the city could be close to adding more rules that many consider hate laws toward the city's homeless.

See also: Activists Call Fort Lauderdale's Proposed Ordinances "Homeless Hate Laws"

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