Lisa "Noodles" Hayden, Fixture in Fort Lauderdale Music Scene, Reported Missing

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Courtesy of Fort Lauderdale Police
Lisa "Noodles" Hayden, a longtime piano teacher and fixture in the Fort Lauderdale music scene, has gone missing since Saturday night.

At least one friend said she last saw Hayden on Saturday night, following the Keller Williams show at Revolution that night.

According to friends and family, Hayden was last seen on Saturday at about 1:30 a.m. in the area of Revolution, in the 100 block of SW Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. She had been wearing a short-sleeved orange shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers with glitter, police say.

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Broward Uber Drivers Have Been Fined $35,000 Since Cease-Operations Letter

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Via Uber
With Uber and county commissioners trying to hammer out a proper ordinance to allow the ride-sharing company to operate in Broward comes news that since the county ordered Uber to cease operations, drivers have been fined a total of $35,000.

For its part, Uber says it will pay off any fines its drivers are charged by the county, even as it works with the county to get the regulations in place.

Last month, the county sent Uber and Lyft a letter ordering them to comply with county driver and chauffeur laws, such as having their drivers obtain chauffeur licenses, permits, and decals. There are also requirements for a separate set of decals to be allowed to transport customers to and from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport as well as Port Everglades.

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Miami Heat May Finally Have Given Us the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight We've All Been Waiting For

via Twitter
For years, boxing fans the world over have been waiting for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to agree on a date and get things rolling already. There's no argument that this card would be the most highly anticipated, most viewed boxing match in decades. But for one reason or another, it's just never materialized.

Yet now, thanks to a chance encounter at a Miami Heat game, the world could be closer to finally getting that Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown.

The two happened to be attending the Heat-Bucks game on Tuesday night, of all things. And after the American Airlines Arena scoreboard playfully showed the two on split screen, the buzz began to happen. Things got really crazy when, at halftime, Mayweather made his way over to Pacquiao's seat to have a chat, making it the first time the two have ever met in person.

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Dean Parker, Surfer Who Fought ISIS, Wants Money to Meet With Leaders in Washington

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Dean Parker is a surfer who went from West Palm Beach to Costa Rica, then in November on to Syria, where he helped Kurds resist the advance of the Islamic State.

Parker made headlines around the world after he participated in a radio interview and the world learned of his travels. But shortly afterward, on Facebook, Parker announced that joining in was tough and due to language barriers and safety issues, amateurs were best leaving the fighting to the Kurds and instead raising funds for them.

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Reporting Massive Flight Cancellations Due to Northeast Blizzard (UPDATE)

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Photo by Nick81aku via Wikipedia Commons
The blizzard that allegedly was supposed to smack the Northeast is now affecting flights in and out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport with massive cancellations and multiple delays. As of 7:30 a.m., FLL is reporting 112 canceled flights and 20 delays.

"Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is experiencing major impacts to our flight operations due to the storm in the Northeast," said Gregory Meyer, public information officer for the Broward County Aviation Department.

Meyer also said 25 aircraft were parked and waiting for the storm to pass.

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Everglades Earth First Protesters Chain Themselves to Lobby of Kolter Group Offices

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Two members of the activist group Everglades Earth First were arrested after they chained themselves inside the offices of the Kolter Group offices in West Palm Beach.

The activists managed to get into the Kolter Group's "Kolter Urban" division office and chained themselves with a u-lock bicycle chain in the lobby while a handful of other members of the group held picket signs outside and chanted "Everglades Earth First" and "Save Briger."

The group is protesting Kolter's plan to build town homes on the 680-acre tract of Briger Forest that runs along Donald Ross Boulevard and I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens.

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Bill That Would Allow Concealed Weapons on College Campuses Passes Committee

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Photo by Lucio Eastman via Wikipedia Commons
A bill that would allow campus students in Florida to carry a concealed weapon was passed by the House Criminal Justice Committee by a vote of 8-4 this week.

The bill -- HB 4005 -- written by Rep. Greg Steube for the State Legislature, says that allowing college students to carry guns can prevent mass shootings. Technically, it would repeal an already existing provision that prohibits people with concealed weapons to carry guns onto a college campus in the state.

The bill, which is backed by the NRA, takes aim at the familiar NRA narrative that the solution to shootings is more guns. Steube is looking to deter campus shootings and tragedies like Virginia Tech in 2007 or the recent incident at Florida State University in November by allowing people to be armed on campuses. He insists the concealed weapons would be more for people who are trained to use them and not so much the students.

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Drew Rosenhaus Reportedly Filing for Divorce After Weekend Domestic Incident

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Thumbnail image for drew-r.jpg
Just four days since police were called to Drew Rosenhaus' home over a domestic incident, the superagent has filed for divorce from wife Lisa Thomson.

According to TMZ, the brouhaha between the couple came after Rosenhaus learned that Thompson had been partying with Dan Bilzerian, the trust-fund playboy who calls himself the "King of Instagram."

Rosenhaus, being the savvy negotiator that he is, apparently has claim to he and Thomson's Miami home. Thomson also reportedly signed a prenup before the two were married in 2013.

On Sunday, police were called to their home after Rosenhaus and his brother Jason got onto a shouting match with Thomson, calling her a drunk whore. Rosenhaus also reportedly handed her trash bags, telling Thomson to pack up and get out.

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West Palm Beach Officials Wrote Letters Requesting Murderer Be Freed From Prison

Michelle Lennon's arrest photo in 1994
An unconscious Brooke Lennon was lying on the ground, his head a massive bloody wound. Lennon's young wife, Michelle, had smashed a baseball bat across his head. Her live-in boyfriend, Robert Tomassi, stood a short distance away, coaching Michelle on how to properly hold a bat for a more accurate strike.

Brooke had been drunk, so cracking him over the skull had been easy. The hard part was killing him. And the blood. All of the blood.

Tomassi instructed Michelle to cover Brooke's head with a plastic bag. That would keep the blood from seeping onto the floor. To keep the bag in place, Michelle tightened it with a telephone cord, wrapping it around the dying man's neck. She then squatted over her husband's limp, bloody body and sat on his chest. She punched and slapped his face, telling him to die already. She then stood up and kicked him in the testicles and kept shouting at him to die.

Michelle and Robert were eventually arrested and charged with murder. And in a tale that can unravel only in Florida, Palm Beach commissioners tried to get Michelle free by writing several letters to the New York state parole board.

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New Kratom Bill Would Make the Controversial Herb Illegal in Florida

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Jess Swanson
Kratom, an herb found in Southeast Asia and banned in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and recently Indiana and Tennessee, is often used in a drink called kava here in Florida.

But now, a new bill is proposing that the herbal drug be banned across the state. The bill, being filed by freshman Rep. and former Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, would make kratom a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

The herb has been a source of controversy over the years. Some consider kratom highly addictive, and the herbal drug has supposedly been tied to several deaths and multiple emerency-room visits across the country since it was introduced to the U.S. as a sort of pick-me-up coffee substitute.

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