Trial to Decide if Man Needs Medical Marijuana Restarts Monday

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With Election Day three weeks away, the decision over whether medical marijuana will be legalized in Florida hangs in the balance. And today, in what is a first for Florida, a jury will be deciding if marijuana is medically necessary for someone.

The trial of Jesse Teplicki, which started Monday morning at the Broward County Courthouse, puts into the spotlight the issue of marijuana and its legality in the face of needing it for medicine.

Teplicki, 50, was arrested on 2013 after BSO deputies found a grow house in his home, where he was growing 46 marijuana plants. Now Teplicki, who says he needs marijuana to treat his severe anorexia, is facing a felony count of possession.

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Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Wants to Fully Legalize Marijuana

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Adrian Wyllie campaign
When Adrian Wyllie is elected the next governor of Florida, he's going to legalize all marijuana and have it regulated like alcohol.

That's just one of a plethora of libertarian ideas from the Libertarian candidate, who is looking to take down establishment candidates Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

Like any Libertarian, he believes government should mind its own damned business and stop meddling in people's lives. That includes same-sex marriage, taxes, Medicare, and, yep, weed. But no one knows this. Because he's not even getting an opportunity to debate it with Scott or Crist directly, which is significant.

Because while Wyllie's chances of actually winning this thing are slim to none, he might just tip the scales one way or the other for those other two guys.

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United for Care Rallies Coming to Broward, Palm Beach Wednesday

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The election is exactly one month away, which means it's time to crank things up to 11 to get people informed and involved.

With that firmly the quest, United for Care has been hitting the road throughout Florida, holding rallies and garnering support for Amendment 2.

And the rally will be making its way to Broward and Palm Beach on Wednesday.

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Sheldon Adelson Donates Another $1.5 Million to Anti-Medical Marijuana Group

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With a net worth of $37 billion, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, has donated another $1.5 million to the No On 2 campaign (or, Drug Free Florida) -- the biggest medical marijuana opposition in the state.

He had helped kick off the campaign when he donated $2.5 million to get things started back in June.

The 80-year-old Adelson, who has been a big-time contributor to conservative campaigns throughout his life, is chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., which runs the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

He has also funded drug addiction clinics in Nevada and Israel and believes pot to be a gateway drug.

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United for Care Releases Its First Ad for Medical Marijuana Legalization

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With voters set to hit the ballots in less than two months, and the medical marijuana initiative polling strong, United for Care is taking it strong to the hoop by releasing it's first thirty second ad for the final push.

The new ad, titled "It Worked," showcases United for Care's message that Amendment 2 allows Florida doctors to recommend the use of medical pot specifically and strictly to patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

This, in stark contrast to the Drug Free Florida folks, who have been hammering the message that passing Amendment 2 would lead to outright pot legalization throughout the state without regulation and alleged loop holes found in the measure.

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Boca Raton Wants to Keep Marijuana Businesses Out For At Least a Year

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With the vote on Amendment 2 a mere six weeks away, polls seem to be indicating that medical marijuana will be made legal in Florida. Some people fear that will lead to weed dispensaries popping up everywhere throughout Florida.

But, Boca Raton wants to keep dispensaries out of town, at least for a while, even if Amendment 2 does pass. On Tuesday, the city introduced an ordinance that would put a moratorium on dispensaries for at least a year.

This, just a few weeks after Boca hosted business seminars for those interested in getting into the weed dispensary business.

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Pro-Medical Marijuana Cop to Speak to Broward GOP Tonight

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Major Neill Franklin, a retired Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police officer, one of the nation's biggest pro-marijuana advocates, is set to speak to the Broward Republican Executive Committee on Monday night.

Franklin, who is executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), will discuss Amendment 2 and why it should be passed in November.

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NAACP of Florida Comes Out for Medical Marijuana

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Photo by William Breathes
As the two opposing sides were debating medical marijuana on Tuesday in Broward County, the NAACP of Florida announced that it is endorsing the passing of Amendment 2.

"Florida State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People proudly announces its support of United for Care and the passage of Amendment 2 this November," a news release from the group announced. "The NAACP, the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, has worked successfully with allies of all races and plays a significant role in improving the lives of minorities in America."

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Licenses to Grow Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Awarded by Lottery, Lawsuit Argues

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There's a legal challenge over how licenses might be doled out for growers cultivating a special strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte's Web, which doesn't make users high and which has already been approved via state law.

Two Florida plant nurseries have sued to replace a proposed lottery system with a more rigorous, merit-based approach.

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Medical Marijuana Debate at Broward College Draws Passions From Both Sides

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Photo by Brandon Marshall
It was a surprisingly sparse crowd that gathered in the Broward College South campus' Performing Arts Center on Tuesday to watch United For Care's Ben Pollara and Drug Free Florida's Javier Correoso debate Amendment 2 and the legalization of medical marijuana.

Yet, the passions that are being inflamed over this issue were ever present, particularly among the crowd of mostly pro-medical marijuana.

And, as November approaches and the debates resume, it's becoming abundantly clear that medical marijuana is becoming the issue that's rousing passings more than any other this election cycle. Even with a thin crowd at Broward's debate, the fervor over the amendment was tangible.

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