Florida Woman Duped Government for More Than $300,000 in Housing Assistance and Medicaid, Feds Say

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A Loxahatchee woman is facing charges after fraudulently collecting roughly $377,000 in food stamps, housing assistance, and Medicaid.

The woman had been pulling off the scam since 2003, using two separate social security numbers and a dozen aliases.

Since then, she'd been collecting monthly assistance checks and living large on a one-acre property and claiming she was poverty-stricken.

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Colin and Andrea Chisholm, Wealthy Welfare Fraudsters, Being Extradited to Minnesota

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Allie Conti
Colin and Andrea Chisholm certainly did not look like Scottish royalty at the Broward County Courthouse this morning. The wealthy Minnesota couple who insist on being referred to as "Lord and Lady" were dressed in the same blue prison tunics as the plebs who surrounded them.

As they approached the courtroom, a reporter asked: "Hey, Colin, if you're so wealthy, why did you need all that public money?" It's the question that's catapulted the Chisholms to infamy. Why, exactly, did a telecom exec and his pedigree-dog-breeding wife decide to defraud the welfare system of $167,000 in benefits? How could they collect food stamps while living on a $1.2 million yacht and in a Lighthouse Point mansion? Who could possibly be so entitled?

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Is Club Cinema a Public Nuisance? Court Hearing Tomorrow

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Photo by Alex Markow
There's a hurricane of bass pounding inside Club Cinema, which, close to midnight on a recent weekend, is a sweaty blender of 2,500 teens dancing as Canadian producer Exicison's set hits lift off. Green lasers stab through the dark in the Pompano Beach club. Shirtless kids grind against girls tricked out in bikinis, furry boots, and beaded facemasks. Glow sticks fly through the air.

While the sold-out Saturday-night crowd shakes the walls, Sam Frontera, the guy calling the shots at the club, is holed up in a back kitchen area, tightly wound and waiting for something to pop off.

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Elroy Phillips, Inmate in Prison Due to Dirty Cop's Tainted Testimony, Still Trying to Be Set Free

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photo: Eric Barton

The attorney for Elroy Phillips is determined to have his client set free for what has amounted to an egregious and distorted miscarriage of the law.

Phillips, the 47-year-old West Palm Beach resident, has already spent the better part of a decade in prison for what he says is a false conviction for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop who turned out to be dirty.

Last week, a Miami-Dade judge upheld Phillips' 24-year prison sentence, despite both his attorney and the prosecution agreeing to have his 2002 conviction vacated.

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"Bathing in Nude Condition": Skinny-Dip Arrests in Fort Lauderdale

Photo by Harrieta171 via Wikipedia Commons
As if herpes and irritable seagulls weren't enough, Fort Lauderdale spring breakers can now add another potential hazard to their list of things to avoid on the beach.

"Bathing in Nude Condition" is against the law in Fort Lauderdale. This is the exact phrase used by a cop on a city police report (and quite possibly plagiarized from a Jane Austin sex scene... or Fernandina Beach city ordinances.)

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Final Exit: Group That Helps Suffering People Commit Suicide Is Active in Florida

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Photo by Russel Odgen, published with a study in the Journal of Medical Ethics
When Boca Raton Police Officer Lora McHugh entered Sandra Snow's bedroom around 4:30 p.m. on July 22, 2008, she found the plump 62-year-old lying face up on the bed, a green blanket pulled to her neck. Snow was dead.

The officer checked for signs of foul play but found none. Snow's nephew, a 49-year-old realtor named Jeffery, said he'd discovered his aunt's body just 15 minutes before, when he'd arrived to take her car in for service.

Jeffery dialed a number and handed the phone to McHugh. Snow's doctor advised that Sandra hadn't been in good health. He offered to sign the death certificate. The cop hung up and concluded in her report, "Apparent cause of death was natural causes."

But the truth was far more complicated. It involved lies, secrecy, a tank of helium, and something called an "exit hood" that would lead to suicide.

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Ericson Harrell, Cop Arrested for Wearing Mask, Says Get Ready for War

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Copping an attitude.
Though the conditions of this sun-soaked December afternoon hardly called for it, Ericson Harrell was happy to fetch his mask. In the past year, since this North Miami Beach cop "evolved" into something he calls an "oath keeper," he's always had his mask at hand -- just in case. "There's a war coming," he says, and every freedom-loving American man would be a damn fool not to have a mask.

So Harrell, 39, who could double for the Rock, approached his silver Dodge truck parked outside his single-story Sunrise home and reached inside with a pair of thickly muscled forearms. He rummaged for a moment, apologizing profusely for the clutter, the papers, the baby seat. Then, with a big goofy grin, he withdrew his Guy Fawkes mask, popularized in the movie V for Vendetta, along with Dracula's cape and cowl. "Here they are!" he cackled. "I take these with me wherever I go."

He glanced up at the sky. "Wuh-oh," Harrell murmured, suddenly serious. "That worries me." He pointed at several white streaks of billowy vapor slithering across an otherwise cloudless sky. Was it smoke? Or was it, as most experts would posit, vapor left by a passing jet? Neither, conspires Harrell, his grip upon mask and cape tightening. "They're called chem trails. We think they are shooting chemicals into the atmosphere to cool everything down. Can you feel it? Everything is about to get cooler."

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Broward Judge Reportedly Came to Work Drunk

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Flickr cc/ walknboston
Legal blogs are abuzz with chatter saying that Gisele Pollack, a Broward County judge, came to work drunk Tuesday, causing such a scene that Chief Judge Peter Weinstein had to be called out of a meeting to deal with the matter.

Pollack is said to have come into work Tuesday obviously inebriated and calling for her staff to be fired. Red Broward reported: "The staff tried to keep the Judge off the bench. The Judge's response was basically "f*** you, you're fired."... Judge Weinstein has to personally remove the Judge from the courtroom."

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Lawsuit: Blacks Discouraged From Buying Homes at Luxury Condo?

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Andyxox/ Flickr cc/ Wikimedia Commons
Downtown West Palm Beach
Is the West Palm Beach condo called South Tower CityPlace for white people only?

Yesterday, the Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches Inc. announced that it filed a federal lawsuit against Al Coker & Associates, GB West Palm, Gulfstream Capital Partners, and Cervera Real Estate -- the developers and operators of South Tower CityPlace, a luxury high-rise condo on Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach.

A spokesperson for CityPlace -- the outdoor retail shopping area -- pointed out that there is no connection between the condo and the shopping center.

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Florida Navy Yard Shooting Victim's Family Files Lawsuit in Tampa

Aaron Alexis
The family of Mary DeLorenzo Knight, one of the victims slain by Aaron Alexis during the Washington Navy Yard massacre this past September, has filed a lawsuit on her behalf in federal court in Tampa.

The suit, filed Tuesday morning, alleges negligence by the government.

Alexis, who was a contracted worker with access to the building in the Naval Yard, shot and killed DeLorenzo and twelve others before he was killed during a standoff with police.

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