Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Medical Marijuana

Categories: Marijuana

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr cc
Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and current GOP favorite for 2016, has come out and publicly stated his opposition to Amendment 2, which, if passed, would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

Even with a majority of Floridians polled favoring the measure and with current candidate for governor Charlie Crist coming out in favor of it, Bush released a statement urging people to vote against it.

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New Broward Flood Zone Maps Become Official Next Week

Categories: Broward News

Photo by Doug Fairall

Back in February, FEMA issued a letter notifying unincorporated Broward County and its 31 municipal governments that new flood zone maps had been drawn up and finalized.

Now those new flood zones will go into affect starting on Monday, according to the county.

What this means, basically, is that homeowners who live in places like Miramar, Weston and Pembroke Pines, will no longer have to carry flood insurance.

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"The Hallmark Kid" Ryan Lipner Arrested on Grand Theft Charge

Categories: Crime

Ryan Lipner is no stranger to the pages of New Times. From his weird crusade to own a greeting-card store empire to his continual campaigns for political office to a lawsuit against his own parents for child support, trouble always seems to be following the dude. Now, after years of stunts, Lipner is facing criminal charges of grand theft and criminal solicitation.

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Uber Is Violating Palm Beach County's Vehicle-for-Hire Rules, Officials Say

Wikimedia Commons
Uber, the app company that connects people with private car drivers at the tap of a button, is in violation of Palm Beach County's vehicle-for-hire rules, officials say. And if an Uber driver happens to get caught doing business in the county, he or she is going face big fines.

The penalties include a $500 fee and having their car impounded by the county.

Uber is basically an app with which you can request a private car with driver, then name your price. You can also rate the driver. This service has upended the traditional taxicab business in big cities where it has become popular.

But, county officials say, cabdrivers and other services that take people around town must pass inspections twice a year as well as undergo background checks and have additional insurance -- something local cabdrivers were concerned about when Uber first started making plans to expand into Palm Beach.

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Wakeboarding World Championship to Be Held in Fort Lauderdale September 11-14

Boost Kiteboarding via Flickr CC
Pretty rad!
Normally, kickball is the sport you can see played with Hunger Games-style intensity at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, but come September, it's wakeboarding that will take over the park. The world championships are set to be held here from September 11 to 14.

More than 200 wakeboarders and wakeskaters from 20 countries and ranging in age from 5 to 55 years old will participate, and the event should bring in a nice chunk of revenue as enthusiasts shack up at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. The event is sponsored by Rockstar energy drink and Supra boats.

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Broward Commissioners Support Same-Sex Marriage With Resolution

Categories: LGBT News

In the midst of four judges ruling that the ban on same-sex in Florida is unconstitutional and Attorney General Pam Bondi's blowback of those rulings, Broward County Commissioners have stepped up to show their support for same-sex marriage by passing a resolution on Tuesday.

Along with the resolution, which was passed unanimously, commissioners requested that the county attorney investigate ways to withhold county tax dollars that would be used in litigation to fight gay marriage.

The resolution and request send a clear signal that Broward County's leadership is in disagreement with Bondi's filing a motion to freeze the rulings and saying that the issue should be handled by the U.S. Supreme Court rather than judges in Florida.

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Olivia Newton-John Selling Mansion Where Man Killed Himself

Categories: Economy

WIkimedia Commons
Got an extra $5.6 million lying around? Because Olivia Newton-John just slashed the asking price of her 6,300-square-foot waterfront mansion on Jupiter Inlet Colony by $100,000.

It's big, it's beautiful, it's right on the water, and it's cheap.

Although you might want to know that a guy committed suicide there and that Newton-John once held an exorcism on the house to rid it of the bad dead-guy mojo.

Other than that, it can totally be yours today for $5.6 mil.

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Florida High Schoolers Sue School District, Sheriff's Office for Missing Prom

Categories: Crime, WTFlorida

via Facebook
Morgan Kleabir got to spend only five minutes at her high school prom -- not even long enough to take a selfie.
Prom is a time to create either precious memories or future therapy fodder, depending on what clique you run with. But for a group of Jensen Beach High School girls, the event was reason to craft a bizarre lawsuit and file it in federal court.

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New Prancercise® Video Is Out, and It's Amazing

Categories: WTFlorida

Illustration by Tim Gabor
Coral Springs' own Joanna Rohrback -- AKA the Prancercise® Lady -- is at it again. Her latest YouTube video features sweeping cinematography and is a wonderfully complex study on identity, relationships, and horses.

Or something like that.

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Plantation Man Hacks Neighbor's Pit Bull to Death With a Machete

Categories: Animal Planet
via WSVN
A Plantation man hacked his mobile home neighbor's pit bull to death with a machete from Walmart and claimed self-defense.

According to Plantation Police, the man, Hilton Henry, 77, says the dog was attacking his cats before turning on him.

The dog's owner says the dog didn't deserve to be killed this way.

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