Is FPL's New Solar Energy Program Another Joke?

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Florida Power & Light Co. has announced plans for a new voluntary, community-based, solar partnership pilot program. The voluntary program would include FPL installing new solar-powered generating facilities in Florida communities, including Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. But it would be funded by voluntary contributions from FPL customers -- $9 a month -- who choose to participate in the pilot program.

FPL made $10 billion in revenue last year, and $1.3 billion of that was profit, but it still has to charge people extra to develop solar on the side?

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Future Uncertain for Ariana Grande's Nickelodeon Show Sam and Cat

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Photo by Sayre Berman
OMG! Nickelodeon's hit show Sam and Cat has yet to be renewed for a second season -- unusual for a hit show, and, industry insiders suggest, a sign that there is tension behind the scenes. Sam and Cat was a huge success for the network, pulling in more than 4 million viewers on average.

The show stars actress Jennette McCurdy as Sam and Boca Raton-bred Ariana Grande as Cat -- two young women who run a babysitting service together. Some entertainment writers have suggested the network wasn't so pleased with sexy pictures of McCurdy that leaked earlier this year. But others say there's a showdown over salary. Grande -- who is also a fast-rising singer -- has a whopping 14.3 million followers on Twitter and reportedly gets paid more. McCurdy has a respectable 5.1 million Twitter followers and sings country-pop.

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Colin and Andrea Chisholm, Wealthy Welfare Fraudsters, Being Extradited to Minnesota

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Allie Conti
Colin and Andrea Chisholm certainly did not look like Scottish royalty at the Broward County Courthouse this morning. The wealthy Minnesota couple who insist on being referred to as "Lord and Lady" were dressed in the same blue prison tunics as the plebs who surrounded them.

As they approached the courtroom, a reporter asked: "Hey, Colin, if you're so wealthy, why did you need all that public money?" It's the question that's catapulted the Chisholms to infamy. Why, exactly, did a telecom exec and his pedigree-dog-breeding wife decide to defraud the welfare system of $167,000 in benefits? How could they collect food stamps while living on a $1.2 million yacht and in a Lighthouse Point mansion? Who could possibly be so entitled?

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Florida International University Is a Big Fat Waste of Money, the Atlantic Says

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If you've attended, graduated, or paid for a stint in college in the past ten years, you've probably had one of those cold-sweat spells late at night in which you wonder: Sweet Jesus, was that worth it? The creeping realization: probably not.

Thanks to the sky-high price of a four-year degree (not to mention graduate school, 'cause you know you're not going to get a job without that upper-level paper), a whole generation of young Americans is saddled with some serious student loan debt.

Combine that with zero job opportunities and you begin to get a sense that this is a bum deal. So over at the Atlantic, they've crunched self-reported numbers from graduates with jobs to determine which schools and majors are the biggest waste of money. One South Florida institution is prominent on the list.

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Fort Lauderdale Moms Opine About Armed Guards in Schools

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Photo by Anemone Rueger via Wikipedia Commons
A Florida House subcommittee passed a bill yesterday that would allow schools the option of hiring former or current law enforcement officers and military officers to carry firearms on campuses -- "any preschool, elementary school, middle school, junior high school, secondary school, career center, or postsecondary school, whether public or nonpublic."

The bill is called House Bill 753, and it will now head to the House Judiciary Committee.

The topic of armed security in schools has been a national discussion since the Sandy Hook tragedy. The loudest opinions have come from politicians, gun advocates, and hyperbolic talking heads who are convinced that one more or one fewer gun will surely be the marble that tips our country's scale into a postapocalyptic desert of unpatriotic zombies.

Those aren't the people we should be listening to.

Instead, it should be those who have the most at stake: The boo-boo-kissing, lunch-box-packing, time-out-assigning mommies of America.

See also: Top Six Gun-Related Bills Being Discussed by Florida Legislature

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Consumer Group Tells LeBron James: Drop McDonald's Sponsorship, Stop Enticing Kids to Eat Junk Food!

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Corporate Accountability International is asking LeBron James to end his affiliation with McDonald's as part of a campaign it is calling "Slam Junk." In an open letter to LeBron, CAI asks him to end his partnership with the fast-food titan in an attempt to set a better example for kids. CAI has also launched a petition online for those who want to show support for the campaign.

In an email, CAI writes:

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Former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Carlton Moore Dies

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Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Carlton Moore has passed away. He was 60. Moore died Tuesday night at a rehabilitation center in Tamarac, where he had been recovering from a severe stroke.

Moore served nearly two decades on the commission. He was known as a strong advocate for improving the city's predominantly black northwest section, though he faced some controversies during his years of service.

Moore's rise to office began in 1985, when he took over as president of the Fort Lauderdale NAACP. While holding that position, Moore fought against the lending practices by banks and the closings of black-majority schools while also working to strengthen the power of the black vote.

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Authorities Seize Lotto Equipment After Post Exposes Flaw in System

The Florida Lottery has been very, very good to about 200 people. Suspiciously good.

Those 200 have "won" more than 30 times each, according to a Palm Beach Post investigation that rolled out this week.

But reporters found that the most winningest gamblers were often store clerks.

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Noah Taylor Looking to Follow in His Brother Jason's Footsteps

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Photo by Ed Yourdon via Wikipedia Commons
Dolphins fans have a great reason to pay attention to the later draft rounds this year: A familiar name may just scroll down your screen.

Noah Taylor, younger brother of Dolphins great Jason Taylor, is looking to break into the NFL next season. Taylor, 24, is competing for an invite to the Detroit NFL Super Regional Combine, which will be held April 12 and 13.

Taylor is also the younger brother of 790 The Ticket and 104.3 FM's Joy Taylor, a rising star in South Florida sports radio and a spokeswoman for the Jason Taylor Foundation.

Taylor signed with Youngstown State out of high school, but after two years of constant coaching changes and uncertainties, he opted to transfer. His high school coach, George Novak, helped him land at California (Pa.) in 2010.

"I told him I just wanted to play," Taylor said. "I'd rather get on the field. I've been waiting too long. I need to get on the field. I don't want to sit around and wait to play."

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Another Reason Florida Rules -- Earthquakes Won't Get Us

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Numerous earthquakes have hit the West Coast recently. A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Chile last night. So many are wondering if these quakes are a sign of a larger one on the horizon.

Fear not, South Florida; the ground won't be shaking here anytime soon. It may open up beneath your feet and swallow you, but chances of it shaking are rather unlikely.

There are instances of earthquakes in Florida dating back as far as 1879 in St. Augustine but none anywhere near South Florida. Over the course of 250 years of seismic-event recording, there have been 33 instances of seismic events in Florida and the surrounding waters.

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