"Stay In Miami LeBron" Rally Going Down Today in Broward

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So it's come down to this. For now is the hour of desperation.

While the world waits (still!!) for LeBron James to make his decision on where he'll sign, and the Internet is being scoured for clues like a Dan Brown novel, South Florida sports talk radio station 104.3 FM The Ticket is holding a "Stay In Miami LeBron" rally.

Rumors and "reports" and sources have been swirling like an EF-5 tornado ripping through a trailer park, and all signs seem to be pointing to LeBron going back to the city that had pictures of his face made into urinal cakes at a local sports bar restroom.

Things, at least perceptively, are not looking good for Miami.

So, the station and its listeners have decided to hold an impromptu rally Thursday afternoon to show LeBron how he needs to not go back and play for an owner who publicly called him a coward and instead stay with the team that helped him win two championships.

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Florida Man With Car Logo Tattooed on His Face Arrested for Identity Theft

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via Wikimedia Commons
A Broward man with the logo for Bentley luxury automobiles tattooed on his face has been charged with identity theft to file fraudulent income tax returns. Because what better way to pretend you're other people than with a car logo tattooed on your face?

He also has a shark tattooed on his face and works at a shoe store. So, in case you were wondering exactly which guy with the Bentley logo tattooed on his face, it's the one with the shark tatted on his face who works at a shoe store.

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Rupert Murdoch Could Be Eying Sun Sentinel Parent Company

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Photo by World Economic Forum via Wikipedia Commons
The troubled Tribune Company - the newspaper conglomerate that includes the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and local Sun Sentinel as well as other dailies across the US -- is reportedly being eyed by the biggest, baddest, paper baron left in world publishing: Rupert Murdoch.

Yesterday afternoon, journalism insider site Poynter reported that News Corp is hungrily looking at Tribune properties, and a sale could go down as the latter company reshuffles its corporate DNA.

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Pot Lobby Reluctant to Embrace Supporters Who Claim Medical Weed Cures Cancer

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Allie Conti
In five days, Daniel Soligny will become a medical marijuana refugee.
Daniel Soligny had a good life, except for the whole health insurance thing. He didn't have the most glamorous job, sure, but spending 14 hours a day on rollerblades at Sonic Beach Miami Gardens kept him active, and his girl, Jacqueline, was always by his side. Although he was 20 and she a young-looking 35, the couple was a psychic match -- enjoying weekend outings to South Beach and goofing off.

On one such trip, Soligny accidentally injured himself while walking down Ocean Drive. He headed for a hospital, was prescribed Percocet, and sent home. Two weeks later, he returned to the hospital. Doctors took an ultrasound and found that Soligny, who wears giant green gauges and a long black ponytail, had aggravated tumors in his testicles and was diagnosed with cancer.

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Florida to Execute Convicted Child Rapist and Murderer Today

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Eddie Wayne Davis, from Polk County, will be the seventh execution in the State of Florida so far this year when -- at 6 p.m. today -- he's injected with midazolam hydrochloride, vecuronium bromide and potassium chloride.

In 1994, when Davis was 25, he was in a community development in Lakeland scrounging for some beer money. He came across an 11-year-old girl named Kimberly Waters tucked in her bed. He'd later say he didn't think anyone was inside the house he'd picked to break into, but as the Naples News points out today, that wasn't exactly true for long:

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Medical Marijuana: Florida For Care Forms Blue Ribbon Commission For Amendment 2

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Photo by Philip Poston
With the vote on medical marijuana a mere four months away, a group chaired by both those who advocate and those who are opposed to medical weed has formed a Blue Ribbon Commission to provide research, expert opinions, and feedback on a wide range of medical marijuana issues.

Florida For Care says its purpose is to help formulate a medical marijuana "Gold Standard" for the state by holding several meetings between now and November throughout Florida to not only educate people, but to serve as a resource for state legislators as they seek to develop and support medical marijuana policies.

See also: Florida Medical Marijuana's Biggest Opponents and Threats

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LeBron James Rumors: Cavaliers Trade Players to Make Room for James

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Photo by Keith Allison via Flickr cc
We're officially at DEFCON HOLY CRAP with the LeBron James Decision 2.0.

As he is set to meet with Heat team President Pat Riley in Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon, comes news that the Cleveland Cavaliers dealt away a big contract to make salary cap space for LeBron.

This either means they know LeBron is going back to Cleveland, or it means they just took a massive gamble on a guy who might burn them again.

Also, it means Heat fans have a case of the massive dirty pants.

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Michael Irvin Eviscerates Cris Carter on Radio: "He Was Out of Line Then. His Ass Is Out of Line Now."

Categories: Sports

Photo by Jeffrey Beall | Wikimedia Commons 3.0
Michael Irvin
Some backstory: Michael Irvin, former Miami Hurricane legend and ESPN NFL analyst, is tight with Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon. The young wideout has had a history of substance abuse troubles with marijuana, and he's facing a potential yearlong ban for multiple failed tests.

Cris Carter, a former Minnesota Vikings receiver and current ESPN NFL analyst -- and Boca Raton resident -- was quoted by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer saying the Browns should cut Gordon. Carter had his own past with cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy and was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1990 before finding the right path and becoming a star. He thought it would help Gordon to go through the same thing. Irvin does not.

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Five Reasons LeBron Isn't Going to Cleveland (According to a Clevelander)

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Photo by Keith Allison via Flickr cc
LeBron is leaving Miami. LeBron is staying in Miami. LeBron is going to Cleveland. LeBron isn't going to Cleveland. LeBron is LeBron is LeBron is LeBron is . . .

This is a snapshot of the pretzeled thought process of your average hoops fan right now. It's nerve-smashing, torturous, and makes for great Sportscenter. Every burp and sneeze from every anonymous team exec and agent merits a headline or tweet. The latest: LeBron is in Las Vegas, where he's scheduled for a powwow with Pat Riley today. The clock tics on.

Yesterday, your humble servant here, a former longtime Cleveland resident, offered you five reasons LeBron was taking his talents back to Lake Erie. Now, allow me to scoot around to the other side of the table and tell you why LeBron isn't bound back to the Motherland.

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Fracking the Everglades: Enviros Claim State Deception on Water Quality

Citizen activists opposed to oil drilling in the Everglades claim the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has issued a "bogus" clean bill of health for Texas oil company Dan A. Hughes' acid fracking operation in Collier County.

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