Miami Heat Fall to 9-9; Should We Panic?

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Alex Broadwell
This is not what Miami Heat fans signed up for, and it's definitely not what the Miami Heat organization has been bragging about for months; right now, the Miami Heat are just not that good.

The Heat loss to the Atlanta Hawks 112-102 Wednesday night drops it to an even 9-9 on the season -- not exactly what Miami Heat fans envisioned when the season started. The loss to the Hawks stuck to the script that has been this 2014-15 Miami Heat campaign: bad-lazy defense, coupled with inconsistent-stagnant offense, a startling contrast to what Heat fans have grown accustomed to the past four years. It may be hard to accept what this team is right now, but the reality is the Miami Heat currently is a middling NBA team, one bad week from missing the playoffs when all is said and done.

The loss drops the Heat to third in the Southeast division, now three games back of the Washington Wizards.The Heat is now 4-6 at home, a remarkable contrast to what the team has done in its home building over the past few years. If you're looking for the low point in the post-LeBron era, it may have come last night, when the fans started the "Seven Nation Army" chant down ten with under a minute left.

Yup, these are the days.

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Lilly Baumann Is Still Missing Seven Months After Being Kidnapped by Her Mother

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Courtesy of Robert Baumann
The holidays are the warm and fuzzy time of year, but for one Broward dad, it's especially tough now. Earlier this summer, we brought you the sad, frustrating story of Robert Baumann, a father who spent two years locked in a custody battle stacked against him; when he finally got his rights as a dad, his ex disappeared with his daughter, Lilly, likely into the far-right underground. Now, almost seven months later, the the two-year-old girl is still gone.

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Off-Duty BSO Cop Accused of Arresting Man for Getting Good Parking Space First

Google Maps
The parking lot where spots are earned.
When Clausel Pierre pulled into a parking space at a Deerfield Beach shoe store in January 2011, he didn't expect to get into an altercation with an off-duty BSO officer for not giving up the spot. But according to a lawsuit last month, that's exactly what happened, so he's suing the cop for the wrongful arrest that caused him physical pain and set in motion years of legal headaches to clear his name.

Detective Frank Maio allegedly attempted to park his vehicle in a spot in front of the 888 Shoes where he did off-duty security work. But not before Pierre parked his SUV in it first. And when Pierre got out to do some shopping, Maio ordered him to move. But Pierre refused, saying there was no reason to move -- the spot wasn't reserved, so why should he?

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Florida Same-Sex Marriages Can Start January 5, Court Rules

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The 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida has denied Pam Bondi's request for an extended stay on same-sex marriage in the state, which means same-sex marriages may begin as soon as January 5. The stay, placed by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle upon request from Bondi, expires on that date.

Back in August, Hinkle became the fifth judge in the state to rule against the same-sex marriage ban. Like the previous rulings, however, Hinkle immediately stayed his ruling, meaning that gay and lesbian couples still couldn't get marriage licenses.

Following Hinkle's ruling, gay rights activists called on the state -- particularly Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott -- to refrain from appealing Hinkle's federal court decision.

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Satanic Temple Gets Permission to Put Holiday Display in Florida Capitol

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Courtesy of Satanic Temple
After being rebuffed by officials last holiday season, the Satanic Temple has been given the green light to erect its holiday display in the Florida Capitol rotunda this year.

According to the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Florida's Department of Management Services has agreed to allow the temple's display to be put up, reversing its stance from last year, when officials called the display "grossly offensive."

Last year, other groups' displays were allowed to be erected, including a Nativity scene, a Festivus pole made from beer cans, and a spaghetti monster sculpture.

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Burt Reynolds' Auction: The Five Coolest Things You're Going to Want to Get Yourself This Holiday Season

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photo by Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons
Burt Reynolds in 1991
West Palm Beach native and former mega movie star Burt Reynolds recently announced he is auctioning off memorabilia from his own collection. And while it's natural to assume this is another case of a washed-up, cash-strapped star needing some dough, Reynolds insists he's not going broke.

The 600 or so items up for auction range from his high school football trophies to the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am he drove in the hit movie Smokey and the Bandit.

Reynolds, 78, who is also auctioning off his Golden Globe award for his performance in Boogie Nights, has been involved in a $1.2 million legal dispute with Bank of America following the foreclosure of his 12,500-square-foot mansion in Jupiter.

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A War Vet Convicted of Abusing His Authority Keeps Fighting After a Decade in Prison

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photo by Georgia Guercio via Wikimedia Commons
The living room of MaryAnn Macias' Miami Beach condo is sparsely furnished, with few decorations other than photos of herself with her swarthy, barrel-chested husband, Jaime. There's one snapped soon after they moved in together. Another was taken at their wedding. A third shows them seated together in Jaime's aunt's home in Miami.

But look closely and you'll see the pictures are all old and fading. That's because Jaime, a 69-year-old decorated Army veteran and ex-cop with 25 years of experience and three master's degrees, has been in jail for nine years.

"I don't want any pictures of him in prison," says MaryAnn, a pretty, big-eyed 59-year-old. "We're gonna put all this behind us when he gets out and go back to how it was. Back then, we were really happy. Life was really, really good."

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90-Year-Old Arnold Abbott in Court Today Over Homeless Feeding

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Update, 10:15 a.m.: Arnold Abbott's arraignment on his first summons for violating Fort Lauderdale's food sharing ordinance was postponed this morning by Judge Kal Le Var Evans.

Original story:
Exactly one month after Fort Lauderdale police ordered 90-year-old Arnold Abbot to "Drop that plate" in exchange for handing him a summons, a Broward County judge yesterday ordered the city to drop its enforcement of an ordinance which has Abbott and about a dozen other homeless advocates facing jail time for sharing food with hungry and homeless people.

Judge Thomas Lynch ordered a 30-day stay on enforcement of the ordinance which first took effect on November 1, and ordered both parties to mediation in advance of issuing a permanent ruling on the ordinance's status. Such a ruling would be necessitated only should the mediation fail. Any mediated agreement would have to go back to the city commission for ratification.

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Gregory Moore, Carjacking Suspect Considered Armed and Dangerous, Still at Large (UPDATED)

Thumbnail image for moore-g.jpg

Update: Moore has been captured. According to the FBI, Moore was caught at the Mangonia Park Tri-Rail station in West Palm Beach at around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Moore is being held in federal custody and is facing federal charges. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.

Original post:

Gregory Moore, the 35-year-old man police and FBI say shut down parts of Fort Lauderdale after shooting two people during a carjacking spree Tuesday morning, remains at large.

Moore's alleged carjacking spree snarled traffic on I-95 in Broward County and forced several schools in the area into lockdown on Tuesday as the FBI and Fort Lauderdale Police launched a massive manhunt. As more information trickled in throughout the day, it was revealed that Moore had allegedly shot two people while stealing their cars. One of the victims, an unidentified male, died from the gunshot wounds. The other victim, a woman, remains in critical condition, according to authorities.

Moore had recently been arrested after a separate shooting incident over the weekend.

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Lawsuit Against Cop Accused of Raping Woman at Gunpoint Says City Ignored Troubling Record

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The woman who alleges she was raped at gunpoint by a Boynton Beach Police officer has filed a lawsuit that holds no punches against the beleaguered police department.

Back in October, Boynton Beach Police Officer Stephen Maiorino was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior after he allegedly forced a woman to perform oral sex on him or else go to jail. Afterward, the woman says he continued the assault on the hood of his patrol car as he held a gun in his hand.

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