Guess How Much It Costs Taxpayers to Replace a Graffitied Sign on I-95

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Dylan Bouscher

If your morning commute features a trip through central Broward on I-95 north, you may have noticed a new work of art recently, hanging from an overpass south of the Cypress Creek exit.

Florida Department of Transportation officials called it vandalism (but didn't conduct an investigation) and scheduled a cleanup for the early-morning hours of November 5.

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Professor: Homeless Populations Exist Because Power Is Concentrated Among the Rich

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Wikimedia Commons
Evan Rowe is an adjunct professor at Broward College.

Fort Lauderdale has garnered some national headlines -- we made the New York Times today -- with the recent anti-homeless laws that the City Commission enacted that basically serve as an attempt to remove the undesirables from downtown.

But there is no way to deal with the homeless problem without first dealing with the problem of concentrated power. The problem with poverty is that it is inversely related to concentrated wealth.

You cannot produce sizable working poor and homeless people unless you tolerate an arrogant rich minority to live with entirely too much power at everyone else's expense. The homeless population is predicated on the power of the few being enhanced over the many. And it is in fact the majority of the working population, along with the homeless population, that exists to support this class.

So, to have the city hyperobsessing over homelessness rather than dealing with the arrogant minority as the cause is absurd but also common in a political system in which the majority has almost no control over the political system in any meaningful way.

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Homeless Advocates Protest Outside Mayor Jack Seiler's Home

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photo: Ted Scouten via Twitter
As reported earlier by New Times, a midmorning protest went on as scheduled outside of the home of Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler on Wednesday. About 60 homeless advocates and some homeless people carried signs and chanted outside the home while mounted police guarded Seiler's driveway.

The protest was the latest outcry by advocates who say the city's new ordinance is a violation against homeless people. The new ordinance laid down restrictions on public food sharing, essentially prohibiting feeding the homeless.

Arnold Abbott, a 90-year-old chef who heads the nonprofit Love Thy Neighbor, has already been cited twice by the city and is facing possible jail time.

See also: Group Hunger Strike and Protest at Mayor's House Planned in Opposition to Homeless Laws

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Fort Lauderdale Draws Disappointing Score on LGBT Municipal Equality Index

Categories: LGBT News

For a city with the highest concentration of same-sex couples, Fort Lauderdale got a pretty substandard score in the Municipal Equality Index this year. The index, released annually by the gay-rights group Human Rights Campaign, grades how municipalities across the country treat lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender residents.

And Fort Lauderdale scored a 76 out of 100 in this year's index.

Contrast that with the fact that three cities in Arizona -- ARIZONA -- got a perfect score of 100.

In fact, Fort Lauderdale also got beat by other cities in this state, including Miami Beach (100), St. Petersburg (100), and Tampa (97).

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Activist Jillian Pim on Hunger Strike in Protest of Fort Lauderdale Homeless Laws

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Jillian Pim hunger-striking in protest of Fort Lauderdale homeless feeding laws from Voice Media Group; video by Dylan Bouscher.

Jillian Pim hasn't eaten in over a week. She only drinks lemon water, twice a day adding salt for electrolytes.

Jillian and her husband, Nathan Pim, are activists with South Florida Food Not Bombs, a group that claims it has been feeding the homeless in Stranahan Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale for seven years. The two have been actively protesting Fort Lauderdale's new homeless feeding restrictions since Fort Lauderdale commissioners voted to approve the new ordinance on October 22.

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West Palm Beach Teen Wins Appeal in Weed Bust Because Search Happened Before School

Molly Bergen
The person pictured above is not the teen discussed in this article, though we assume he would be pleased with the verdict.

A West Palm Beach teenager's conviction for possessing a half gram of weed was reversed because the cop who arrested him says he stopped the kid for truancy -- but the kid wasn't actually skipping school at the time, making the initial stop unlawful and the evidence obtained inadmissable.

According to a ruling by the appeals court issued on November 5, the kid, a 15-year-old referred to only as "J.R." in court documents because he's a minor, had his rights violated when the unnamed police officer stopped and searched him. The cop claims he saw J.R. leave a designated school bus stop before the bus arrived and believed the kid was skipping class, so he decided to see what the youngster was up to.

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Ten Most Shameful Things to Admit in Fort Lauderdale

Categories: The Lists

Christina Mendenhall
Fort Lauderdale is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. It's the Venice of America. It's the yachting capital of the world. It's eco-friendly. Unfortunately, all those accolades don't always extend to its opinions.

This is a city that has a thriving downtown vibe and is known for its beaches. But all that is glitter is not always gold.

Here, then, are the ten most shameful things to confess to in Fort Lauderdale (save for, of course, some of the sillier laws against helping the homeless):

See also: Ten Things You Say That Make You a Fort Lauderdalian

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Fort Lauderdale Business Owners: We Back the City on Homeless Feeding Regulations

Haylee Becker
Although the issue of sharing food with the homeless is viral right now, when the TV news station vans drive off, the city's businesses in downtown will still be there.

Some-business owners like Robin Merrill from the Upper Room Art Gallery are taking their support for the new food sharing regulations to the Twitterverse. Before Planting Peace President Aaron Jackson popped up in front of City Hall with 30 pizzas yesterday, Merrill posted a status backing the city.

See also: Fort Lauderdale's Controversial Homeless Feeding Restrictions Spark National Outrage

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Sean Petrozzino, Quadruple Amputee Wanted as "Person of Interest" for Parents' Murder, Commits Suicide

Categories: Crime

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sean Petrozzino, a quadruple amputee who had been considered a "person of interest" in the shooting deaths of his parents, has committed suicide, according to Memphis police.

Authorities had initially believed Petrozzino was headed for Coral Springs in his dead father's car after police found his parents, Nancy Petrozzino, 64, and Michael Petrozzino, 63, murdered in their Orlando-area home.

The news report says Petrozzino shot himself after Memphis Police initiated a traffic stop on Monday night.

See also: Sean Petrozzino, Quadruple Amputee Wanted as "Person of Interest" for Parents' Murder, May Be Headed to Coral Springs

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Rush Limbaugh Threatens to Sue Democrats Over Campus Rape Comments

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Rush Limbaugh, a man who has made a living slamming people by saying vile things about them, is threatening to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for what his lawyer says were attempts to paint the conservative talk show host in a bad light.

According to the Daily Caller, Limbaugh has hired attorney Patty Glaser, who told Fox News that the DCCC maliciously defamed her client by taking his comments about campus rape out of context in a fundraising email.

"It is so damaging, whether it's Republican or Democrat," Glaser told Sean Hannity. "You've got to be more responsible. You can't maliciously attack people."

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