Beautiful Horses Ate Some Tainted Feed and Now They're Dying

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Hanjo Winter/Flickr
If you would like to read a heartbreaking story that will make you sad for the rest of the day, keep reading.

Beautiful horses are getting sick and dying at the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie because of some tainted feed. As of today, four horses have died since November and more are expected to be euthanized in the next few days because of feed from Lakeland Animal Nutrition.

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Six Reasons Dan Marino Should Be Named the Miami Dolphins New Head Coach

photo: Joey Cortez via Flickr
Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has always tried to look forward when it comes to his football team. Yet he's very much been about aesthetic more than substance. Starting with the orange carpet and selling team stakes to C-list celebrities, all the the way through to those revolting new pseudo-pastiche uniforms and logo fans are now forced to stare at every Sunday -- Ross has forgotten what made the past Dolphins teams so great.

And now, following the Dolphins once again falling apart in December and failing to reach the playoffs, come rumors that current head coach Joe Philbin's days are numbered.

The favorite to land his spot remains the 49ers' Jim Harbaugh. But why keep trying to make a splash with the "big name coach" when the solution is right in our presence already?

Why not just hand the reigns to the greatest Dolphin of all and let him whip this franchise into shape?

We say Ross should name Dan Marino the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins so that the Fins can get back to being pure unadulterated badass, as opposed to what they currently are -- pure unadulterated ass.

Here are six reasons why Marino should become the new head coach:

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Womanizer, Bus Driver, Doper, Zen Teacher -- Teo Castellanos' Life Is in his Plays

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Photo by Ian Witlen
On the second day of eighth grade in 1975, Teo Castellanos, a runty Puerto Rican kid in shiny new Pro-Keds, nervously scanned the hallways of Carol City Junior High between classes, on the lookout for his nemesis. The year before, a much bigger kid had approached from behind in drama class, swung his forearm around Castellanos' neck in a chokehold, and squeezed until he blacked out.

Over the summer, Castellanos had resolved to toughen up. His older brother advised him to fight to the end, no matter what. Castellanos vowed that he would.

Suddenly, in the crowded hallway, Castellanos spotted the nemesis, who immediately yanked his hair.

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Debra Villegas, Scott Rothstein's Right-Hand Woman, May Get Prison Time Cut Short

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Courtesy of Lynn Haberl
Debra Villegas (left) and friend, Melissa Lewis, who was murdered by Debra's husband Tony.
Convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's right-hand woman, Debra Villegas, may be getting her prison time reduced, if a judge listens to the prosecution's recommendation.

Villegas received the maximum sentence of a decade in prison in 2010 for her role in Rothstein's $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme. But prosecutors are recommending U.S. District Judge William Zloch that he reduce Villega's prison time for cooperating with them in nailing other, more prominent members of Rothstein's scheme, including his attorney Christina Kitterman.

Villegas has so far served 3-1/2 years at the medium-security federal prison in Coleman in Central Florida.

See also: Sentencing Debra Villegas

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Jeb Bush One Step Closer to Running For President with Release of Emails and eBook

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Anthony Cave
While the current Florida governor is doing everything he can to hide his email exchanges, one former Florida governor just released a bunch of his to the public. And there can really be only one reason anyone would do this: so that he can be transparent as he gets ready to run for the highest office in the land.

That or Jeb Bush really wants everyone to know how good he is at emails.

But we're going to go ahead and say it's because he's getting ready to announce he's running for president in 2016.

See also: Jeb Bush Is Probably Most Likely Going to Run for President, Maybe

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Sun-Sentinel's Gary Stein Thinks Protesters Are Slobs Who Make Everyone's Life a Nuisance

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Skyler Reid
The Sun-Sentinel's Gary Stein is FED UP. Fed up with you dirty no-good life-inconveniencing protesters! You just don't know how to protest properly! That is to say, you're not a proper protester and you will never get anything done because GARY STEIN SAYS SO.

And so, he took to his column to give you dirty protesters a schooling!

In Stein's mind, things don't change not because of a lack of protests, but because protestors today dress bad, and use the Internet, and do things that inconvenience people of Stein's ilk who just want to get on with their day of paying bills online and yelling at those damn dirty kids and their iPots and their MyFace and Twitbook to get off his lawn.

In Stein's day, protesters didn't inconvenience people, or cause a nuisance. Vietnam protests were done the right way! They wore clean clothes and stayed out of the way. THAT'S WHY AMERICA PULLED OUT OF VIETNAM BECAUSE PEOPLE DRESSED GOOD. But kids and their hippity hop music and their hackers are just a bunch of clueless slobs who don't know how to properly protest. Also, their farts smell bad. Unlike the Vietnam protesters back in Stein's day, whose farts smelled of lilac and cinnamon.

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Buju Banton: Attorneys Argue Case in Appeals Court, File Motion for Early Release

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It has been five long years since reggae super-star Buju Banton was busted by law enforcement in a shady operation that resulted in a ten-year prison sentence. The Grammy winner -- born Mark Myrie -- has maintained his innocence, and as we documented in a 2012 feature, it appears Banton was set-up by overzealous federal agents using paid shifty informants. But Banton is now one step closer to freedom.

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Miami Dolphins Entire Season of Inanity Encapsulated in First Drive of Sunday's Game

via Twitter
The Miami Dolphins are once again the mediocre soul-swallowing suck monster we've come to know them as thanks to a 41-13 shellacking at the hands of division rival New England Patriots.

Ryan Tanehill was inconsistent (SHOCKING!), the offensive line terrible (NOOO), the defense abysmal (WHAAAT) and Joe Philbin clueless (YOU DON'T SAY).

And the end result is the Dolphins yet again missing the playoffs and yet again finishing a season being nothing more than a mediocre football team that can sometimes pull off a nice win, as long as the team they beat sucks more than they do.

Yet you really didn't have to watch the whole game to figure that out. In fact, you could have just ignored the entire regular season and still know just how mediocre this team is by simply watching the very first drive by the Dolphins offense.

Here's the 2014 Dolphins in a nutshell (or, the five plays of the first drive)

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Sick of Elf on the Shelf? Try the "Christmas Pickle"

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Photo via
Elf on the Shelf. It was cute for a while, but any parent knows that it's a pain in the hoo-ha to hide that sucker every night, and even if you do remember to put it somewhere, your elf scenarios will never live up to the ones on Pinterest.

We have the antidote: the Christmas Pickle.

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FBI Moves its Miami Headquarters to Fancy $156 Million Building in Miramar

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The FBI has one of the flyest pads in South Florida with a brand-new, technologically advanced building in Miramar -- and it wasn't cheap. The stylish new digs cost $156 million, but don't worry about that, taxpayers, because it was built to be environmentally-friendly and help the Bureau save on its light bill.

After 28 years of catching fraudsters and child pornographers from its North Miami Beach location, the FBI relocated to a 330,000 square foot facility at 2030 SW 145th Avenue in Miramar. The new building will have space for more than 1,000 employees. The FBI says the new building will allow it to centralize its South Florida presence by bringing together several offices under one roof.

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