FPL Power Plant in Florida Panther Refuge Stymied by Seminole Lawsuit

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A state court judge last week blocked Florida Power & Light's plans to build an immense new gas-fired power plant in Hendry County, on environmentally sensitive, historically significant land that adjoins the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation.

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In a 32-page order that turned on the question of the legal definition of the word "utilities," Charlotte Circuit Judge Donald H. Mason held that Hendry County officials had illegally granted approval for the plant in a location forbidden under the county's land use regulations.

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Benjamin Prows, Slackliner Who Keeps Getting Arrested on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Is Going for a Guinness World Record (UPDATED)


Chock-a-block with delightful weirdness is the tale of slackliner Benjamin Prows, whose whimsical athleticism on the beaches of Broward County is seen by some as a threat to law and order.

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Cited multiple times by Fort Lauderdale's gendarmes in the spring of last year on a variety of charges -- typically, trespass; bizarrely, "use of city facilities for private instruction without permit" and "animals [a bunny] prohibited on beach" -- Prows has managed to see most of the charges settled without penalty. Lawbreaking (and bail bond payments) behind him now, he hopes to break into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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South Florida Ranks High In Having the Least Proficient English Speaking Employees

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A Brookings Institution study released Wednesday says that South Florida ranks fourth in the U.S. for percentage of workers with limited English proficiency.

The data shows that 23.2 percent of South Florida workers have limited English speaking skills, with only McAllen Texas, El Paso Texas and Los Angeles ranked higher than our neck of the woods.

Overall, the amount of working age people (ages 16 to 64) with limited English proficiency was 865,905 in 2012, which ranks third in the U.S.

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Rick Scott's Top Inspector Told of Prison Death Cover Ups, Did Nothing About It (UPDATED)

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Gov. Rick Scott's chief watchdog was warned about a possible cover up of two inmate deaths, but did nothing about it.

According to a Miami Herald report, Melinda Miguel, Scott's chief inspector general, received an anonymous letter in late 2012 about the suspicious deaths of two inmates incarcerated in Florida.

But instead of opening an investigation, she turned the letter of the the inspector general at the Department of Corrections. They, in turn conducted a cursory review. By the time the letter got to Scott's office, the investigation was closed.

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Critical Mass Fort Lauderdale Is Happening Tonight With New Route

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Photo by James Argyropoulos
Critical Mass Fort Lauderdale is back and running tonight, but with a slight twist.

According to the CM Fort Lauderdale Facebook page, a new route with some new rules has been set down.

Only thing is, you'll have to arrive early to find out what that route is, as they won't be posting a map or anything online.

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The Diary of Rick Scott's Hair

1970, Kansas City, Missouri

Dear Diary,

Annette said yes! I have to admit, when Rick decided to ask her to prom via messenger pigeon, I was worried. Especially when the pigeon flew into a power line and burst into flame, landing at her feet a charred pile of feathers atop a burnt note that said "rom?" But missing P be damned, she said yes! And we finally have a prom date.

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The Miami Dolphins Must Win Sunday, Or It's All Over

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The Dolphins season is at a breaking point, and a loss Sunday would be the final karate-chop that shatters it into a million aqua pieces. Coming off a complete stinker of a blowout loss to the totally beatable Kansas City Chiefs at home last week, Sunday's game in London against the Oakland Raiders would be a devastating blow to the team's playoff chances. When the season started, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone pointing to the Week 4 Raiders game as a must-win, but here we are.

So much rides on the Dolphins performance Sunday, and much of it is far more important that making the playoffs this year.

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There's a "Sexy Olaf" Costume from Frozen

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There's no better proof of a cartoon's success than when it gets made into a Halloween costume (see: Spider-Man, Hulk, etc.). And if it gets made into a sexy Halloween costume, that's a special kind of achievement (Sailor Moon, Catwoman, Sexy Gumby).

This year, a costume company called Yandy has churned out a line of sexy costumes based on characters from the hit kids' movie Frozen. And there's even a "sexy Olaf."

Olaf was the goofy snowman who just wanted to experience summer. And, he was played, by the way, by a former Broward County kid, Josh Gad. Gad was born in Hollywood and went to school at Nova.

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Are Ryan Tannehill's Toe-Thumbs to Blame For His Struggles?

photo: Michele Eve Sandberg
A rough week for Ryan Tannehill just turned rougher with a blistering investigation by the sports site Deadspin on the Dolphins quarterback's apparent toe-thumbs.

On Thursday night, an astute reader with apparently way too much time on their hands sent the website an email positing a theory that Tannehill's struggles might be due to the fact that he has toes for thumbs.

Yes, toe-thumbs.

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Flanagan High N-Word Bomb Threat Suspects Caught on Video, Police Say

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Pembroke Police say that they have surveillance video of three suspects leaving a dresser covered in anti-Semitic graffiti and a racial slur on Flanagan High School's grounds that caused a bomb scare panic Wednesday morning.

During a press conference following the all-clear Wednesday afternoon, Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques announced that the video shows the three individuals leaving the dresser in the campus courtyard at around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"Our detectives are working diligently to try to identify these individuals," Xiques said per the Miami Herald.

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