Wakeboard Pros Coach New Times Before World Championship (VIDEO)

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It makes sense that wakeboarding would have its world championships in a place like Fort Lauderdale. It's a sport invented by and for rich people with boats -- and Fort Laudy is nothing if not a mecca for that demographic. Over the weekend, more than 200 of the best wakeboarders in the world will descend upon Mills Pond Park to take shots at a title.

And although the competitors range between ages 5 and 55, a majority of them see to be high-school age. After all, wakeboarding was only invented in 1946 and legitimized with a championship event in 1994. The World Games considers it a "trend sport," and it's basically the Pac-Sun-wearing cousin of snowboarding.

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Weston Cyclist Luis Escobar Died of Blunt Head Trauma; Car Driver Won't Be Charged

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Javier Alba
Escobar's cycling team
Last month, cyclist Luis Escobar died after colliding with a car during a weekly group ride in Weston.

At the time of his death, fellow cyclists speculated that he might have had a heart attack first, and then collided with the car. A medical examiner's report concludes that Escobar, 5, died of blunt head trauma. The death was ruled an accident by the medical examiner.

Broward Sheriff's Office spokesperson Keyla Concepcion says that no charges are likely to be filed against the driver of the vehicle since it seemed that the rider was at fault.

As she stated in her press release the day after the August 13 incident, "For reasons unknown, Escobar rode out of the bike lane and across the right lane, striking the side of the vehicle in the left lane."

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Giancarlo Stanton Hit In the Face by Fastball, Suffers Facial Fractures, May Be Out for Season (Video)

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Miami Marlins star slugger and current NL MVP front runner Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face by a fastball from Milwaukee pitcher Mike Fiers during last night's Marlins-Brewers game.

Stanton was hit flush in the face, right on the cheek underneath the left eye, and immediately crumpled to the ground in pain, while the crowd moaned in reaction to the noise the ball made as it made contact.

He was bloodied and a stretcher and cart were called in to carry him off the field.

Stanton had to be hospitalized and suffered facial lacerations requiring stitches, multiple facial fractures and dental damage. The Marlins believe he is done for the season.

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Joshua Montez, Teen Accused of Slicing Royal Palm High Assistant Principal, to Face Charges as Adult

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Joshua Montez, the 17-year-old who is accused of cutting a Royal Palm Beach High assistant principal, will face his charges as an adult.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies arrested Montez after a fight broke out at the school, and the assistant principal was injured.

Montez, unlike the other students involved in the fracas, is not enrolled at Royal Palm.

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50 Giant African Land Snails Caught in Broward County

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Yesterday we brought you news of poisonous caterpillars falling from trees. Well, it looks like the weird creatures invasion of Florida is nearly complete with the news that at least 50 giant African land snails were caught invading homes in the Davie area on Wednesday.

The problem with these mollusks -- aside from being giant -- are that they multiply quickly and carry meningitis. Also, they eat houses.


According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, in an attempt to quell a county-wide invasion, workers went to a home on 136th Avenue in western Davie and began raking the surrounding area, and other homes.

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After One Year, Only 168 Citations Issued in Broward for Texting While Driving

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Intel Free Press via Wikimedia Commons
As of last October 1, texting while driving in Florida is illegal. But almost one year after the ban went into effect, it seems the law has had little effect.

Only 168 texting while driving citations have been issued in the county in 2013, a spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) tells New Times.

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Gaudy "Palace" in Hillsboro Beach Available for $139 Million -- the Most Expensive Real Estate Listing in America

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Thumbnail image for royal7.png
Le Palais Royal is a gaudy 60,000-plus-square-foot "palace" that will cast a garish shadow all across Hillsboro Beach with its supreme palatialness when it's done being built by 2015.

The home, which is inspired by the Palace of Versailles, boasts 11 bedrooms, 17 baths, a 4,500-square-foot pool with waterslide, a glass-bottom Jacuzzi, a putting green, and an underground 30-car garage. It also has the world's first IMAX home theater, with 18 seats.

At a listing price of $139 million, it is officially the most expensive home for sale in the United States.

Though the listing agent did not want to disclose the owner's name, public records link it to Robert Pereira -- a construction company owner and former strip club owner who has made the news for giving Sheriff Scott Israel rides on his yacht.

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Pam Bondi's Weird TV Ad Avoids Medical Marijuana and Gay Marriage

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This is pretty amazing, considering we're talking about a talent pool that contains Rick Scott, a man with the social poise of a 13-year-old in sex ed, and Charlie Crist, a man who probably would fail the replicant test from Blade Runner, but we might have The Derp Face of the 2014 campaign season.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi just dropped her first television ad for November's contest. Although the spot touts the politician's record, it fails to address to two heavyweight issues that could sink her campaign.

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Cops Find 50 Dead Cats In Freezers Belonging to Child Porn Suspect

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies who were serving a warrant to arrest a Lake Worth man on child porn charges discovered fifty dead cats stuffed in freezers in the man's home.

Animal Care and Control were called in Wednesday to remove the dead cats from the man's home. Neighbors claimed to have seen dozens of cats wandering the streets where the house is for months, but weren't sure where they were coming from.

Officials, who were forced to wear masks due to the stench, also found 30 live cats living on the property.

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Why the Marlins Giving Giancarlo Stanton the Largest Contract in Team History Is a Load of Crap

Last month, Miami Marlins uber-slugger Giancarlo Stanton made it very clear that he was still unhappy about the way the team handles their business when it comes to building winners.

Yet now, in news that can only be taken with a couple of barrels of salt -- given the team's history for being tightwads -- the Marlins are saying they're prepared to offer Stanton the largest contract in franchise history to keep him around.

No word yet on if that contract still means they'll trade him to the Dodgers when they feel like it.

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