Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Set to Vote on Ordinance That Would Restrict Feeding the Homeless

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Fort Lauderdale city commissioners will be voting tonight on the proposed ordinance that could cripple groups that distribute food to the city's homeless.

The crux of the ordinance deals with applying rules on food handling, providing toilet facilities and hand-washing areas, and requirements on how and when the food should be served, particularly for groups that service the homeless outdoors and in parks.

On the surface, the rules seem to have good intentions, with commissioners contending that passing the ordinance would protect the homeless from illnesses caused by ill-prepared foods. Homeless advocates, however, say that the ordinance will restrict them from doing what they can for the homeless. Having to provide toilet facilities and hand-washing areas is not only a hassle but expensive -- particularly for nonprofit groups.

But more to the point, the ordinance would represent yet another obstacle to helping Fort Lauderdale's homeless, who have become more and more marginalized over the past few months.

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Florida's Medical Marijuana Amendment Is in Danger of Failing

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Dank Depot via Flickr cc
For much of the past year, it seemed almost inevitable that medical marijuana would become legal in Florida. Polls showed that more than 80 percent of Floridians would support a constitutional amendment that's on the ballot this November legalizing medicinal weed.

So it was something of a shocker last week when a Tampa Bay Times poll indicated that medical marijuana will fail to get the 60 percent of the vote required to get on the ballot. It had previously polled at more than 9-to-1.

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John Goodman Juror Broke Rules by Using Laptop to Check Fantasy Football Site

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Another day, another juror in the John Goodman retrial has screwed up. According to a report, a man identified as Juror 3 apparently broke court rules by accessing the internet on his laptop in the privacy of his hotel room.

This was a no-no.

The jury, which has been sequestered in an undisclosed hotel, was told by Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath not to surf the internet while participating in this trial, unless it's in front of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy.

The rules were set so that the six people selected to be a part of the jury wouldn't be tainted by getting any outside information on Goodman or his original trial. The jury was chosen in Tampa.

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Boca Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Strikes Again With Chainsaw-Massacre Gag

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Via YouTube
Boca Raton resident and all-around internet sensation Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has struck a viral nerve once again with a gruesome and terrifying chainsaw-massacre prank.

The 22-year-old Russian prankster, whom New Times profiled last year, has taken his pranking ways up a notch by fooling poor unsuspecting people into thinking they're not only witnessing a horrible murder by a chainsaw-wielding maniac but are then going to be victims themselves.

The new video has already garnered 24 million views on his VitalyzdTv YouTube channel in just a few days.

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Trial to Decide if Man Needs Medical Marijuana Restarts Monday

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With Election Day three weeks away, the decision over whether medical marijuana will be legalized in Florida hangs in the balance. And today, in what is a first for Florida, a jury will be deciding if marijuana is medically necessary for someone.

The trial of Jesse Teplicki, which started Monday morning at the Broward County Courthouse, puts into the spotlight the issue of marijuana and its legality in the face of needing it for medicine.

Teplicki, 50, was arrested on 2013 after BSO deputies found a grow house in his home, where he was growing 46 marijuana plants. Now Teplicki, who says he needs marijuana to treat his severe anorexia, is facing a felony count of possession.

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Almost Every Major Newspaper in Florida Endorses Charlie Crist for Governor

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Michele Eve Sandberg

Correction, October 21, 10:50 a.m. : The Bradenton Herald endorsed Rick Scott. This article has been corrected to reflect that.

Nearly every major newspaper in Florida has endorsed Charlie Crist for governor this week.

The endorsements began with the Tampa Bay Times weighing in last weekend and the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel weighing in on Friday, followed this past weekend by the Orlando Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.

The only one that has endorsed Rick Scott is the Tampa Tribune, while daily papers in Fort Myers, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville have yet to weigh in.

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Acreage Residents Move Forward With Lawsuit Over Cancer Cluster and Soil Contamination

Categories: Palm Beach News

Win Henderson via Wikimedia Commons
Cancer clusters -- hot zones of highly contaminated turf that see a spike in disease -- are incredibly hard cases to win in court. Not only do they take years of legal battle and involve a lot of high-end science but usually such cases pit homeowners against corporations with boatloads of money to burn on endless litigation. In rural Palm Beach, a battle between residents of an unincorporated patch of the county and a defense contractor has shaped up along those David-versus-Goliath lines.

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Ryan Tannehill Serves His Critics a STFU Sandwich With a Chicago Bears Beatdown

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill stepped up against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and spoonfed everyone a giant heap of STFU with a brilliant 277-yard-passing, 48-yard-rushing, two-touchdown performance, leading Miami to a 27-14 victory.

Tannehill, who has had it rough as of late, dissected the Bears defense, completing 25 of 32 passes and using is legs to mash Chicago ass. Captain Toe-Thumbs hasn't been this sharp since week one against the Patriots, showing poise in the pocket and throwing accurate darts to his receivers.

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Ebola Czar Ron Klain Was a Big Player in the Florida 2000 Election Recount

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As it is with everything in life, Barack Obama's new Ebola Czar has a Florida connection. On Friday, Obama announced that former Al Gore chief-of-staff Ron Klain would be his new Ebola Czar.

Klain's objective is to basically be ahead of any new updates on the virus, as well as manage be on top of the way the U.S. responds to any such news, as well as trying to keep the public's panic-mode to a minimum.

Klain, who is not a scientist nor a doctor, is well known in Washington as a guy who can manage a crisis. He made his name as the lead lawyer for Gore during the 2000 Presidential election when Florida was caught up in its "hanging chad" fiasco (he would later be played by Kevin Spacey in a movie about the 2000 election recount).

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Broward Inmate Claims to Have Ebola; Courtroom Forced to Evacuate

Well, this is one way to try to stall your sentencing.

A Broward County courtroom was forced to clear out Friday morning when an inmate told the judge he had Ebola during the morning bond court hearing.

Judge John "Jay" Hurley, who conducts the hearings with inmates over a video system and not in person, announced that the inmate, Joseph Britton, claimed to have the virus that's been making headlines as of late.

That's when everyone in the courtroom at Broward's Main Jail bolted, leaving Britton standing alone.

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