Michael Crews, Florida's Embattled Prison Chief, Announces He's Stepping Down

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Florida's Department of Corrections Secretary Michael Crews announced his resignation Monday, following reports over several months detailing suspicious inmate deaths, abusive corrections officers, and possible cover-ups.

Crews, age 53, who began his career as a corrections officer in 1984, was appointed Department of Corrections Secretary in 2012 by Gov. Rick Scott. But the reports of widespread corruption and the department's failure to act on some heinous accusations led to speculation of Crews' ultimately losing his job.

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Country Rallies, but Only Three People Show Up at Ferguson Solidarity Rally in West Palm Beach

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Mitch Ryals/Riverfront Times
St. Louis Police move toward protesters Monday night.
Last night, Ferguson protesters took to the streets after St. Louis County prosecutors announced a grand jury's decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9. The massive protests that began over the summer inspired several solidarity rallies around the country -- but not so much around these parts. A rally in West Palm Beach saw only three protesters, but they were very passionate.

WPBF was on the scene last night at the City Center in West Palm to catch the three protesters. Everyone thought there would be many more people showing up -- including police officers, who made sure to have a strong presence in the area, just in case.

However, it was mostly all for naught, although the three protesters, who were all from the Florida Immigrant Coalition, were able to get their voices heard.

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Fort Lauderdale Leaders, Except for Trantalis, Duck Out of Homeless Meeting (Updated)

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(Update: Chaz Adams, Fort Lauderdale's public affairs manager, sent the following response to this story: To clarify, the meeting was called by Commissioner Trantalis as a District 2 meeting and not coordinated with any other Commissioner or the Mayor. In addition, the meeting was not advertised, so if another Commissioner or the Mayor had shown up, the meeting would not have been able to proceed forward under Sunshine Laws.)

Dozens of angry -- and hopeful -- people gathered at Fort Lauderdale City Hall on Monday night to talk about the homeless.

Not only did Commissioner Dean Trantalis acknowledge that the commission had acted too hastily in passing a law that severely restricts feeding the homeless but he called for suspended enforcement. "We're here now," said Trantalis, who called the meeting and was the only city elected leader who showed up.

None of the other city commissioners nor Mayor Jack Seiler attended.

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Grande Mistress Carla, Broward's Pioneering Dominatrix, Remembers Her Fight for Fetish Rights

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Dr. Grenci
Thanks to a little literary chart-topper called Fifty Shades of Grey, the BDSM corner of the fetish universe is no longer off-limits in the mainstream. Average Joes and Janes don't have to keep their leather-riding crops and cuffs hidden in the closet anymore.

But back in the '80s, when Dr. Charlayne Grenci slipped into the role of Mistress Carla, at the time South Florida's most in-demand dominatrix, folks were less understanding. In fact, Grenci's pioneering dungeon moves landed her in a legal battle with Broward authorities.

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Protesters Threaten to Disrupt Christmas on Las Olas Because of Homeless Laws

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Photo by Alex Markow
For the past few weeks, the City of Fort Lauderdale has garnered bad press around the world for enacting ordinances that aim to crack down on the city's homeless population.

Although the initial outrage has somewhat blown over, some protesters are vowing to dig in and fight the ordinances for the long haul, in hopes they will be revoked. Jillian Pim, an activist with Food Not Bombs, is now on her 24th day of a hunger strike, and three people have since joined her.

Also, some are threatening to hurt the city economically. Activists claiming association with Anonymous have called for boycotts, and now, a campaign called "Christmas Is Cancelled" threatens to disrupt Christmas on Las Olas, a big annual winter celebration for the city. It has been a tradition for 52 years, and this year's event is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 2.

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Brazilian Airline Azul Gets Approval to Fly to and From Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

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Mariordo Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz via Wikimedia Commons
The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration has approved Brazilian airline Azul to begin flights to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport starting December 2.

Former JetBlue founder and current Azul CEO David Neeleman -- who was raised in Miami -- has led the airline for the past six years, flying to more than 100 destinations throughout his native Brazil.

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Elijah Velez, FSU Shooting Victim, Returns Home to Miramar

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Elijah Velez, an 18-year-old FSU student who was one of three victims shot last week at the Robert Manning Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus, has returned home to Miramar and recounting his harrowing experience.

Velez, a freshman at FSU, spoke with a few local news stations, describing how he heard shots before running and then getting hit.

Velez, who was grazed by a bullet, told CBS Miami he heard shots being fired before spotting the shooter, Myron May, coming toward him. He also says he holds no resentment for the shooter.

See also: Rick Scott Releases Statement About FSU Shootings, Fails to Mention He Passed More Gun Laws Than Any Other Governor

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Lawton Cohen Arrested for Killing Woman by Running Over Her Twice

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Lawton Cohen
A Tamarac man is in custody on first-degree murder charges after killing a woman by running her over with his pickup truck twice.

Lawton Cohen, 53, was arrested for killing Barbara Sapp, 55 years old, after the two got into an argument outside a food store in Pompano Beach on Saturday night. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Sapp leaned into the truck and was knocked down when Cohen stepped on the gas. He then reversed to back up over her body once and then drove forward to run over her again. Sapp was taken to the hospital, where she eventually died from her injuries.

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Two Men Arrested in Chase After Attempted ATM Heist in Lake Worth

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Apostoloff via Wikimedia Commons
There have to be easier ways to make some money than stealing an ATM. That's probably among the thoughts this morning speeding through the minds of the would-be criminal masterminds who have botched an overnight heist in Lake Worth. Police currently have two suspects in custody after a dramatic four-county car chase.

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The Dolphins Kick the Dumbest Onsides Kick In the History of Onsides Kicks, Choke Against the Broncos

The Dolphins nearly pulled it off. Nearly were able to take down the juggernaut Denver Broncos in their own stadium. Nearly put themselves in the thick of the AFC race. Nearly gave the fans the most meaningful win in several seasons.

And then they totally Dolphin'd and ended up dropping another heart-wrecker as Peyton Manning threw four touchdowns en route to a 39-36 win.

Now the Dolphins find themselves 6-5 with the playoff window narrowing and their postseason dreams fading fast. And while the offense put up 36 points, it wasn't enough, as the usual potent defense crumbled and faded.

Here are six things we learned from the loss:

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