Diarrhea Super Bug Is Spreading Through Broward, Health Officials Warn

There's a literal shitstorm spreading through Broward County, apparently.

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County has sent out a warning about a crazy diarrhea bug that's apparently spreading throughout schools and daycare centers lately.

Officials say that Broward County has been showing an increase in cases where the super terrible poop bug known as Shigellosis is on the rise, according to a news release from the Florida Department of Health.

Shigellosis comes from the Shigella bacteria, which is basically Montezuma's Revenge on steroids, with symptoms lasting from 48 to 72 hours.

And it is contagious.

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Delray Beach Doctor Grows Patient's Finger Back After Horse Bit It Off

Categories: Health

Even the nail is growing back
There's a miracle worker in Delray Beach, a wizard in a white robe who can make make appendages grow back like an amphibian.

His name is Eugenio Rodriguez, a surgeon schooled at the University of Puerto Rico, who just made a jockey's finger grow back.

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Florida Mother Wants Medical Marijuana for Her 2-Year-Old Daughter

A Tampa woman wants to get medical marijuana to save her 2-year-old daughter's life.

Although she's still getting her cancer-stricken daughter conventional treatment, such as radiation therapy, Moriah Barnhart says that's not enough.

And she wants options other than just chemotherapy. Medical marijuana, Barnhart says, would work better than chemotherapy, particularly considering chemo's long-term effects.

As it is, medical marijuana remains illegal in Florida.

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Dengue Fever Might Be Spreading Throughout Florida

Killer pythons, Herpes Monkeys, kittens with rabies.

What else ya got, Florida?

Dengue-fever-carrying mosquitoes, you say?


As we wrote about last month, the Florida Department of Health confirmed three cases of dengue fever contracted in Florida.

And now, it's apparently spreading, with the number ballooning to 15 in a few weeks.

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Middle Schoolers Are Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

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Terry Ozon - Flickr / creative commons
Yesterday, the American Lung Association warned that middle and high school children are smoking electronic cigarettes at a "troubling" rate.

Data released from the Centers for Disease Control shows that between 2011-2012, the number of 6-12th graders reporting having ever used an e-cigarette more than doubled -- from 3.3 percent to 6.8 percent. Use of e-cigs among 6-12 year olds increased from 1.1 percent to 2.1 percent. (Six-year-olds???!!!) Twenty percent of the middle schoolers who admitted smoking e-cigs said they had never smoked a traditional cigarette, compared to 7.2 percent of high school students.

E-cigarettes are not just plain water vapor, as some people mistakenly believe.

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Florida Ranked 12th Least Obese State in the Nation

Florida is the 12th least fattest state in the nation.

That according to a report by the Trust for America's health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.



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Florida Health Officials Issue Warning of Brain-Eating Amoeba

The Florida Department of Health issued a warning this week of a rare brain-eating amoeba that feeds off brain cells.

The warning comes off the news of a 12-year-old boy affected with the parasite, currently fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at the Miami Children's Hospital.

Health officials have made the warning specifically for lakes and natural freshwater, where the amoeba can find the perfect temperature to thrive. The parasite travels through the nose and into the brain, where it devours cells.

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Sunscreen Regulated Like a Drug in Schools

Photo by Steve Hankins via Flickr CC
Students may return to school in the fall, but that doesn't mean much in South Florida. It's very much summer almost year round here, a state of affairs which should make protection from the sun an important part of our daily health regimen.

But many school districts treat sunscreen as an over-the-counter drug, like Tylenol or Motrin, and require parents, sometimes even doctors, to authorize use.

Florida guidelines from 2007 suggest schools require a physician's signature.

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Broward Man Inducted Into Breastfeeding Hall of Excellence

International symbol for breastfeeding
Lighthouse Point resident David Duresky is a breastfeeding champion. No, really, there's a a breastfeeding awareness month: August, and a "Breastfeeding Hall of Excellence," into which Duresky has been inducted.

Duresky was awarded $5,000 to "fund research, sponsor continuing education, purchase equipment" and/or "donate to the breastfeeding charity of [his] choice."

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Boy Scouts Not Allowing Obese Kids to Take Part in National Jamboree

boy scouts.jpg
The Boy Scouts of America is currently holding its 2013 National Jamboree, where scouts from all over the country converge in West Virginia to whitewater raft, climb mountains, zip lines, mountain bike, and participate in other Boy Scouty things.

But, apparently the scouts' body mass index criteria to take part in the jamboree excludes scouts with a BMI of 40 or higher.

So, basically, no fat kids.

But the the Obesity Action Coalition (or OAC) is calling on the BSA to change that.

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