Six Ways Rick Scott Has Screwed Florida

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Earlier this week, Rick Scott was called out on a couple of misleading campaign ads claiming that 300,000 Floridians have lost their insurance due to Obamacare.

But Florida Blue, the insurance company at the center of one of the ads, says this is not true.

Scott, however, is standing by the ad, having told reporters on Wednesday, "Clearly, the ad's accurate," according to the Miami Herald.

But a fact check shows that the ad is not accurate at all.

Of course, this is nothing new. Scott has screwed Florida multiple ways, then wiped down his screw-ups with a veneer of misinformation.

Here are just six of the things he's done that have made him a not-so-popular governor for our state:

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Rick Scott Expected to Make "Major Jobs Announcement" at Universal Orlando

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"I'll finally get my hands in that Harry Potter! NYAA!"
Gov. Rick Scott is in Orlando on Friday making what his office is calling a "major jobs" announcement.

What that announcement is remains a mystery wrapped in a serpenty grin.

What is certain is that the governor is going to be unveiling the new tourism-traffic figures, which are expected to be big.

Although the last time Scott promised a major announcement, it turned out it was not that big at all.

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Rick Scott Down 8 Points to Charlie Crist in Latest Poll

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Bad approval ratings? LET'S CUT MORE TAXES! NYAA!!
Rick Scott continues to be unliked by many amounts of people, despite the fact that he's changed his mind about things like Medicaid expansion and despite declaring his love for Florida panthers, and his efforts to put money in people's pockets with the magical elixir known as "tax-cuts."

And while he's gained momentum and caught up to Charlie Crist in the polls, at least one pollster says that Scott's momentum has hit a bit of a lull.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows that Scott is now back down by 8 points to Crist.

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Rick Scott Proposes $74 Billion Budget That Would Go to Tax Breaks

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Abracadabra......... TAX CUTS! NYAA!!
On Monday, in a sort of unofficial re-election kick-off, Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his budget plans for the year, only to be drowned out by the news that medical marijuana would be allowed on the ballot in November.

Scott proposed a $74.19 billion budget proposal, which includes things like tax-breaks for businesses, nearly $600 million in tax cuts, and bonuses for state workers (but, no raises).

Scott wants the state to up their spending on public schools by $542 million this year.

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Rick Scott To Ask For More Money For Public Schools

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Gov. Rick Scott is expected to ask for more money for schools on Monday. His aides are calling his morning presser "an historic announcement," though he did this last year, and is expected to ask for less this time around.

Scott will be hitting up S.D. Spady Elementary School in Delray, where he's expected to outline his education budget recommendations.

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Rick Scott Says He'll Vote Against Medical Marijuana

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"No medical marijuana for you EVER. NYAA!!"
In what is pretty much the least shocking news item you'll read all day, Gov. Rick Scott says he'll vote against the legalization of medical marijuana should it make it to the 2014 ballot.

And while 80 percent of Floridians are for the legalization of medical marijuana and Scott's popularity is slightly above getting a root canal and his likely challenger, Charlie Crist, has already publicly come out for medical weed, Scott remains steadfast in his GOPerness when it comes to the issue, essentially saying he understands people are sick and need it, but drugs are bad.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Follow Chris Christie Around Florida this Weekend

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New Jersey Governor Chris A Bridge Too Far Christie is hitting up Florida this weekend on a Rick Scott fundraising tour, and Democratic National Committee chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will pretty much be following him around with her own press conferences.

Wasserman Schultz plans to attack Scott and Christie's records as the two bro it out throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, and Orlando.

This trip marks the first time Christie will make a speech as president of the Republican Governors Association, and the first time he's been away from New Jersey where he is currently embroiled in a bridge scandal.

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Carlos Lopez-Cantera Is the New Lt. Governor, Rick Scott Announces

It took almost a year, but Rick Scott has finally named himself a new Lt. Governor. And it's Miami-Dade Property Appraiser, Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

Scott announced his decision Tuesday morning.

The Madrid, Spain-born Lopez-Cantera becomes Florida's first Hispanic lieutenant governor, taking over for Jennifer Carroll, who resigned from the position last March following the controversy with her involvement with an internet-cafe company.

Lopez-Cantera, 39, is youthful, considered to have media savvy, and is Hispanic. But, most importantly, he's Hispanic.

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BCS Prediction: Rick Scott Says FSU Will Beat Auburn

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"Football! NYAA!!"
While Rick Scott has been taking his sweet-ass time in choosing a lieutenant governor, he sure has been quick to get all up about tonight's BCS Championship game between the Florida State Seminoles and Auburn Tigers.

Scott has managed to make the requisite arbitrary bet between government officials whenever two teams play in a championship of some kind.

He's also apparently gotten into the prediction game, offering the Miami Herald his take on how things will roll tonight.

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Rick Scott's Internal Polls Have Him Losing to Everybody

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"I'm STILL gonna pull this off. Because, Florida. NYAA!"
Rick Scott's pollster, Tony Fabrizio, has some bad news for Rick Scott.

According to the poll, either Charlie Crist or Bill Nelson would beat Scott in a mano-to-mano general election hoedown.

The poll also shows that ex-GOPer/ex-Independent/Brand New Democrat Crist is suddenly a lot more governory than long-time Democrat Nelson.

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