Danny Granger Makes Bleacher Report Eat Its Words on Christmas Day

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Just two days before Christmas, in one of those delicious stories the internet was built for, the popular website Bleacher Report -- and some guy (from Portland, Oregon!) named Tom Sunnergran, dropped a bomb on Heat small forward Danny Granger.

"Danny Granger's NBA Career Coming to a Swift and Painful Close," read the headline.

Then, on Christmas Day, before a national audience, Granger played a great game and saved the Heat in its most important victory of the year against old teammate LeBron James.

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Fort Lauderdale Leaders, Except for Trantalis, Duck Out of Homeless Meeting (Updated)

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(Update: Chaz Adams, Fort Lauderdale's public affairs manager, sent the following response to this story: To clarify, the meeting was called by Commissioner Trantalis as a District 2 meeting and not coordinated with any other Commissioner or the Mayor. In addition, the meeting was not advertised, so if another Commissioner or the Mayor had shown up, the meeting would not have been able to proceed forward under Sunshine Laws.)

Dozens of angry -- and hopeful -- people gathered at Fort Lauderdale City Hall on Monday night to talk about the homeless.

Not only did Commissioner Dean Trantalis acknowledge that the commission had acted too hastily in passing a law that severely restricts feeding the homeless but he called for suspended enforcement. "We're here now," said Trantalis, who called the meeting and was the only city elected leader who showed up.

None of the other city commissioners nor Mayor Jack Seiler attended.

See also: Fort Lauderdale's Controversial Homeless Feeding Restrictions Spark National Outrage

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Florida Supreme Court to BSO: Stop Phone Tracking Without Warrants

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The Florida Supreme Court fired a shot across the bow of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel yesterday.

In a 5-2 decision, the court ruled BSO cops had no right to stop and arrest Shawn Tracey, whom they stopped with a brick of cocaine and $23,000 cash.

The court said police need a search warrant approved by a judge to track someone's movements. In Tracey's case, a warrant had been obtained, but only for calls from the phone.

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Alan Cherry, Longtime Sun-Sentinel Reporter/Editor, Dies

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Alan Cherry was a gruff son of a bitch. He was smart. Broward County politicians -- particularly cops -- quaked when they heard his name.

Cherry died this past weekend. He was 64.

I worked with Cherry long ago in a Sun Sentinel bureau in Pembroke Pines. Along with Ardy FrIedberg, another gruff son of a bitch, he kept the Hollywood Police under siege. Here's an example of their excellent work.

He would later go on to be a top Sentinel editor in the downtown office.

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LeBron James Will Opt Out of Contract, ESPN's Chris Broussard Tweets

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LeBron Bucks 1.jpg

ESPN analyst Chris Broussard Tweeted this morning that LeBron James will opt out of his Miami Heat contract, throwing the NBA and Miami Heat into chaos.

Broussard Tweeted at 9:23 a.m. that LeBron's agent, Rich Paul, has told the Heat he will exercise the player option on his contract.

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Mandy Dawson: First Black Female Legislator, Health Care Chairwoman, Jailed Again

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In better days
Cops arrested Mandy Dawson, Broward County's first black female legislator, and took her to jail in Daytona Beach last Friday.

It was, hopefully, the last stop in the downhill slide for the woman who represented central Broward County for 16 years. Dawson improperly took money from disgraced Hollywood lobbyist and power broker Alan Mendelsohn. She then failed to pay tax on $29,000 of it and went to jail.

It was one of the ugliest scandals in Broward County history, and Dawson was the only politician charged.

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Little Birdman Gianni Zandri Wants the Trophy Back

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Courtesy of Little Birdman
If you plan to watch tonight's Miami Heat NBA Finals home opener against the San Antonio Spurs, you might notice a curious sight down in the fourth row of Section 116.

It will be one of South Florida's weirdest media sensations: Little Birdman.

Yeah, 11-year-old Gianni Zandri will again likely be the most popular kid at the NBA Finals. You might remember him. He was adorable in a Mohawk, dozens of tattoos drawn on with Sharpies, and a replica Heat jersey of Chris "Birdman" Andersen. Last year, he made good buddies with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen before the Heat invited him to the locker room to hold the Larry O'Brien trophy. More recently, the kid has become, like, best buddies with rappers Big Black and Vanilla Ice.

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Rick Scott Has Spent More Than $400,000 to Test State Employees' Urine

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"Feed me pee-pee!" - Rick Scott (allegedly).
Florida Gov. Rick Scott wanted to drug-test state employees, and he put your money where his mouth is.

Lawyers' bills for him -- and you -- to defend this proposal have come to $381,654.45, according to data from the state obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union under a Freedom of Information Act request. That doesn't include staff attorney time or time spent setting up the program, which was enjoined in 2011.

"The governor is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars paying private lawyers to push the extreme idea that government can treat anyone like a suspected criminal," said ACLU of Florida staff attorney Shalini Goel Agarwal.

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Spurs Look Better Than Miami Heat on Paper

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Not to get ahead of ourselves, but after last night's Heat thrashing of the Indiana Pacers, 102-90, we are looking ahead to the San Antonio Spurs (again) in the NBA Finals.

Warning: The Spurs are really, really good. They top the Heat in most statistical categories, including NBA Finals appearances. The Spurs have been there five times, the Heat four. This past year, the Texans (if you can call 'em that) also outscored, outrebounded, and shot better from behind the three-point line than the Heat.

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Famed Photographer of Nudes Bunny Yeager Dead at 85

Wikimedia Commons
Yeager at the Miami Book Fair
South Florida's most famous -- and infamous -- photographer of nudes, Bunny Yeager, is dead at 85.

Yeager was born in Pennsylvania and found fame in 1955, when she lived with -- and photographed -- pinup model Bettie Page on the Miami River. Her picture of Page -- nude next to a Christmas Tree, appeared in the 1955 issue of Playboy.

See a slideshow of her work in the Fabulous Bunny Yeager

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