"The Hallmark Kid" Ryan Lipner Arrested on Grand Theft Charge

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Ryan Lipner is no stranger to the pages of New Times. From his weird crusade to own a greeting-card store empire to his continual campaigns for political office to a lawsuit against his own parents for child support, trouble always seems to be following the dude. Now, after years of stunts, Lipner is facing criminal charges of grand theft and criminal solicitation.

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Florida High Schoolers Sue School District, Sheriff's Office for Missing Prom

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Morgan Kleabir got to spend only five minutes at her high school prom -- not even long enough to take a selfie.
Prom is a time to create either precious memories or future therapy fodder, depending on what clique you run with. But for a group of Jensen Beach High School girls, the event was reason to craft a bizarre lawsuit and file it in federal court.

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Diego Rastrojo, Colombian Drug-Trafficking Kingpin, Sentenced to 30 Years

Photo by Zxc via Wikipedia Commons
Diego Rastrojo, the extradited drug kingpin authorities say was the leader of a Colombian organization mainly responsible for drug trafficking to the U.S., was sentenced in a federal court in Florida, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Wifredo A. Ferrer, announced Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Patricia A. Seitz sentenced Rastrojo, whose real name is Diego Perez Henao, to 30 years in prison. Perez Henao, 43, was also ordered to pay $1 million to the United States.

Perez Henao was arrested in Venezuela in June 2012 with the help of Colombian police.

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Three Teenagers Shot Dead in Palm Beach County; Victims Identified

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Photo by Heather via Flickr cc

In one of the bloodiest incidents in recent Palm Beach County history, three teenagers were murdered Monday in Mangonia Park. Nineteen-year-old Carley Chapman and 17-year-olds Martavious Brown and Se'sawn Danford were shot to death in a Mangonia Park apartment on Australian Avenue, Palm Beach deputies say.

Neighbors reported shooting just after 10 a.m. Monday at the Hampton Court Apartments. When deputies arrived, they discovered Brown and Chapman dead. Danford was wounded and died on the way to the hospital.

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Ex-Owner of Florida Arena Football Team Redirected Franchise Website to Sex Offender Registry, Lawsuit Says

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Tampabay721 via Wikimedia Commons
Usually, you don't see enough high-level punking among grown adults in corporate positions. Bravo. *Slow clap*

According to a lawsuit now grinding through the legal system in Chicago, Florida arena-football owner David Pearsall isn't a guy you want to mess with. A former owner with the Arena Football One league, Pearsall got into a squabble with the organization after his franchise was revoked. Then things got interesting.

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Lynn Rosenthal, Broward Judge Arrested for Crashing Into Cop Car, Says Doctor Gave Wrong Ambien Prescription

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On Wednesday, Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal entered a no-contest plea to a reckless-driving charge after ramming her black BMW SUV into a police car in the Broward County Courthouse parking lot back in May.

Rosenthal, who was not in court while her lawyer entered the plea, was sentenced to three months of probation and 25 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution.

At the time of her arrest, Rosenthal had admitted to taking Ambien, a prescription sleeping pill, the night before her accident.

Her attorney, Brian Silber, sent out a news release in hopes of explaining Rosenthal's arrest, and so that the "public can put this matter to rest once and for all."

The explanation, according to the release, and to what Silber told New Times, was that Rosenthal was accidentally given the wrong prescription by her physician.

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Offering a Traffic App

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Photo by DanielZanetti via Wikipedia Commons
Being stuck in traffic sucks. But now, instead of having to look up why the traffic in Palm Beach suddenly got so wretched while still driving or waiting for the next update from the radio station, you can get an audio update thanks to a new traffic app.

The PBSO has partnered with the Audible Media Group to offer residents an audio traffic app for their Android or iPhone.

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When Your Medical Marijuana Business Fails, You're Screwed

Illustration by Colin Hayes
As support for Amendment 2 picks up across the state, Floridians are eager to get their hands in the medical weed industry game. But it's become clear recently that the Republican-controlled Legislature might cap the number of dispensaries and limit the number of people who can cash in.

Consider California. When medical pot was first legalized there, dispensaries popped up everywhere. Voters decided to limit them, and many closed down, leaving would-be entrepreneurs in the dust.

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Says It's No Surprise Florida Cops Were Linked to KKK

U.S. Information Agency, via Wikimedia Commons
The Ku Klux Klan on parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The nickname of Fruitland Park, Florida, might be "The Friendly City," but something sinister is lurking behind the Lake County city's fa├žade of Southern hospitality.

Deputy Police Chief and Fire Chief David Borst stepped down last Thursday after the FBI confronted him with evidence that he was involved in the Ku Klux Klan -- the white supremacist group that emerged following the Civil War and is known for its conical hats.

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Louis Salgar Murder: Details Emerge on Suspect Who Shut Down Palm Beach

Via Florida Department of Corrections and St. Johns County Sheriff's Office
In 1996, Raul Reinosa was arrested in Duval County for armed robbery.
It was Fourth of July in St. Augustine when a cop spotted Raul Reinoso Martinez pushing a beaten-up bike down A1A. A car braked as he cut across the road, and the homeless-looking man angrily slammed on the vehicle's hood.

When Officer Todd Smith called the man over, he noticed Martinez was carrying a small bayonet and knife in his pants. He started talking about how much he loved the officer and loved God. He also mentioned spending some time in Miami.

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