Florida Man Who Allegedly Murdered Woman With Sledgehammer Arrested in Broward Hotel

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On Thursday evening, the body of Port Saint Lucie resident Alisa Susan Kerman, 52, was found in her home. She had been bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer.

The two people who lived with Kerman, David Weingard, 27, and Georgia Scordamaglia, 31, had gone missing, along with some firearms Kerman had in the home.

Kerman, who owned a bounce-house company, also had her red 2003 Chevrolet Silverado taken.

On Sunday night, police caught up with Weingard and Scordamaglia at a Broward hotel.

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Fort Lauderdale Police: Ultramodern Crime-Solving; Now Ethics?

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What if Fort Lauderdale Police mapped the city's gun owners and increased patrols only in those neighborhoods where guns were concentrated?

And if those neighborhoods were mostly black? Or Hispanic? Or white?

How about if cops, taking advantage of a smart partnership with big data experts IBM, targeted crime-heavy neighborhoods to the exclusion of your neighborhood?

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Boca Raton Bar Mitzvah DJ Performed Oral Sex on Underaged Girl, Police Allege

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Let's just get this out of the way first.

OK, that's better. Now, last week, a familiar face on the Boca Raton party scene was taken into police custody after allegations of sexual assault arose. When we say party scene, we're not talking about nightclubs. Jesse Coursey is a dance instructor and DJ at area Sweet 16s, bar mitzvahs, and weddings -- exactly the type of gatherings that would put him in close range to underaged girls. The 31-year-old Lake Worth resident allegedly took advantage of the role on Memorial Day 2012.

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Anthony "Little Tony" Ferrari Found Guilty in Miami Subs Founder's Execution

Anthony "Little Tony" Ferrari, who had been accused of having Miami Subs founder Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis rubbed out in a Mob-style hit, has been found guilty of murder and murder conspiracy.

The jury handed down its verdict after seven hours of deliberation.

Ferrari and Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello were accused of putting together the plot to have Boulis killed on the night of February 6, 2001.

See also: Gus Boulis, Miami Subs Founder, Murder Trial Finally Begins

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Fort Lauderdale Community Outreach Leader Accused of Molesting Young Girls

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Henry "Bud" Read III, an 84-year-old Fort Lauderdale community leader, is facing child molestation accusations, police say.

Read was arrested after the two young girls he allegedly fondled last November came forward.

The victims say this wasn't the only time Read did this.

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"Black Jesus" and His Accomplices Arrested for Trying to Steal $450,000 Worth of Cocaine

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Jean Cazy, AKA "Black Jesus" (Broward Sheriff's Office).
Six West Palm Beach men loaded with an arsenal of weapons and led by a dude who went by the name "Black Jesus" were arrested by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives after a sting operation that set them up to rob $450,000 worth of "pure Colombian cocaine."

According to federal prosecutors, Black Jesus and his men were set up to rob the coke from an apparent drug trafficker. The operation was arranged by a disgruntled insider who "hired" the men to pull off the heist.

The insider turned out to be an undercover federal agent.

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Florida Inmates Forging Documents to Get Out of Jail Has Become "Cottage Industry," Officials Say

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Last week, two inmates were able to escape the Florida prison system by having some papers forged that allowed them early release.

And while the two men were eventually caught, authorities have found themselves with a kind of conundrum: These aren't the only guys trying to get out of prison using the phony-documents method.

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Three Men Arrested for Selling Fake Body Armor at Gun Shows in Florida

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Three men who manufactured and then sold phony body armor at gun shows in Florida have been arrested, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Orlando Regional Operations Center.

According to ballistics tests done on the fake armor, the jackets offered no ballistics protection.

So, if someone purchased one of these suckers and then wore it and got shot, they'd be screwed.

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Boynton Woman Gave Credit Cards to Cops So They Could Hire a Hit Man for Her

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(Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)
A Boynton Beach woman hated her husband so much that she wanted to have him killed. So she gave a couple of cops credit cards to give to a potential hit man.

The cops said they were cops. They were wearing tactical vests that said POLICE on them. They were very obviously cops. If they were any more coppish, they'd each have a billy club and speak with thick Irish accents.

She still gave them the credit card to find a hit man for her anyway.

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Fort Lauderdale Man Shot Grandmother's Dog With Shotgun, Police Say

A Fort Lauderdale man walked over to his grandmother's house with a shotgun, said "he had something for Grandma," and then shot her German shepherd mix.

The dog was hospitalized but eventually died from her wounds.

Police have no motive for the shooting, other than the man saying he had something for his grandmother.

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