Fort Lauderdale Police Now Admit Stopping More Blacks for Bicycle Registration Violations

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Last Friday, New Times broke the story about the Broward Public Defender's Office stepping up to challenge the Fort Lauderdale Police Department on the practice of using the city's bike ordinance to stop African-Americans in a disproportionate number. "Biking while black," as Howard Finkelstein called it, is a clear case of "racial profiling."

The Fort Lauderdale PD pushed back against Finkelstein's assertions last week and also questioned his office's stats. But now, the police have backtracked, admitting Finkelstein's numbers pointing out a disparity are on point.

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Dolphins Fan Beats the Crap Out of Jets Fan With PVC Pipe

A Miami Dolphins fan was arrested after he did what every Miami Dolphins fan dreams of but hardly ever actually acts on -- he beat the shit out of a Jets fan with a PVC pipe.

And before you judge the Fins fan, keep in mind that Jets fans are notorious for being obnoxious and insufferably arrogant about their team for no reason and are pretty much all-around despicable people, even though their team hasn't won anything since the Beatles were still together.

We're not saying we condone this kind of behavior. It's deplorable and awful. We're just pointing out some stuff about Jets fans.


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Gerard Lopes Belmonte Jury Starts Deliberations

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The jury in the Gerard Lopes Belmonte trial started deliberations on Tuesday following a brief trial of a gruesome and tragic murder.

On Monday, the jury heard the closing arguments and will now decide the fate of Lopes, who stands accused of raping and murdering his adoptive mother, Natalie Belmonte.

The defense closed things out by trying to persuade that there is plenty of evidence to create reasonable doubt, including the argument that Lopes and Belmonte had consensual sex and that their relationship went beyond that of a mother and son.

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Stand Your Ground Increased Florida's Justifiable Homicides by 200 Percent, Study Says

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So is Stand Your Ground on the ropes or here to stay? Since the outrage boiling over after the George Zimmerman trial verdict, there's been a lot of talk across the state about reforming the shoot-first legislation.

But even if -- somehow -- the political will shifted toward dismantling the NRA's key piece of legislation, the law's effects have already been tremendous in its relatively short lifespan. We've all heard about the big-headline cases, but according to a new study, Stand Your Ground has dramatically altered how cases of justifiable homicide are classified in the Sunshine State.

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Terry Jones, Islam-Hating Wacko Pastor, Arrested Trying to Burn 2,998 Qur'ans in Barbecue Grill

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We all go through these small-scale personal ceremonies on days like September 11. You might light some candles or call up a buddy whose brother died when the towers tumbled.

Terry Jones, the riot-inducing Florida pastor with the 19th-century facial hair and ninth-century sense of religious conviction? He loves to burn Qur'ans, and the Gainesville resident had a big ol' spectacle planned yesterday. Luckily, police stepped in.

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Florida Woman's Face Destroyed by Cops in Horrifying DUI Stop [Warning: Graphic Video]

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Early in the morning on August 10, Christina West was pulled over by police after crashing her vehicle on the roads of Tallahassee. A video affixed to the cop cars captured the bust and exposed what may be one of the most violent and horrifying DUI stops in recent state history.

Cops ripped the 44-year-old woman out of a police car and slammed her face into the pavement as she screams.

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Five Weirdest Revelations From Jude Deveraux's Testimony in Fortuneteller Fraud Case

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Fantasy man.
As if the court case up in West Palm pitting a fortuneteller against her former clients couldn't get any weirder, this week the Rose Marks trial went to warp speed. Jude Deveraux -- the bestselling romance novelist at the center of the $25 million fraud allegations -- took the stand this week. When we were putting together an earlier investigation into psychic fraud, we bumped into a lot of wild tales. Deveraux's testimony was by far the strangest and saddest we've ever heard involving mediums milking money from clients.

See also: How Modern Fortunetellers Pull Off Their Scams

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Florida Man Accused of Eating Victim's Eyeball and Brains Sentenced to 60 Years

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Tyree Lincoln Smith, a Florida man who beat a homeless Connecticut man to death with an ax and then ate his eyeball and parts of his brain, was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a Connecticut psychiatric hospital for up to 60 years.

A three-judge Bridgeport panel could have ordered Smith released, but he was deemed a danger to himself and others.

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Jennifer Efre Deberry, Coral Springs Dance Teacher, Had Sexual Relationship With Student, Police Say

Broward Sheriff's Office
After an eight-month investigation, a dance instructor from Coral Springs has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her male students.

On Friday, Jennifer Efre Deberry was booked on felony lewd and lascivious battery by police. The 30-year-old allegedly started her relationship with the unnamed student when he was 15. As part of the evidence sealing the deal, police say there are 117 pages of creepy, hot-and-heavy text messages between the two.

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Top Bolivian Anti-Corruption Cop Extorted Exiled Businessman in South Florida, FBI Says

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Evo Morales.
Exhibit 3,304,034,098 of how South American political intrigue crash lands in South Florida: this week, a top-rung Bolivian police official made an appearance in a Fort Lauderdale federal court.

Mario Fabricio Ormachea Aliaga - known (no kidding) by the perfect Bond-villain moniker, "the Colonel" - is accused of coming to the US to squeeze a bribe from an exiled Bolivian businessman currently seeking asylum from the government of President Evo Morales.

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