Florida Circumcision Case: Lawyer Says Most Physicians Lack Education on Male Genitalia

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"It's my experience that most physicians are poorly educated when it comes to the anatomy of the normal male genitalia," says Atlanta-based trial attorney and civil mediator, David Llewellyn.

Llewellyn, who specializes in medical malpractice, particularly in the areas of genital injury, circumcision damage, and wrongful circumcision, for Johnson & Ward, admits that circumcision cases, such as the one New Times reported on about a Boynton Beach woman asking the Fourth District Court of Appeals to stop a court order to keep her 3-year-old son from being circumcised, are always highly emotional.

But, Llewellyn says, an ongoing problem lies with poor education among parents, and even physicians.

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The Guy Who Wants to Marry His Computer Is Back With Another Insane Court Filing

Jeff777BC via wikimediacommons
Baby, you look so nice tonight in that black plastic.
The world is filled with bitter little men who talk tough in legal filings, and Chris Sevier is a champ among them. Last month, the chronically annoying self-described "former Judge Advocate and combat veteran" tried to insert himself into a federal court case to see if Florida will acknowledge gay marriages performed elsewhere. His tongue-in-cheek argument: Damn, if we're going to let the gays marry, why can't I marry my "porn filled Apple computer?"

Judge Robert Hinkle rightfully flushed his request and ordered Sevier to go back to his porn stash while the adults discuss serious business. Sevier didn't like that. He particularly, it seems, didn't like that his request was called "satirical" and "removed from reality." This week he filed another motion with the court for reconsideration.

In the new filing, Sevier, who is a lawyer, rambles all over the place, discusses how Muslims had a hand in the Holocaust, defends the Duck Dynasty guy, and generally shoots his witless, mouth-foaming haterade in every possible direction.

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Boynton Beach Police Caught on Video Using Chokehold, Kicking Students

Video by Terrence Denson via LiveLeak.com
Members of the Boynton Beach Police Department were caught on cell-phone video using excessive force on two seventh-graders they pulled off a school bus for bad behavior.

The two videos, uploaded to LiveLeak.com, show one officer putting one of the students in a chokehold and another officer kicking the other student in the back of the leg, causing him to fall to the ground.

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Florida Mom Fights Court Order to Circumcise Her 3-Year-Old Son

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Photo by Deirdra Funcheon

Update, 11 a.m.: The appeals court has granted the emergency order. A copy of the ruling is posted below.

Original story:

A Florida mother is hoping the Fourth District Court of Appeals will intervene and stop a court order that her 3-year-old son be circumcised.

Heather Hironimus of Boynton Beach and Dennis Nebus of Boca Raton had a child together in 2010 and entered into a parenting agreement more than a year later. The agreement clearly stated that the father would be responsible for scheduling and paying for the boy's circumcision.

But now that the boy is 3 and has not yet been circumcised, the mother objects, because, as court documents explain it, the procedure is "not medically necessary and she did not want to have the parties' son undergo requisite general anesthesia for fear of death."

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Michael Ralph Casey, Broward Lawyer Wanted by FBI, Considered Armed and Dangerous

via FBI
A Broward attorney who was charged with operating a multimillion-dollar fraud, is on the lam and is considered armed and dangerous, according to the FBI.

Michael Ralph Casey, 67, who practiced law in Fort Lauderdale, was indicted on federal mail and wire fraud conspiracy charges for his alleged involvement in a January 2010 to April 2011 investment scheme that defrauded hundreds of investors worldwide out of about $19 million.

Casey skipped out on his scheduled court hearing two weeks ago and hasn't been heard from since. Now, he's wanted by the FBI.

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Florida Man Rages, Robs After Hearing Cost of Subway's Cookies

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via Kimberly Vardeman, Wikimedia Commons
On May 1, a customer entered a Pompano Beach Subway looking nervous. He paced back and forth across the eatery's lobby before asking employee Joaquin Zapata to ring him up for a soda and chips. Apparently changing his mind at the register, he then inquired instead about the price of a sweeter side dish. Now police are looking for a man who thought the price of cookies was too damned high.

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Broward County Sheriff's Office Conducting DUI Checkpoints Friday and Saturday

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The Broward Sheriff's Office DUI Task Force will be out task-forcing on Friday and Saturday with a DUI checkpoint scheduled from 9 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. Saturday.

The DUI checkpoint will be set up at 380 S. Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach.

Officers from the BSO as well as other agencies will be actively enforcing DUI laws and identifying impaired drivers.

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Molena Mompoint, Broward Prosecutor, Busted on Meth Charge

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Last week, it was a Broward judge. This week, it's a Broward prosecutor.

Molena Mompoint, a Broward State Attorney's Office prosecutor from Fort Lauderdale, was arrested Monday evening on a possession-of-methamphetamine charge.

It's the second time within a week someone who is tasked with practicing and enforcing the law was nicked for drugs or alcohol.

On Friday, Gisele Pollack, Broward County circuit judge and misdemeanor drug court judge, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Plantation.

See also: Gisele Pollack, Broward County Drug Court Judge, Charged With DUI

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100 Murders Linked to Stormfront, Racist Website Based in West Palm Beach

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cometstarmoon via Flickr cc
Of all the murders that have been committed over the past five years, almost 100 were committed by people who were registered users of Stormfront, a West Palm Beach-based website for "white nationalists," according to a report released April 17 by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC says that the web forum "in effect acts to nurture budding killers and give them moral support" for violent hate crimes.

The report paints a damning picture of a certain type of murderer, a momma's boy who leans on his wife of girlfriend for support and blames the world - or the government, or certain racial or religious minorities - for his problems. Angry enough, egged on enough, and given access to a firearm, he kills.

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Gisele Pollack, Broward County Drug Court Judge, Charged With DUI

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Broward County circuit judge, and misdemeanor drug court judge, Gisele Pollack, who has had a history of substance abuse, including one time when she arrived to work drunk, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Friday morning in Plantation.

Pollack, who just a month ago took leave of her duties to deal with her personal problems, is now facing several charges, including DUI with damage to property or persons and failure to use due care.

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