Florida Retail Theft Ring Taken Down With Assistance From Broward County Sheriff's Office

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The Broward County Sheriff's Office was part of a state-wide Organized Retail Crime task force that helped nab a massive retail theft ring.

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, 16 people were arrested in the $15 million statewide shoplifting ring after a year-long investigation.

The Organized Retail Crime task force was a joint venture that included BSO, Miami-Dade Police, Doral police, Orange County Sheriff's Office, and Homeland Security.

Their investigation, dubbed Operation Over The Counter, resulted in the arrest of an organized theft ring that stretched from Miami, through Broward, and into Orlando.

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Amanda McClure, Suspect in Fatal DUI Crash, Arrested Again

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Amanda McClure, the woman accused of driving drunk and killing Patriot Guard Rider John Regan on I-95 near Palm Beach Gardens in September, is back in jail.

McClure, 25, of Palm City, was arrested Saturday night on charges of violating her probation, according to Palm Beach County Jail records.

At the time of her arrest, she had been waiting for her trial on DUI manslaughter charges.

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Sunrise PD Using a Secret Device to Monitor Phone Calls, ACLU Says

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If George Orwell and Stan Lee sat down to dream up a superdevice for trashing personal freedom and privacy, they'd probably come up with something like the Stingray.

The device, manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, allows police to target suspects based on their cell phone signals. If that isn't enough to make you fearfully clutch your copy of the U.S. Constitution, keep in mind that law enforcement agencies have been able to use the Stingray without a judge's permission.

Although the American Civil Liberties Union has suspected for some time that Florida law enforcement is using the device, agencies up until now have stayed silent, claiming that the tech is protected as a trade secret.

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Fort Lauderdale Man Busted for Selling Alcohol Illegally at 4 A.M. on a Monday

Google Maps
A modern-day speakeasy.
Speakeasies began sprouting up in the 1920s when a ban on alcohol prompted the sale of bootlegged liquor in clandestine bars. Nowadays your chances of stumbling into a speakeasy have significantly decreased, since Prohibition ended in the '30s.

But last Monday, Fort Lauderdale Police shut down the closest thing to it -- a loud party where a man was illegally selling alcohol.

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Kayla "2 Drunk 2 Care" Mendoza's Criminal Investigation Is in "Final Stages," FHP Says

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Kayla Mendoza
New Times began calling Florida Highway Patrol in late February for an update on Kayla Mendoza's criminal investigation. After all, it had been almost four months since Mendoza Tweeted "2 Drunk 2 Care," went behind the wheel, and caused a head-on collision that killed 21-year-old best friends Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante on the Sawgrass Expressway last November.

Since then, the families of Catronio and Ferrante have filed wrongful-death suits against Mendoza, her boyfriend who owned the car, and the restaurant that reportedly sold the 20-year-old alcoholic drinks, Tijuana Taxi Co.

Previously, Sgt. Mark Wysocky of Florida Highway Patrol would only tell New Times that the case was still a pending investigation. But after yesterday's blog post, he called to elaborate.

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Elroy Phillips, Inmate in Prison Due to Dirty Cop's Tainted Testimony, Still Trying to Be Set Free

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photo: Eric Barton

The attorney for Elroy Phillips is determined to have his client set free for what has amounted to an egregious and distorted miscarriage of the law.

Phillips, the 47-year-old West Palm Beach resident, has already spent the better part of a decade in prison for what he says is a false conviction for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop who turned out to be dirty.

Last week, a Miami-Dade judge upheld Phillips' 24-year prison sentence, despite both his attorney and the prosecution agreeing to have his 2002 conviction vacated.

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Kayla "2 Drunk 2 Care" Mendoza: No Charges Yet in Wrong-Way Crash

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The self-proclaimed "pothead princess."
The lives of three young women, all in their early 20s, unexpectedly intersected on the westbound lanes of the Sawgrass Expressway last November 17. Twenty-one-year-old best friends Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante were in a red Toyota heading west at 1:45 a.m. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Kayla Mendoza approached driving her boyfriend's white Hyundai at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, traveling east in the westbound lanes.

The young women collided a quarter mile from the University Drive exit in Coral Springs. The case drew worldwide attention when it was revealed that Mendoza had Tweeted "2 drunk 2 care" shortly before the collision.

Now, almost four months after that ill-fated night, Mendoza has still not been criminally charged.

See also: Alleged Killer Kayla Mendoza Tweets "2 Drunk 2 Care" Before Causing Horrific Accident

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Flagler High School Principal Arrested for Rape

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Flagler High School Principal Peter Nicholson has been arrested after allegedly raping a female employee at the charter school.

According to Broward Sheriff's Office Special Victims Unit detectives, Nicholson, 55, sexually assaulted the victim back on October 26 during working hours at the school, located on 1951 W. Copans Road in Pompano Beach.

He was arrested Wednesday afternoon on a rape charge.

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"Bathing in Nude Condition": Skinny-Dip Arrests in Fort Lauderdale

Photo by Harrieta171 via Wikipedia Commons
As if herpes and irritable seagulls weren't enough, Fort Lauderdale spring breakers can now add another potential hazard to their list of things to avoid on the beach.

"Bathing in Nude Condition" is against the law in Fort Lauderdale. This is the exact phrase used by a cop on a city police report (and quite possibly plagiarized from a Jane Austin sex scene... or Fernandina Beach city ordinances.)

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Florida Man With Spider Tattoo on His Face Is Now Wanted by Police

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Last week, our sister paper had a story about a Florida man so terrified of spiders, he decided to get a giant tattoo of one on his face.

As a sort of inked-up reverse psychology that he'll probably regret when he's an old man. Or when he tries to grow a beard.

Well, now there's an important update on Spider-Face Guy: He's being sought by police because he's wanted on a felony charge.

It shouldn't take cops long to get to him, unless he disappears into a crowd of people with giant spider tattoos on their faces. Then the cops are totally screwed.

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