Hal Kreitman, the Haligator, Asks For Donations to Fight Legal Fees Against the FWC

courtesy Hal Kreitman
Hal Kreitman, the "Gator Whisperer," who was the subject of a New Times story last month, was recently arrested by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on "harassment of a protected species" charges.

Kreitman could be facing a felony conservation charged.

Kreitman received a bit of attention after our piece ran, including television stints. Now he's using the internet again to try and have people donate to help him with his legal fees.

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West Palm Beach Teen Wins Appeal in Weed Bust Because Search Happened Before School

Molly Bergen
The person pictured above is not the teen discussed in this article, though we assume he would be pleased with the verdict.

A West Palm Beach teenager's conviction for possessing a half gram of weed was reversed because the cop who arrested him says he stopped the kid for truancy -- but the kid wasn't actually skipping school at the time, making the initial stop unlawful and the evidence obtained inadmissable.

According to a ruling by the appeals court issued on November 5, the kid, a 15-year-old referred to only as "J.R." in court documents because he's a minor, had his rights violated when the unnamed police officer stopped and searched him. The cop claims he saw J.R. leave a designated school bus stop before the bus arrived and believed the kid was skipping class, so he decided to see what the youngster was up to.

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Fort Lauderdale Business Owners: We Back the City on Homeless Feeding Regulations

Haylee Becker
Although the issue of sharing food with the homeless is viral right now, when the TV news station vans drive off, the city's businesses in downtown will still be there.

Some-business owners like Robin Merrill from the Upper Room Art Gallery are taking their support for the new food sharing regulations to the Twitterverse. Before Planting Peace President Aaron Jackson popped up in front of City Hall with 30 pizzas yesterday, Merrill posted a status backing the city.

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Sean Petrozzino, Quadruple Amputee Wanted as "Person of Interest" for Parents' Murder, Commits Suicide

Categories: Crime

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sean Petrozzino, a quadruple amputee who had been considered a "person of interest" in the shooting deaths of his parents, has committed suicide, according to Memphis police.

Authorities had initially believed Petrozzino was headed for Coral Springs in his dead father's car after police found his parents, Nancy Petrozzino, 64, and Michael Petrozzino, 63, murdered in their Orlando-area home.

The news report says Petrozzino shot himself after Memphis Police initiated a traffic stop on Monday night.

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When Cops Get Arrested, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Doesn't Put Their Booking Info Online

Officer Stephen Maiorino's mug shot has not been released by PBSO.
The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office has been selectively taking names of police officers who get arrested off the booking blotter, effectively giving busted cops special treatment over regular folks who get their names, mug shots, and personal information put online for all to see when they get thrown in jail.

A story published Sunday by the Palm Beach Post revealed the practice, which PBSO officials have since admitted to doing. Their excuse is that their computer program doesn't allow them to scrub officers' home addresses and birth dates, which is not allowed to be released to the public under state law. And since they can't take off that information, they decided to just leave police off the record entirely.

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Aaron Jackson, CNN Hero, Distributes Pizza to Homeless Outside City Hall

Dylan Bouscher
Aaron Jackson was prepared to be arrested for handing out 30 boxes of Little Caesars pizza in front of City Hall yesterday.

Instead, Fort Lauderdale Police officers cited Jackson, the president of Planting Peace who is known as a "CNN Hero" for his work deworming kids in Haiti and for painting a house the color of a rainbow in order to combat the hateful Westboro Baptist church. Police also cited Jill Machonis and Larry Murphy, two volunteers from the Homeless Voice newspaper, with notices to appear in court. Jackson says he'll be back in front of City Hall today at 4 p.m., while Homeless Voice founder Sean Cononie will be picketing outside Mayor John P. Jack Seiler's home Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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Anonymous, Others Threaten to Boycott Fort Lauderdale Because of Homeless Laws

Via Facebook
Underneath a beautiful photo of seashells on the beach with a sunrise-splattered ocean in the background, angry comments are spewed all over the "Visit Fort Lauderdale" Facebook page.

"Feel free to add my name to the rapidly growing list of those who will not visit due to your Mayor arresting the gentleman who was feeding the homeless."

"After what you did to that man feeding the homeless, I wouldn't visit Fort Lauderdale if it were the last place on earth."

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Miramar Police Conducting DUI Checkpoint Tonight

Categories: Crime

Via Facebook
The weekend is finally here! Aww yeah... Time to get out there and unwind. Also time to get your drink on. Only, don't get your drink on and then get behind the wheel of a car. Because that would be dumb.

Not only could you cause a tragedy for yourself and others but you could also get busted. Tonight the Miramar Police are conducting a DUI checkpoint along the intersection of Miramar Parkway and South University Drive to catch any of you who decide to do that dumb thing.

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Sean Petrozzino, Quadruple Amputee Wanted as "Person of Interest" for Parents' Murder, May Be Headed to Coral Springs

Categories: Crime

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sean Petrozzino, a quadruple amputee, is considered a person of interest for the shooting deaths of his parents. Police are also saying that Petrozzino, 30, who grew up in South Florida, could be heading to Coral Springs.

Petrozzino is missing parts of his hands and feet as a result of a bacterial meningitis infection he suffered as an adolescent.

Orange County Police say Petrozzino was spotted in surveillance footage at an Orlando-area ATM on Tuesday, the same day his parents, Nancy Petrozzino, 64, and Michael Petrozzino, 63, were found murdered in their home. He was seen in the surveillance images with his father's red Toyota Camry, which police believe he's using to get around.

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Arnold Abbott, 90-Year-Old Activist, Cited Again for Feeding Homeless

Via Facebook
Arnold Abbott, the 90-year-old who was issued a citation earlier this week for feeding the homeless without adhering to new rules that would require him to obtain a permit and provide portable toilets, was cited again Wednesday night for the same reason.

Abbott since 1991 has made it a weekly habit to feed the hungry every Wednesday by the beach with his group, Love Thy Neighbor. Following his arrest being cited Sunday, Abbott made his intentions clear that he wouldn't stop helping the helpless. He says he expected to be stopped by police again, and he was.

Abbott's first arrest run-in with police drew massive attention to the new city ordinance that makes it unlawful for groups to feed the homeless in public areas unless they provide hand washing and toilet facilities, get permits and feed only in certain locations. The ordinance was passed in October. Homeless advocates say this effectively outlaws the food sharing, because churches and nonprofit groups could not reasonably bear the associated costs.

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