Sunrise Police Bust New York Police Officer in Cocaine Sting

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Undercover Sunrise Police officers posing as drug dealers have been luring people down to South Florida with the promise of cocaine deals and have apprehended several suspects -- one of them, a New York Police officer who was once named "Officer of the Year" at his precinct.

According to reports, NYPD Officer Philip LeRoy, 28, came to Florida on Monday to purchase what he thought was 10 kilos of cocaine at a cheap price. He was arrested on Tuesday.

Leroy, along with two other men, were apprehended by Sunrise Police in the sting.

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Off-Duty BSO Cop Accused of Arresting Man for Getting Good Parking Space First

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The parking lot where spots are earned.
When Clausel Pierre pulled into a parking space at a Deerfield Beach shoe store in January 2011, he didn't expect to get into an altercation with an off-duty BSO officer for not giving up the spot. But according to a lawsuit last month, that's exactly what happened, so he's suing the cop for the wrongful arrest that caused him physical pain and set in motion years of legal headaches to clear his name.

Detective Frank Maio allegedly attempted to park his vehicle in a spot in front of the 888 Shoes where he did off-duty security work. But not before Pierre parked his SUV in it first. And when Pierre got out to do some shopping, Maio ordered him to move. But Pierre refused, saying there was no reason to move -- the spot wasn't reserved, so why should he?

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Gregory Moore, Carjacking Suspect Considered Armed and Dangerous, Still at Large (UPDATED)

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Update: Moore has been captured. According to the FBI, Moore was caught at the Mangonia Park Tri-Rail station in West Palm Beach at around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Moore is being held in federal custody and is facing federal charges. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.

Original post:

Gregory Moore, the 35-year-old man police and FBI say shut down parts of Fort Lauderdale after shooting two people during a carjacking spree Tuesday morning, remains at large.

Moore's alleged carjacking spree snarled traffic on I-95 in Broward County and forced several schools in the area into lockdown on Tuesday as the FBI and Fort Lauderdale Police launched a massive manhunt. As more information trickled in throughout the day, it was revealed that Moore had allegedly shot two people while stealing their cars. One of the victims, an unidentified male, died from the gunshot wounds. The other victim, a woman, remains in critical condition, according to authorities.

Moore had recently been arrested after a separate shooting incident over the weekend.

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Lawsuit Against Cop Accused of Raping Woman at Gunpoint Says City Ignored Troubling Record

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The woman who alleges she was raped at gunpoint by a Boynton Beach Police officer has filed a lawsuit that holds no punches against the beleaguered police department.

Back in October, Boynton Beach Police Officer Stephen Maiorino was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior after he allegedly forced a woman to perform oral sex on him or else go to jail. Afterward, the woman says he continued the assault on the hood of his patrol car as he held a gun in his hand.

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John Goodman Asks for a Third Trial; Judge Shoots Down Request

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Polo mogul John Goodman has been convicted -- twice -- after being found guilty -- twice -- for DUI manslaughter in the 2010 death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson. Two weeks ago, Goodman was sentenced to serve 16 years in prison -- the same sentence he received the first time he was sentenced.

Goodman has had two chances, two sets of attorneys, and two sets of juries in two separate cities to prove his innocence.

But that hasn't stopped Goodman from asking for a third trial. Yet, unlike his second trial, a judge has decided Goodman has no legal reason to go for the trifecta and has shot down the request.

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"Wandering Romantic" Christian School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex with Student

Broward County Sheriff's Office
Eric Beasley
A Christian high school teacher caught having sex with a 14-year-old student plans to plead guilty this week and could face up to 20 years in prison. But his attorneys are asking for leniency, claiming their client is just a hopeless romantic.

Eric Beasley, 25, was a biology teacher at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach back in April when he was caught by a Lighthouse Point police officer having sex with the underaged girl in the back of his 2008 Dodge behind a strip mall. Although Beasley and the girl claimed to be consenting adults who met online, the hawk-eyed cop continued to question the girl, who admitted that she was only 14 and that Beasley was teaching more than just creationism.

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Boynton Beach Senior Citizen Assaults Roommate After Argument Over Open Refrigerator

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Cosoleto via wikimedia commons
Shut the damn door.
We've all had those small-change domestic spats with our roommates that end up blowing into big deals. Where's my favorite hoodie? Why didn't you DVR this week's Big Bang Theory? Shut the fucking refrigerator door. You know the drill.

Unfortunately for a pair of Palm Beach County senior citizens, a little argument about something we can all relate to ended in a call to the sheriff's department and criminal charges.

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Lawton Cohen Arrested for Killing Woman by Running Over Her Twice

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Lawton Cohen
A Tamarac man is in custody on first-degree murder charges after killing a woman by running her over with his pickup truck twice.

Lawton Cohen, 53, was arrested for killing Barbara Sapp, 55 years old, after the two got into an argument outside a food store in Pompano Beach on Saturday night. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Sapp leaned into the truck and was knocked down when Cohen stepped on the gas. He then reversed to back up over her body once and then drove forward to run over her again. Sapp was taken to the hospital, where she eventually died from her injuries.

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Two Men Arrested in Chase After Attempted ATM Heist in Lake Worth

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Apostoloff via Wikimedia Commons
There have to be easier ways to make some money than stealing an ATM. That's probably among the thoughts this morning speeding through the minds of the would-be criminal masterminds who have botched an overnight heist in Lake Worth. Police currently have two suspects in custody after a dramatic four-county car chase.

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John Goodman Again Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

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John Goodman has been sentenced to 16 years in prison, the same sentence he received after his first trial.

Goodman is being given credit for time served. He has served a total of 152 days in jail. In addition, a request for posttrial bond was denied by the judge.

The defense says it is filing a notice of appeal.

Goodman will remain in Palm Beach County Jail for the time being.

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