Tariq Ahmad, Teacher Accused of Raping Students at Islamic Private School, Previously Worked for Broward County Schools

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New details are shaking out over the alleged off-limits activities of one Broward private school teacher and his students. Last week, Pembroke Pines Police announced they were looking for Tariq Ahmad, a teacher and head of school at the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City. The 35-year-old is facing sex-crimes-related charges stemming from alleged abusive relationships with students in the late 2000s. Reports of the police search were followed by news of a lawsuit claiming a cover-up at the school.

Right now, a manhunt is on for Ahmad. But what hasn't been reported until now is that before the teacher's tenure at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Ahmad worked for the Broward County Public School District.

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Bogus Boca Raton Talent Agency Scammed Wannabe Child Actors and Models, AG Says

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Moms and pops are suckers for their own little ones, especially in those sunny preteen days when nearly every kid could be a Gap model or at least mug on the cover of a cereal box, you know, before little Timmy and Sue get mugged by puberty. That brand of potent parental affection is exactly the lever that a Boca Raton talent agency allegedly monkeyed with to illicitly snag cash. According to a lawsuit recently filed by the Florida Attorney General's Office, these guys filled parents' ears with slick talk and big promises, then tangled them in webs of fine print before walking away with thousands of dollars.

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Congressman Asks FBI to Investigate USA Swimming Over Child Sex Abuse

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This past spring, New Times published a cover story detailing widespread sexual abuse in competitive swimming. The story detailed many Florida connections, including allegations about one Fort Lauderdale coach who was accused of videotaping boys in a bathroom but was barely investigated.

Now, California Congressman George Miller has asked the FBI to look into the matter.

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Te Andre Gomion, Lauderdale Lakes Commission Candidate, Charged With DUI

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via Facebook
Te Andre Gomion (left) with Congressman Alcee Hastings
Te Andre Gomion, a candidate for the Lauderdale Lakes commission, was found over the weekend slumped behind the wheel of a vehicle that was still running. He was allegedly inebriated, according to police.

According to a Broward Sheriff's Office report, Gomion's car was parked and his foot was on the brake. But the engine was still running, and he was fast asleep at the wheel.

The report says Gomion, 25, couldn't explain how he had arrived there.

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Randy Lanier, IndyCar Driver and "Super Drug Kingpin," to Be Released From Prison

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via Randy Lanier's Facebook Page

By Michelle de Carion

A onetime Indy 500 Rookie of the Year is about to realize a dream he never thought possible: to be released from prison. He had been serving life without parole for marijuana trafficking.

Randy Lanier's days of playing chess and practicing tai chi in prison are coming to a close, as the U.S. government has issued his release from Coleman Federal Correction Complex in Coleman, Florida, according to Autoweek. For years, the popular GTP sports car champion has been reading letters from fans in jail, but now he will have the chance to shake their hands and thank them as he enters his new life outside of prison.

Lanier's career in auto racing flew fast into fame but ended just as abruptly when he was caught leading a multimillion-dollar drug empire. He started out racing in 1978 after visiting an auto show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and purchasing a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster. He later used it to win the SCCA Southeast Regional Championship. Lanier is well-known for winning the 1986 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year and becoming the 1984 IMSA Camel GT champion.

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Counterfeit Credit Card Gang Busted by Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies

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photo: Petr Kratochvil via Wikimedia Commons
Broward Sheriff's Office deputies busted thee people whom they're calling a counterfeit crew who used phony credit cards at ATMs in Weston. The three suspects were caught withdrawing bundles of cash using the fake cards, albeit not in a very conspicuous fashion.

All told, the trio was allegedly caught with 140 counterfeit bank cards and what the BSO is calling "tens of thousands of dollars" in cash.

The suspects, identified as Luis G. Freitas Gonzalez, Keyla Granado Montano, and Jose Sanabria Ruiz, were caught in the act by a BSO sergeant who noticed their suspicious activity.

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Man Robs Pembroke Park Store at Gunpoint Because It Didn't Hire His Girlfriend

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Two men clad in black hoodies and masks and armed with guns strolled into a Family Store in Pembroke Park as employees were ready to close up for the night last Tuesday.

According to a Broward Sheriff's Office report, the two men held four women at gunpoint as they robbed thousands of dollars from the store safe.

As everything was going down and the victims faced a traumatic experience of having guns pointed at them, one of the robbers piped up and gave his reasons for the robbery.

"I'm doing this because my homegirl filled out an application and y'all didn't hire her," he said to them.

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Cruise Ship Worker Who Beat, Raped Passenger Before Trying to Throw Her Into the Ocean Pleads Guilty

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Broward Sheriff's Office
Ketut Pujayasa, an Indonesian citizen accused of beating, raping, and trying to throw a female passenger off a nudist cruise ship last Valentine's Day, has pleaded guilty before a federal judge.

There was no plea bargain offered to the 29-year-old Pujayasa, who claimed he assaulted the woman because she insulted his mother.

On Monday, Pujayasa, who worked for Holland America cruise lines, changed his plea to guilty of attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.

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Benjamin Prows, Slackliner Who Keeps Getting Arrested on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Is Going for a Guinness World Record (UPDATED)


Chock-a-block with delightful weirdness is the tale of slackliner Benjamin Prows, whose whimsical athleticism on the beaches of Broward County is seen by some as a threat to law and order.

See also: Benjamin Prows Just Wants to Juggle on a Slackline -- Cops Won't Relent

Cited multiple times by Fort Lauderdale's gendarmes in the spring of last year on a variety of charges -- typically, trespass; bizarrely, "use of city facilities for private instruction without permit" and "animals [a bunny] prohibited on beach" -- Prows has managed to see most of the charges settled without penalty. Lawbreaking (and bail bond payments) behind him now, he hopes to break into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Flanagan High N-Word Bomb Threat Suspects Caught on Video, Police Say

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via Twitter

Pembroke Police say that they have surveillance video of three suspects leaving a dresser covered in anti-Semitic graffiti and a racial slur on Flanagan High School's grounds that caused a bomb scare panic Wednesday morning.

During a press conference following the all-clear Wednesday afternoon, Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques announced that the video shows the three individuals leaving the dresser in the campus courtyard at around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"Our detectives are working diligently to try to identify these individuals," Xiques said per the Miami Herald.

See also: Flanagan High Evacuated After N-Word Bomb Threat

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