Axel Inostroza, Man Who Left Cyclist Behind Dumpster After Hitting Him With Car, Denied Bond

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Back in December, Axel Esteban Inostroza crashed his girlfriend's black 2003 Mustang into a bicyclist in Fort Lauderdale and proceeded to drive for two miles with the cyclist lodged in the car's rear window.

Inostroza then drove into the woods and dumped the cyclist -- who was still alive -- near a landscaping crew before driving off.

Days later, Broward Sheriff's deputies found Inostroza at a Pompano body shop, where they arrested him. At the time, he told police he thought he had hit a stop sign.

On Wednesday, Inostroza faced Broward Circuit Judge Barbara McCarthy and heard from prosecutors how he had behaved in a depraved manner.

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Crime Is Down in Broward County, According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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Crime is down in Broward County. This, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

BSO saw drops in crime throughout 2013. Broward saw a 13 percent drop in violent crimes, and while there were a few more adults arrested, juvenile arrests were down almost 22 percent.

Overall, the total number of reported violent crimes with a firearm in Broward dipped to 13.4 percent in 2013.

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Trial Begins for "Ice Cream Man" Murder

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Broward Sheriff's Office
To some neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, Larry Daughtery was known as the local ice cream man. Yesterday he was introduced to jurors as an ice-cold murderer.

If what Broward prosecutors are saying is true, Daughtery's tale is like a real-life and way-less-campy version of the Clint Howard flick Ice Cream Man. They allege that back in 2008, Daughtery stalked and killed his then-girlfriend, Diana Lawhorn. What's more, they say, the 47-year-old committed the murder in front of Lawhorn's two toddler sons and left them with the body.

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"Sweetheart Scammer" Allegedly Duped 82-Year-Old Out of Big Bucks

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She was 46 to his 82. Perhaps that's why Michelle Nicholas was so appealing to John Deam. After eloping in the Keys, the wealthy older gentleman bought his beau a 2006 Lexus and a $13,000 Rolex. That probably endeared him a little more to her.

Nicholas and Deam might have continued this mutually beneficial relationship, but the sugarbaby eventually lusted after cash rather than mere gifts.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Nicholas tried to take out a line of credit under her much older beau's name. Now she's facing charges of grand theft and exploiting the elderly. Police say the man easily becomes confused.

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David Britto: Is Fugitive Ex-Cop Living in Brazil With New Name (and Using Pinterest)?

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"David Perciano"'s social media photos
In the summer of 2011, Boynton Beach cop David Britto -- a former Marine and 2010 Officer of the Year -- was arrested on charges of possession and conspiring to traffic methamphetamine. Authorities suspected him of running a drug ring with several other men.

But Britto famously cut off an ankle monitor and fled the country before he could be tried. ​His mother, Janiber "Jane" Andrade Vieira, bought him a one-way ticket from Miami to Brasilia, Brazil, then lied to the DEA about it -- a move that eventually netted her a one-year prison sentence.

Little has been written about Britto since he fled, but several online profiles suggest Britto may be living in Brazil, working at a gym, and using Pinterest, all under a new last name.

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Kimanie King, Senior at Piper High Who Stabbed Teen Multiple Times, Is Honor Roll Student, Attorney Says

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Broward Sheriffs Office
Kimanie King, the 18-year-old senior at Piper High School who was arrested for stabbing another student on Thursday, appeared at his first court hearing Friday morning.

King is facing attempted murder and possession of a weapon on school grounds charges.

During the hearing, William Barry Paul, King's attorney, said that his client is an honor roll student and a soccer player at the school.

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Jesse "King" Lewis Forced Homeless Women Into Prostitution

Categories: Crime

Today a 28-year-old Royal Palm Beach man will appear before a federal judge. According to prosecutors, Jesse Lewis was responsible for nothing less than a reign of terror involving sex-trafficked homeless women, running them out of Hollywood and Dania Beach motels. Dubbing himself "King" and demanding his women call him "Daddy," Lewis allegedly kept the women trapped by threat of force.

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Fort Lauderdale Man Busted Transporting Pot Worth Over $300,000 From California

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Gainesville Police
Michael John Cefola had been driving for days, transporting cargo in his vehicle all the way from California. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was just carelessness. But Cefola couldn't keep his blue Chevy four-door from swerving in and out of the lane on a Gainesville highway.

A police officer noticed this and pulled Cefola over. Turns out, the officer happened to be a member of the Gainesville-Alachua County Drug Task Force.

Also, turns out Cefola was allegedly transporting about 90 pounds of pot worth around $356,000 on the streets.

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101 Cantina: Police Reports From Boca Bar Detail Drunk Talk, Bottle-Smashing, Puking in Cop Cars

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Photo by Michelle Friswell
When 101 Cantina -- the same popular bar made famous first in Gainesville -- opened in June 2013, FAU students were happy to patronize the place.

On March 17, the Sun Sentinel reported that since its inception, 98 arrests have been made on 101 Cantina's premises and that the vast majority -- 78 -- of said arrests have been for, you guessed it, underage drinking, including one woman who walked around the place with her underwear by her ankles screaming at police.

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Colin and Andrea Chisholm, Palm Beach Couple Accused of Welfare Fraud, Are On the Run

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Sir Colin Chisholm III and his wife, Lady Andrea Chisholm, the extravagant Minnesota couple who lived for a time in Palm Beach on a $1.2 million yacht, are on the lam from authorities. They're also not royalty, and their extravagant lifestyle was earned fraudulently, a criminal complaint alleges.

Colin, 62, and Andrea, 54, collected more than $167,000 in welfare, food stamps, and medical assistance from Minnesota while living on an 83-foot yacht in Palm Beach over the past seven years, according to the complaint, which was filed with a Minnesota state court.

The Chisholms, who remain at large, lied about the source of their income, where they were living, and who they were living with, prosecutors say.

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