Fort Lauderdale Among Top 20 Cities in Investments in Public Safety

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Feel free to keep your doors unlocked from now on, Fort Lauderdale! (*Just kidding; don't do that.)

Because of 239 cities with a population greater than 100,000, Fort Lauderdale ranks as the 19th city that invest the most resources in public safety.

This, according to, which crunches numbers on banking and finance.

Specifically, NerdWallet wanted to see how U.S. cities survived the great recession of 2008 and were able to keep their police and fire departments intact.

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Pastor Bob Coy Resigns From Calvary Chapel for "Moral Failing"

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Bob Coy/ Facebook
Longtime senior pastor Bob Coy has resigned from popular Fort Lauderdale megachurch Calvary Chapel -- which has a reported membership of 20,000 -- for "moral failure."

Rumors swirled over the weekend about his departure, and suspicions grew as videos and mentions of Coy disappeared from the church website. On Sunday afternoon, staffers were called to a mandatory meeting in which church officials announced via prepared statement that Coy had left because of his sins. A special meeting for church members followed.

One blog reported that Coy had admitted to multiple affairs and a problem with pornography. His Facebook page lists his political views as "everyone's a sinner."

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Lauderhill Named Eighth Most Dangerous Small City

Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia
Just a couple of weeks ago, we told you about two surveys that came to the conclusion that Fort Lauderdale is not only in the top ten among the best downtowns but also in the top ten among most exciting midsized cities. For both rankings, Fort Laudy landed the seventh spot, which isn't great but isn't bad either.

But because the universe can be an illusory place that needs balance, there's now some not-so-great news, as the same survey has found that Lauderdhill is the eighth most dangerous small city in the U.S.

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Introduced as "Future President," Jeb Bush Says That's "Over-Exaggerated"

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Anthony Cave
Bush and Jackson
Jeb Bush briefly spoke in Spanish, called illegal immigrants "risk takers" and touted Common Core standards while giving a keynote speech at the sixth annual Broward Workshop's State of our County Forum at Signature Grand in Davie Friday morning.

His talk had all the makings of a campaign speech, but, like the model of the Broward Workshop (a business networking group), he remained fairly non-partisan throughout his address in front of about 1,000 local business leaders.

The only presidential items, besides some circulated 2016 campaign stickers, came from his introducer, AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson. He introduced the former Florida governor as "a future president of the United States," to which Bush deflected the "over-exaggerated introduction."

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Fort Lauderdale Man Busted for Selling Alcohol Illegally at 4 A.M. on a Monday

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Google Maps
A modern-day speakeasy.
Speakeasies began sprouting up in the 1920s when a ban on alcohol prompted the sale of bootlegged liquor in clandestine bars. Nowadays your chances of stumbling into a speakeasy have significantly decreased, since Prohibition ended in the '30s.

But last Monday, Fort Lauderdale Police shut down the closest thing to it -- a loud party where a man was illegally selling alcohol.

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Fort Lauderdale Named Seventh "Most Exciting" Midsized City

Thumbnail image for Fort-Laudy-intracoastal-skyline.jpg
via Rstepp (Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday, we brought you the news on how the internet made it official that Downtown Fort Lauderdale was a kickass place. But today, we're here to tell you that not just the downtown area is kickass but the whole of Fort Lauderdale is kickass. All of it.

A new study by real estate blog Movoto has Fort Lauderdale in the Top Ten of the most exciting midsized cities in America.

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Ten Reasons the Dania Beach Casino & Jai Alai Is Still Awesome

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The pie shops collection/Flikr Commons
Circa a long time ago.
Dania Beach Jai-Alai opened in the 1950s and was one of the first frontons to operate in the country. At its peak in the '90s, the sport attracted thousands of spectators, but those numbers have significantly decreased as other gambling options (like horse and dog tracks) became available.

Over the years, Dania Jai-Alai has switched owners, with each implementing small changes. But the group of Argentine businessmen who purchased the jai alai last May performed a total face-lift: The facility's vast seating was torn up to make room for a new, two-story casino, a glass-encased poker room, a bar and food area, and a live music lounge.

When it reopened under its new moniker, Dania Beach Casino & Jai-Alai, in late February, the glitz of the place overshadowed its once-modest beginnings. If you look closely, though, you'll find remnants of the old place and potentially new things to enjoy.

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Steve Carell to Star in Movie About David Menasche, Teacher With Brain Cancer

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via The Priority List Facebook page
Steve Carell is attached to star as David Menasche, the Broward resident and former Coral Reef Senior High English teacher who was stricken with brain cancer and wrote a book about reconnecting with his former students.

The rights to Menasche's The Priority List: A Teacher's Final Quest to Discover Life's Greatest Lessons was bought by Warner Bros. and will be produced by Carell's production company, Carousel Productions.

"I'm a big fan of Steve Carell," Menasche tells New Times. "So to have this come full circle and have him involved is satisfying."

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Downtown Fort Lauderdale Named Among Top Ten Downtowns in U.S.


The internet has made official what we pretty much already knew: Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a kickass place.

How kickass? According to, it's the seventh-best downtown in the U.S.

The website is all about tracking down and ranking the best cities to live and work in, avoiding the obvious bloated metropolises and focusing more on midsized burgeoning cities.

And, among them, Fort Lauderdale is, indeed, the bomb. (Do the kids still say things are "the bomb" nowadays? The ones I chased off my lawn won't tell me.)

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29-Year-Old CEO of SkyZone Trampoline Park on Undercover Boss Tonight

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Studio Lambert/CBS
Platt, in disguise
Jeff Platt is the 29-year-old CEO of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, a Los-Angeles-based trampoline fun factory with 55 parks across North America. He visited his company's Pompano Beach location, which officially opened last week, to star in an episode of CBS' Undercover Boss, a show that features an executive working undercover to investigate company problems.

At the end of each episode, the executive ends up revealing his identity and rewarding employees with some sort of incentive. On the episode, which airs tonight at 8 p.m., Platt installs trampolines and cleans the foam pit, which he has trouble getting out of (see the trailer below).

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