Cocoanut Row Closed as Cops Search for Armed Man or Men UPDATE

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Police are searching for the armed and dangerous man or men who abandoned this car.
Update: Police are still searching for what they believe to be at least two suspects. Palm Beach police have not yet confirmed that the suspects or the Honda are tied to the Salgar case, but are urging residents of the neighborhood to stay indoors while the search is going on. Our sister blog, Crossfade, has more on the victim of the murder that launched this search.

Original Post: Police are warning the residents of Palm Beach County to stay inside because at least one armed and dangerous man is on the loose. Although no names have been released, the search is linked to a Miami homicide that took place last night during a home invasion.

There was a lot of violence in Miami last night. A shooting in Liberty City injured ten and killed two. Louis Salgar, a well-known Miami musician and bartender was murdered in his home. So far the cops aren't saying which 305 crime led to the chase up north.

If you choose to go outside, expect to experience some delays. Surprisingly, though, it's not the alleged killer or killers but an empty car that's creating the biggest holdup.

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David Mech, Ex-Porn Actor/Math Tutor, Running for Palm Beach County School Board

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Porn is going mainstream, sure, but is straight-edge Palm Beach County ready for a former skin-flick actor to sit on its School Board? As outrageous as the idea might sound, David Mech -- a ex-porn actor and director who's been working as a math tutor in recent years -- has thrown his hat into the ring for the School Board's district 3 seat currently held by Karen Brill. And here's the kicker: The 38-year-old is probably the best candidate in the race.

We first told you about Mech back in May 2013, when he hit the news cycle after school officials found out about his life in porn, where he went by the name Dave Pounder. Until then, Mech had been running a math tutoring company, Happy/Fun Math Tutor, since leaving the business in 2010.

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Man Jumps From CityPlace Parking Garage as Gun Shots Are Fired

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Photo by Steph k hill via Wikipedia Commons
A man jumped from the third level of the parking garage at CityPlace early Monday morning, police say.

There are also reports of gunshots being heard at or around CityPlace Muvico at the time the man jumped.

It's unclear if he was running from the gunshots or if he was the one shooting.

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Brush Fire Puts Smoky Haze Over South Florida

Dillon Boggs, via Twitter
South Florida looks a lot like a Renaissance painting today. The skyline and the cityscape bleed into each other with the most minuscule of brush strokes. But no, an imaginary Leonardo did not restyle South Florida to look like the Mona Lisa. What you're seeing is not sfumato; it's smoke.

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Striker Boy: Make-A-Wish Turns Nine-Year-Old Cancer Patient Into Superhero

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Warning: the following story is sure to thaw out the most cold-blooded of SOBs or haters. You've been warned . . .

Probably by the time you read this, a little boy from Coral Springs is living out his dream. We're not talking about like a new bike or some video game console. We're talking about a big-budget, Brett Ratner-sized-spectacle dream, all courtesy Make-A-Wish Southern Florida and TooJay's in Coral Springs (which raised the funds). Nine-year-old Jaylen Hyde is currently battling leukimia. When the organization asked what he wanted to be, his answer was -- to be his very own superhero, Striker Boy. And now, like the BatKid who basically broke the internet last November, Hyde is going to be romping around Broward all day, saving lives and taking names.

See also: Striker Boy Saves the Day (Slideshow)

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Dan Marino Is a Game-Changer for Concussion Lawsuits Against NFL (Updated)

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Photo by Jacob Childrey via Flickr cc
Update: That was a quick moment in the moral sun.

Marino is pulling out of the lawsuit, according to new reports. Check below for the details.


The hits have come steadily for the National Football League on the concussion front (bad pun, sorry). As research continues to pile up on the deleterious effects of high-velocity professional play on the mental health of former players, hundreds of lawsuits have been aimed at the league. But the pivotal moment for the movement against the NFL's decades-long indifference has just arrived: Last week, Hall of Famer and former Dolphins QB Dan Marino was named as a plaintiff in a suit filed in federal court in Philadelphia. Nothing in the league will ever be the same.

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USA Swimming Executive Director Withdraws From Hall of Fame Consideration Amid New Times Investigation Into Sex Abuse

Chuck Wielgus has been executive director of USA Swimming since 1997. During his tenure, about 100 coaches have been accused of alleged misconduct that has ranged from placing video cameras in swimmers' bathrooms to dealing steroids to molesting young girls.

A five-month New Times investigation into the claims published in this week's paper includes interviews with swimmers, coaches, and advocates who fleshed out the claims in chilling detail. This story was published just as Wielgus was set to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame -- a decision that was met with much fervor and protest.

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Fort Lauderdale Cops Tackle Critical Mass Cyclist on Video

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Dan Littell says he was tackled by the cops for asking them to slow down.
Dan Littell was crossing Las Olas bridge as part of last night's Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass when a police vehicle whizzed by him and his fellow riders. He knew bridges were particularly dangerous places for cyclists in an already inhospitable town. In the past, Littell had been hit on both Sunrise Bridge and an overpass on Broward Boulevard near I-95.

So seeing a cop car flagrantly speed down a bridge crowded with cyclists compelled him to say something. "Slow down!" he shouted at the driver, just as he would have with any other person making the road unsafe.

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Videos Capture Police in Riot Gear Clearing Out Fort Lauderdale Beach on Memorial Day

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Photo by ineedtodothedishes via Instagram
As we reported earlier this morning, Fort Lauderdale Beach saw some intense action yesterday. Police cracked down when festivities got out of hand, clearing out the streets in riot gear and making numerous arrests. The Instagram clips below capture the police state in full swing.

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Fort Lauderdale Beach: "A Police State," "Riot," and "Gang War" on Memorial Day, According to Twitter Reports

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Code20Photog via Flickr Creative Commons
Yesterday the Memorial Day festivities got a little too hot and heavy in Fort Lauderdale. According to news reports flowing from multiple outlets right now, a large-scale police presence was needed to clamp down on unruly revelers. Both Fort Lauderdale PD and the Broward Sheriff's Office were reportedly dispatched in force. Right now, the details are pretty sketchy about what actually transpired, but a dip into social media shows something definitely went down.

See also: Videos Capture Police in Riot Gear Clearing Out Fort Lauderdale Beach on Memorial Day

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