Andrea Alvira, 19-Year-Old Escort, Charged With Murdering Palm Beach State College Student

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Brandon Day was a 22-year-old full-time student at Palm Beach State College who reportedly loved playing guitar and piano and gave out gentle hugs.

On Wednesday night, deputies from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrested 19-year-old Andrea Nicole Alvira for killing Day, 22, in January. Police say that she was an escort and that she suffocated him, possibly after he refused to pay her after oral sex.

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Broward Biology Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Ninth-Grader

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According to police, a Broward biology teacher was arrested Tuesday for having sex with one of his students.

Eric Beasley, 24, was charged with nine counts of sexual assault or battery on a minor and two counts of sending obscene material to a minor after police discovered him and the 14-year-old victim engaging in sexual activity in the back of Beasley's car at 5066 N. Federal Highway.

The police report shows Beasley admitted that he was the victim's ninth-grade biology teacher at Zion Lutheran Christian School and that it was not the first time they had met there for sex.

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Colin and Andrea Chisholm, Who Collected Welfare While Living on Yacht, Busted in Port Everglades

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Broward County Sheriffs Office
Colin and Andrea Chisholm liked to tell people they were Scottish aristocrats. It wasn't hard to fake. They were living on a $1.2 million yacht in Palm Bay and training Cavalier King Charles Spaniels -- a breed popular in the U.K. One of their pups even got an award at the Westminster dog show.

Although they were certainly living like royalty, the Chisholms told public assistance workers a different story between 2004 and 2012. Had those same workers known that the couple had more than $2.5 million in their bank account, they certainly wouldn't have granted them more than $165,000 in welfare benefits.

See also: Colin and Andrea Chisholm, Palm Beach Couple Accused of Welfare Fraud, Are On the Run

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Plantation High Teacher Engaged in "Abhorrent Deviant Fornications" With Student, Lawsuit Claims

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Alphonso Davis
Alphonso Davis had no business being around kids, and the Broward County School Board should have known it. That's the basis for a lawsuit filed in February by a local mother-daughter duo who claim the sexual assault suffered by the latter could have been prevented.

According to the court filing, Lori Davis' daughter was a student at Plantation High School back in 2006 when she engaged in "abhorrent deviant fornications" at school with teacher Alphonso Davis. She wasn't the only victim.

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FIU Muslim Students Find Listening Device in Campus Prayer Room

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The evening was sliding toward midnight, but the students were still hanging out. It was February 9, 2013, and the five members of Florida International University's Muslim Student Association had finished their evening prayers in the room they used daily at the Graham Center, the student union on the school's Modesto Maidique Campus.

They were lounging like any group of college kids, prayer mats spread out on the room's ugly blue-green-brown industrial shag, when one noticed a bump in the weave. It was just smaller than the volume button on an iPhone, with three holes in the top. As the group gathered around, the student pulled it up. A wire was attached to the bump. It looked like a listening device, they decided.

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Rose Marks, Fort Lauderdale Psychic Behind $17 Million Fraud, Sentenced to Ten Years

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for fortune.jpg
The woman behind the largest case of fortunetelling fraud ever to hit a courtroom has finally been sentenced. Rose Marks, the Manhattan and Fort Lauderdale psychic accused to bilking her longtime clients using a bag of tricks and mental manipulation common among fortunetellers, will go to prison for a little more than ten years. The conviction and sentencing are significant. Rarely are these kinds of cases prosecuted; rarely are they punished with significant jail time.

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Miami Herald Photographer Helps Save Baby on Highway

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Flickr cc/ Leoncillo Sabino
The Dolphin Expressway
Yesterday afternoon as traffic clogged the Dolphin Expressway in Miami, a woman jumped out of her car holding her 5-month-old nephew, who was having trouble breathing and turning blue.

Right behind her in his car was Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz (famous for having taken this image of Elian Gonzalez, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize). While Pamela Rouseo performed CPR on her nephew, Diaz ran and flagged down a police officer who jumped out to help. Fire-rescue guys soon arrived on the scene.

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Missing FSU Student Ryan Uhre's Body Found, Tallahassee Police Confirms UPDATED

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Ryan Uhre was last seen on February 2

Update: Tallahassee Police have confirmed that the body found on the roof of a building on College Avenue in Tallahassee Tuesday morning is missing FSU student, and Weston native, Ryan Uhre.

On Ft. Lauderdale Beach this past weekend, friends and family held a vigil for Uhre's safe return.

Police have not released any more information, or how Uhre died. We'll update this story as more information becomes available.

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One Dead After Small Plane Crashes in Wellington

One person is dead after a small plane crashed into a lake by the Wellington dog park in the 2900 block of Greenbriar Blvd.

The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue reportedly found the pilot dead inside the cockpit of what is being described as an "experimental plane."

The plane went down about one mile from the Wellington Aero Club, a private airpark community.

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FSU President Is Leaving for Penn State

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Clarification 2/16, 3 p.m.. This article initially called Penn State "Penn" on one reference. The mistake has been fixed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Florida State University president Eric J. Barron is leaving to take the helm at another football-mad school -- Penn State, home of the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky child rape scandal. That's something that Penn State needs help digging out of.

Barron has been at FSU since February 2010. He got his undergrad degree from FSU in 1973 before going to the University of Miami for his master's and doctorate. He worked at Penn State for 20 years, as a professor and as director of the Earth System Science Center and director of the EMS Environmental Institute, the Inquirer reports.

An official announcement is expected Monday.

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