Stephen Ross Buys the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale

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Stephen Ross doesn't want to spend his own money to renovate Sun Life Stadium because he's apparently too busy buying hotels.

Specifically, Ross' New York-based Related Cos. Related Fund Management is dropping a reported $90 million to buy the W Hotel & Residences in Fort Lauderdale.

The group says the hotel will remain the W, instead of being renamed after a beer or a bank or something like that.

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Dan Borislow, Deceased MagicJack Inventor, Left Behind Messy Legacy Involving Pro Women's Soccer

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jcantroot via Wikimedia Commons
The news started filtering out to media outlets yesterday afternoon: Dan Borislow, the West Palm Beach tech entrepreneur who radically changed the telecom industry with an internet-based phone service, passed away on Monday evening. The former executive's company confirmed the death, and already tributes are starting to flow in regarding Borislow's impact.

But most of the memorials are paying little attention to an episode from his life that has arguably left a bigger impact than his invention: Borislow's brief but rocky tenure as owner of a Boca Raton professional women's soccer team that was stacked with international talent but combusted after only a single season, taking the league with it.

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When Your Medical Marijuana Business Fails, You're Screwed

Illustration by Colin Hayes
As support for Amendment 2 picks up across the state, Floridians are eager to get their hands in the medical weed industry game. But it's become clear recently that the Republican-controlled Legislature might cap the number of dispensaries and limit the number of people who can cash in.

Consider California. When medical pot was first legalized there, dispensaries popped up everywhere. Voters decided to limit them, and many closed down, leaving would-be entrepreneurs in the dust.

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When Will Uber and Lyft Come to Broward and Palm Beach?

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Courtesy of Lyft
By now you've probably heard about the ride-share fever that's sweeping through the 305, a game changer for anyone looking travel in Miami-Dade. Two app-based car services -- UberX and Lyft -- are currently motoring folks all over the county, despite the fact that well, it's kind of illegal. Regardless, both companies are stirring up a lot of attention, which begs the question: when are UberX and Lyft branching out to the rest of South Florida?

The answer is a bummer.

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All Aboard Florida Will Bring $6 Billion to State, Study Says

via All Aboard Florida
A local economic consulting firm released a study on Wednesday that says All Aboard Florida will add nearly $2.4 billion in jobs over the next eight years to Florida, and $653 million in tax revenue.

All Aboard Florida, which is a private rail service that plans on running a passenger train from Miami to Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, hired Coral Gables-based The Washington Economics Group Inc., to study the overall impact to the state.

And, as far as the group is concerned, it's all positive for Florida.

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Darden to sell Red Lobster for $2.1 Billion to California-Based Group

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Darden Restaurants, the Florida-based company that owns Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52, among others, has announced the sale of one of their bigger chains, Red Lobster.

Darden announced on Friday that they've agreed to sell the restaurant and related real estate assets to San Francisco-based Golden Gate Capital for $2.1 billion.

Red Lobster has been struggling for some time, and Darden is selling, for the most part, to help pay off some company debt.

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From "Pizza Hat" to "Mash Donald's", Knockoff Fast Food Restaurants Reign Abroad

Omar M., via Foursquare
This Iranian "Chipotle" is known for its pizza.
Sebastian Gonzales is a 28-year-old former defensive end at Florida International University who knows how to eat. And when it comes to fast food, his allegiances are crystal-clear.

"I was obsessed with Chicken Kitchen and addicted to their food," he says of the South Florida chain. "I was eating there four or five times a week."

So a month and a half ago, Gonzales moved to Chile, where he decided to open a pseudo-Chicken Kitchen near the University of Santiago so he can peddle Mexican Wrapitos to South American college kids.

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Our Cover Story: A Ten-Step Program on How You Can Become a Pot Mogul, Maybe

Illustration by Collin Hayes
This week, our cover story in the print edition of New Times dispenses a ten-step program on how you can jump in on the medical marijuana craze that is expected to hit Florida soon and become a pot mogul.

Or, not.

Writer Francisco Alvarado went out and did all the research on what it takes to become a marijuana entrepreneur and learned it's not as easy as it might seem.

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All Aboard Florida Addresses Noise Concerns in Letter to Congressman Patrick Murphy

via All Aboard Florida
All Aboard Florida, the private rail service that plans on running a passenger train from Miami to Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, has written a letter to its biggest South Florida critic, addressing some of the bigger concerns.

Congressman Patrick E. Murphy has spoken out on his concerns about the 110-mph trains that would be running all day and sent a letter to Gov. Rick Scott last week about looking into installing "quiet zones" along the route to eliminate the need for trains to blare their horns every time they pass through.

But installing quiet zones can be costly, having local governments pony up $150,000 to $250,000 per rail crossing.

The company that owns All Aboard Florida, Florida East Coast Industries, plans on running 32 trains a day up and down the state's coastline starting in early 2016.

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Palm Beach County Gas Stations Must Post Exact Price on Signs for Credit Card Users, According to New Ordinance

Palm Beach County gas stations will have to start posting the exact amount gas costs for both cash and credit prices, thanks to a new ordinance that passed Tuesday.

At it stands, gas stations usually charge extra for gas when it's paid for with a credit card, mainly because of fees the stations are charged. But thanks to the ordinance, the exact amount -- including whatever extra credit card customers will pay -- must be clearly posted.

That means that both the cash and credit card prices must be the same size on gas stations' display signs, as well as be well lit in the evening.

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