South Florida Activists Protest Israeli Assault on Gaza

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In recent weeks, Israel has unleashed a torrent of military attacks on Gaza. Though the Israeli government claims it's just a response to bombing by Hamas, it's all really part of a multi-decades-long, U.S.-backed Israeli occupation of the seaside strip. To suggest otherwise is simply to attempt to flip reality upside down.

So on Monday, South Florida protesters, many of whom are connected to Muslim and other activist communities keenly aware of this power disparity, decided to demonstrate. Targets included the Sun Sentinel and the offices of U.S. Reps. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Ted Deutch.

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Hey, Pitbull! Impersonator Ariel Tojo Hits Dolphin Mall (Video)

Categories: Activism

It's the dinner hour at Dolphin Mall, and the food court is a busy hive.

Teenagers guzzle from Smoothie Kings while tables full of abuelitas fire Gatling-gun Spanish over steaming plates of Lotus Express. At the Segafredo Zanetti Expresso kiosk, a young girl in black shirt and pants offers a sample tray, her face wearing a look you'd see in a dentist's waiting room. People snatch toothpicked mini-sandwiches off her plate. She stares off, bored and brooding. Then an immaculately white suit sleeve crosses her vision.

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Same-Sex Couples Deliver Petitions to Pam Bondi's Office

Categories: Activism, The Gays

Courtesy of Equality Florida
When Monroe County Circuit Judge Luis Garcia overturned Florida's 2008 constitutional gay-marriage ban and ordered that couples wishing to be married in Key West should be allowed to do so as early as this week, Attorney General Pam Bondi worked quickly to stamp out the ruling.

Bondi's office issued a statement this week saying that the issue needs to be tackled by the U.S. Supreme Court and appealed Garcia's ruling to the Third District Court of Appeal.

On Thursday, same-sex couples walked into Bondi's Tallahassee office and delivered 7,000 petitions signed by Floridians asking her to "stop wasting taxpayer resources defending the state's discriminatory exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from marriage."

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Rick Scott Comes to South Florida to Sign Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act

Categories: Activism, News

Infrogmation via wikimedia commons
For the some 70,000 people each year, it was already too late. But thanks to the push from some concerned citizens -- including a lot of South Floridians -- bike riders, pedestrians, and motorists struck by hit and run drivers will now have a little justice. And to mark the occasions, yesterday Gov. Rick Scott was in the region to pay his respects to one of the more high-profiles lives claimed by the disastrous hit-and-run loophole.

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Frack No More: Collier County Activists Drive Texas Oil Company From the Everglades

Prospectors from Texas oil company Dan A. Hughes won't be drilling throughout the Big Cypress Swamp watershed anytime soon. That means (1) diminished revenues for Old Florida plutocrats Barron Collier, (2) one fewer threat to the Florida Panther and other species, and (3) one fewer worry for Collier County residents concerned about toxic contamination of the environment.

See also: Fracking the Everglades: Enviros Claim State Deception on Water Quality

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"Stay In Miami LeBron" Rally Going Down Today in Broward

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So it's come down to this. For now is the hour of desperation.

While the world waits (still!!) for LeBron James to make his decision on where he'll sign, and the Internet is being scoured for clues like a Dan Brown novel, South Florida sports talk radio station 104.3 FM The Ticket is holding a "Stay In Miami LeBron" rally.

Rumors and "reports" and sources have been swirling like an EF-5 tornado ripping through a trailer park, and all signs seem to be pointing to LeBron going back to the city that had pictures of his face made into urinal cakes at a local sports bar restroom.

Things, at least perceptively, are not looking good for Miami.

So, the station and its listeners have decided to hold an impromptu rally Thursday afternoon to show LeBron how he needs to not go back and play for an owner who publicly called him a coward and instead stay with the team that helped him win two championships.

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Fracking the Everglades: Enviros Claim State Deception on Water Quality

Citizen activists opposed to oil drilling in the Everglades claim the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has issued a "bogus" clean bill of health for Texas oil company Dan A. Hughes' acid fracking operation in Collier County.

See also: Dropping Acid in the Everglades: Fracking War Drags On in Collier County

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Broward College Increases Pay to Adjuncts by $100 Per Course

Categories: Activism, Politics

Photo by Natoya ferguson via Wikipedia Commons
On Tuesday, members of the Broward College Board of Trustees met to discuss typical things like budgets and other college affairs. But they also took on a bigger subject: Why they, along with other college administrations around America, continue to redistribute wealth and power to a small class of business bureaucrats and away from the faculty and student populations they are supposed to serve.

The following is a set of very troubling points that run counter to the dominant PR line put out by Broward College to justify paying me and countless others poverty wages, while others in top support classes get salaries in the hundred-thousand-dollar range. I have requested a dialogue in front of the media, one in which I and my fellow adjuncts are not walking to a podium to plead our case but one that includes an open discussion about the purpose of higher education writ large.

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No Roof Left Behind To Give Free Roof to Broward Homeowner

Categories: Activism

Earl W. Johnston Inc., No Roof Left Behind
Food and shelter are basic human essentials that are often taken for granted. But not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a safe place.

In hurricane-prone South Florida, the area is fraught with roof damage. And the cost of repairs leave some living in shoddy conditions -- with a leaky roof and cracked ceilings -- which left damaged, poses serious threats. The upcoming hurricane season starts on June 1st.

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Prompted by U.S. Supreme Court Ruling, Florida Satanist Wants to Open Meeting With Prayer

Categories: Activism

Chaz Stevens
It was only a matter of time, really.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that government meetings are allowed to open with prayer -- even though currently in this country, the vast majority of such prayers are geared toward Christianity. The case was prompted in Greece, New York, where ministers are often invited to say opening words at public meetings. Of 120 meetings, only four opening prayers were non-Christian.

It only took four days since the court's ruling for a self-described Satanist to ask to open a meeting with a plea to his god.

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