Palm Harbor Marina Hotel Approved by West Palm Beach

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via West Palm Beach
The Palm Harbor Marina Hotel, an 8-story, 75-foot, 108-room waterfront hotel, with meeting rooms, a restaurant and bar facing the Intracoastal Waterway, was approved by West Palm Beach commissioners on Tuesday.

The approval follows several meetings where the hotel developers had asked for the motion to be tabled so that they could work out kinks with residents from the adjacent Waterview Towers condominium, particularly on the size of the hotel's planned parking garage.

Tuesday's approval is conditional on the developers making the garage smaller, or moving it elsewhere.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the developers were given the option to build the 137-space parking garage beneath the hotel.

The vote to have the hotel built at the area around 300 N. Flagler Drive, passed by a vote of 4-1, with Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell giving the only dissenting vote.

Some oppose the building of the hotel. St. Ann Catholic School and Church, which is located near where the hotel would be built, is concerned with the traffic jams the hotel could bring to the area.

Likewise, Waterview Towers board vice president Jerry Waldman expressed his concerns to commissioners over the hotel blocking the view of the waterfront.

West Palm Beach City Spokesman Elliot Cohen said at the meeting that there will be "strict restrictions on the construction of a parking garage."

The commissioners voted to rezone the 1.48 acre area where the hotel will be built, including the parking garage.

via West Palm Beach

via West Palm Beach

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There isn't a project anywhere a developer wants that ever gets disaproved.

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