Uber Comes to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

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Courtesy of Uber
Uber is all over South Florida.
Uber, the controversial car service that has earned a cult following but irked cabdrivers nationwide, has arrived in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

On its website, the company announced UberX service starts today: "We've had an awesome time bringing safe, affordable and stylish transportation to the streets of Miami this summer. And now, South Florida residents in neighboring Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach can also enjoy the convenience, safety and reliability of requesting a ride with the push of a button."

Its high-end UberBlack service remains unavailable in South Florida.

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To summon a car with Uber, you generally download an app and pay a fixed fee. There's no dispatcher, as with conventional taxi or limousine services, and no county regulation.

Uber started a petition to get the Florida Legislature to approve a bill to allow it statewide earlier this year, but that effort failed.

The firm nevertheless moved ahead to several locations throughout the state, including Miami. Commissioners in that county also resisted efforts to legalize the service.

Police are fighting back. In June, they confiscated cars of several drivers for a competing service, Lyft, in Miami and fined them up to $2,000 for operating illegally. It is unclear whether Broward or Palm Beach sheriff's deputies will take a similar track.

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Uber is a HORRIBLE company, I advise ALL to stay away!!! I was highly recommended to use this and was thrilled to try it out for the first time. Well, that first time happened to be Halloween, in which prices were "surged" due to high demand. Now I have no problem paying the price I agree to, but when the program is malfunctioning, and timing in & out giving you different rates every time, I can't help but be upset about it. Not only is the application confusing and hard to use, but from the $53 I was prepared to pay, I was charged $165.13 for going 4 MILES!!! I am sorry, but no matter HOW HIGH the demand, no one should be charged the same price as a PLANE TICKET!! Being a full-time student, in which money is hard to come by...I was appalled by how bad the customer service was and how little they care. Especially for being a first time user, AND having your service malfunctioning timing in and out!!!! I am SO disappointed, I will make sure to advise everyone I know not to use this company, all they want is your money and don't care about the customer.


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Lee Lovetro
Lee Lovetro

Emily Cribbs looks like the word is getting out. :)

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