Republican Party of Florida Trolled Charlie Crist's Facebook Q&A Session

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Via Facebook
On Wednesday afternoon, Charlie Crist decided to take some questions on his Facebook, which is something politicians love to do even though it always devolves into a mess. Because, politics.

The session's post featured Crist in what apparently is a selfie where, once again, he looks like a cartoon vulture.

Still, hitting up The Tweetbook MyFace Facebook is a good way to for a politician to show everyone what an Everyman he is.

Q&A Facebook sessions are the new kissing babies. If you want to reach the people, ask your intern for the password and log on in.

However, in between all the canned answers and "conversations," a funny thing kept happening.

Namely, the Republican Party of Florida kept chiming in, doling out the Rick Scott love and peppering the session with GOP talking points.

Throughout the hour-long session, the Republican Party of Florida seemed to be waiting in the virtual weeds, waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.

Like BOOM:






Of course, these and pretty much all of the points made by the RPF are open-ended comments that can be refuted in pretty much all sorts of ways -- none more blatantly than Crist did these things while he was the Republican governor of Florida with a Republican-led Legislature.

Still, trolling continued...

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SethPlatt topcommenter

I think the Florida GOP Communications are run by a bunch of 12 year old mean girls. Scurrilous accusations, constantly stretching the truth and reality, never debating any substance.


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