Olivia Newton-John Selling Mansion Where Man Killed Himself

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Got an extra $5.6 million lying around? Because Olivia Newton-John just slashed the asking price of her 6,300-square-foot waterfront mansion on Jupiter Inlet Colony by $100,000.

It's big, it's beautiful, it's right on the water, and it's cheap.

Although you might want to know that a guy committed suicide there and that Newton-John once held an exorcism on the house to rid it of the bad dead-guy mojo.

Other than that, it can totally be yours today for $5.6 mil.

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It's been almost a year since a man named Christopher Pariseleti walked into the Jupiter Inlet Colony home located at 104 Lighthouse Drive and shot himself.

The 41-year-old Pariseleti, who did not live in the home or even know Newton-John, for that matter, was a contractor who was working on the house at the time. Newton-John and her husband, John Easterling, were out of town when Pariseleti killed himself.

Having a guy off himself in the house has put a damper on Newton-John's efforts to sell the house.

At one point, she had comedian Rosie O'Donnell all set to purchase the mansion. The contract to buy the house was set to be signed the same week Pariseleti killed himself.

Following the suicide, O'Donnell backed out of the deal.

This led to Newton-John's bringing in the big guns and flying in a Catholic priest to the home in September so he could conduct an exorcism on it.

But the power of Christ did not compel the home, and Newton-John has had zero luck unloading it. And now, it appears she stands to lose as much as $600,000, according to Gossip Extra.

In 2009, the Australian singer and her husband bought the mansion for $4.1 million and put in an extra $2 million in renovations. Since putting the home on the market in May 2013 for $6.2 million, they've had to reduce the price at least three times.

By law, the homeowners are required to tell potential buyers of the man's death.

You can check out photos from the home below.

From $6.2 mil to $5.6 mil -- it's a bargain!










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Hey, Chris Joseph... I hope your family never has to suffer the kind of loss that our family has. I assume you consider yourself a journalist, since you're *writing for a *newspaper, so you may want to know that your article is incorrect. Olivia & her husband, John did know Christofer. They knew him very well for a very long time. If you're going to print something that sounds as if it were written by a snarky teenager, you should really try to get the facts correct at least. I mean, if you ever want to grow up to become an actual writer that is. But hey keep trying, man,,, maybe someday you'll accomplish something good in your life. Clearly, penning this wasn't your finest moment. A man who was loved by his father, his brother, his 2 young children and countless others was suffering so deeply that he saw no other option than to end it all in the most tragic way possible. Thank you so much for helping our family remember what happened almost one year ago to the day by posting a bullshit story like this.


You could have easily left out the part about the suicide. 

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