Bootlegging in Broward: Marek Christopher Amann Arrested With a Still

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Marek Christopher Amann was busted last week for bootlegging.

OK, Prohibition ended long ago, but 32-year-old Amann had a still and a jug of homemade hooch as well as Mason jars for more, the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco reported Monday.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Amann doesn't have much of a criminal record in Broward -- just a few driving issues -- and there is no record of his name in civil court. So he is apparently no kind of miscreant.

Such charges are rare. Usually, illegal liquor charges are related to illegal strip clubs and bars.

While it is legal to make limited amounts of beer and wine at home, liquor is prohibited, perhaps a leftover from Prohibition laws.

But according to authorities, the Wilton Manors man, who lives at NE Ninth Avenue and 26th Street, faces third-degree felony charges. He was released on $7,000 bond.

A call to Amann was not returned.

We at New Times will tip one back for the guy.

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