Top Ten South Florida Athletes Post-LeBron

This is what we do in South Florida when we're not busy windsurfing.
For the last four years it hasn't even been an argument. LeBron James (sigh) was the best athlete in South Florida. But now that the dirty liar/coward he's gone, things get interesting (read: less good) again. For example, this potential conversation could happen at any South Florida bar tonight.

Dude: CHALLENGE: Who are the top 10 athletes in South Florida now that LeBron left? Bet ya don't know, you're a bad sports fan. Or haven't you heard?

Dude1: [thinks for a second] Shit. You are right.

Alas! Good thing we got you covered. After all, we've been about championships and rings long before LeBron got here, and that ain't changing.

So, here are our Top 10 South Florida Athletes Post-Lebron.

No. 10: Udonis Haslem

All right, so you could make a case others in our city are better at what they do for a living than Haslem. Perhaps Tannehill is a better quarterback than Haslem is an enforcer but you try telling the man he doesn't belong on a Top 10 list. Dude left $14 million on the table in '10 to stay here and he left money on the table again this offseason to help the franchise. He's the best.

No. 9: Mike Wallace

So, after signing a 5-year $60 million deal in '13 -- and putting up seasons in Pittsburgh that included 1,000+ receiving yards and 10+ touchdowns -- Wallace's debut season with the Phins was a disappointment. He had 73 catches for 930 yards and 5 touchdowns, but it's hard to separate in football just how much of that was Wallace underperforming versus him having a worse quarterback than he did in Pittsburgh. As Tannehill (hopefully) continues to improve, so should this guy's numbers. But ya never know -- it's the Dolphins.

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