What We Know So Far About the Mike Pouncey/Cameo Investigation

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A listener sent this photo local radio host Andy Slater (940 AM) from Saturday night's Cameo night club.
As of Monday morning, Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez confirmed detectives are still trying to discern exactly what happened at Cameo Saturday night and whether the Pouncey brothers were involved in an alleged assault.

An incident report was released in which two victims are named: a 32-year-old female named Niya Pickett and a 24-year-old male named James Ricquan.

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"V01 [Pickett] and V02 [Ricquan] advised me that while inside Cameo night club between the listed times, an unknown male was trying to leave the club when he pushed V01 and V02 out of the way. Victims state that S01 then proceeded to punch V01 and V02 in the head causing a large welt/bruising to both V01 and V02. S01 then left the area."

It's unclear if Ricquan is Ricky Vasquez, who made the claims originally, but it can be assumed. Last night, he took to Twitter to defend himself against those calling his allegations false.

You can read the full incident report below:

Cameo Incident

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So, now it was only one guy (one he can't identify) and now the only person hit was the girl.  It's amazing how fast he's backtracking now that it's an official police report that he could go to jail for lying on.

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