Victims of Alleged Pouncey Brothers Assault Announce They're Filing Lawsuit

With the promise of a lawsuit coming this week, Pouncey's attorney, Jeff Ostrow, was quick to strike back, promising his own damned lawsuit.

It should be noted, though, that Ostrow has a history of getting out in front of stories. Last year at this time, when his client rocked a "Free Hernandez" hat during a birthday bash at Cameo (sound familiar?), he told Lifestyle Publications there was nothing to see here at all.

"Knowing Mike as well as I do, I am certain he realizes that he exercised poor judgement at his birthday party," Pouncey's long-time friend, and attorney Jeff Ostrow told Lifestyle. "Obviously, the point of the hats was to show loyalty to a friend -- and nothing more. It is not possible that there was any ill will and the photo could not have been intended to hurt or offend anyone. People that know Mike and Maurkice know that they do not have a bad bone in their bodies."

In that same story, angled around Mike Pouncey's desire to be the face of the Miami Dolphins, there's this prescient quote:

"I think the most interesting part of being one of the guys considered the face of the football team is being professional on and off the football field, Pouncey said in June. "The biggest thing about it is that you're the guy that's going to be answering all the questions when the media comes, you're the first guy they see off the bus, you're the guy talking after games. I think that's something that guys, not saying they have a hard time doing it, but it is a workload. I think being the face of a football team is more than just playing football. I think it's about the work you put in off the football field, community service, and how you carry yourself as a human being. And obviously you have to have high character."


We'll continue to update this story as litigation and the police investigation continue.

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