Victims of Alleged Pouncey Brothers Assault Announce They're Filing Lawsuit

Miami Dolphins (@miamidolphins) via Instagram.
A man with two knots on his forehead and a chipped tooth spoke to the media on Tuesday evening about filing, along with two other people, a lawsuit against Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and his twin brother, Maurkice.

On Saturday, New Times broke the story of Riquan James, 24, better-known as Ricky Vasquez, who took to Instagram saying he got swung on by the big brothers.

"All I can remember," he says in a series of videos, some of which have since been deleted, "is standing in a crowded club and this big guy keeps hitting me in my back, I look at him, and I'm like, OK, he's obviously turned up. And he just keeps hitting me. I ignore it. I keep ignoring the guy -- he's calling me a faggot. I realize that there's two of the guys. Now they're both in my face. The next thing I know, Honey tries to break it up. One of them punches Honey in the face, the other one punches me or the same one, I don't know. Security comes."

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James said yesterday that he entered Cameo around 4 a.m. Saturday and soon saw the Pounceys shoving a group of folks. Eventually, James was close enough to the action to feel it, and he asked whomever was deliriously pounding on him to stop.

It didn't go over so well. From the Miami Herald:

"I heard a series of slurs from the Pouncey brothers, referring to me as less than a man, a f-----, a b----," said James. "I assume me asking them not to touch me rubbed them the wrong way.

"Then someone turned me around, and one of the Pouncey brothers hit me in the face," he added. "A gang of guys hit me. To protect myself from being really injured, I crawled up into a fetal position, until I got thrown out [of the club]."

At some point, his friend Pickett got hit, and Williams -- who didn't know James or Pickett prior -- later put up a photo of her leg wrapped in bandages with the caption: "This is what happens when 300lb men fight in the club. About to go get stitches."

Williams and Pickett confirmed they were both injured. From WSVN:

"Right now, I still can't see," said Pickett. "My left eye is like a shadow, like the left side of my eye. I have bad headaches right now. When he hit me, everything went black."

"The fight actually knocked me over a set of tables that were filled with tall glasses," said Williams. "I fell to the floor and suffered a cut that I had to get nine stitches in."

Still, there remain some hurdles to the case and where it goes from here. According to Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez, the people involved in the incident haven't all talked to police.

Part of the reason for that may be to pressure Cameo into releasing security footage from Saturday, which it currently hasn't. That fact -- whether it's excuse-making or explanation-creating -- made many call BS, just on its face.

What remains on social media from the night of the incident is still really interesting, though. A friend of one of the victims has a damning running account of events:

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