"Stay In Miami LeBron" Rally Going Down Today in Broward

So it's come down to this. For now is the hour of desperation.

While the world waits (still!!) for LeBron James to make his decision on where he'll sign, and the Internet is being scoured for clues like a Dan Brown novel, South Florida sports talk radio station 104.3 FM The Ticket is holding a "Stay In Miami LeBron" rally.

Rumors and "reports" and sources have been swirling like an EF-5 tornado ripping through a trailer park, and all signs seem to be pointing to LeBron going back to the city that had pictures of his face made into urinal cakes at a local sports bar restroom.

Things, at least perceptively, are not looking good for Miami.

So, the station and its listeners have decided to hold an impromptu rally Thursday afternoon to show LeBron how he needs to not go back and play for an owner who publicly called him a coward and instead stay with the team that helped him win two championships.

​The rally, being held at the Bokamper's Sports Bar & Grill located at 1280 South Pine Island Rd. in Plantation, is being held in conjunction with the station's Ed Reed and Leroy Hoard Show. The show airs daily from noon to 3 p.m.

The Ticket is asking anyone and everyone who wants LeBron to stay to come out with homemade signs and posters. At 2:30, the station will hold a poster contest, where the best poster will receive an autographed LeBron James jersey.

The 2nd through 3rd place posters will win $104.30.

The idea for the rally came about during the station's morning show, the Zaslow & Joy Show.

"This came about organically this morning," Lincoln Financial Media Company Director of Marketing Von Freeman tells New Times. "People began to call in and tweet to the show that something needed to be done. We see how Cleveland is behaving like LeBron is going back so we need to fight back and show LeBron some love."

Freeman says that the station has also purchased a life-sized greeting card for fans to sign.

"We wanted to get the largest card we could find, but the biggest card Kinkos offers is about 5-feet," Freeman says.

The card will be at the rally for fans to sign for LeBron. The Ticket then plans to FedEx the card to LeBron's agent Rich Paul.

The Ticket hopes to keep the rally going even after the show, possibly into tonight's programming and moving the rally to the Bokamper's in Miramar on Friday.

"You know, it's lunch time, we figure if people can take a little bit a time out of their work day to show their support, that would be great," Freeman says.

While rallies generally have had zero affect on helping multi-million dollar athletes decide where they'll play, it's really the thought that counts.

And it would be a striking contrast to this:

So, instead of stewing over your Twitter feed for news, maybe head out there and show your support.

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johnjsimpkins topcommenter

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Lebron understood that what he did to Cleveland and his fans there 4 years ago was wrong. I am a Clevelander and a fan of the Cavs. I was ok with Lebron leaving, he wanted to win a title and Cleveland 4 years ago did not have the coaching and the players to surround Lebron, hence he left. What I did not agree on is with him humiliating the city and the fans that loved and followed him since he was selected by the Cavs in 2003. That was wrong, The Decision was wrong, the letter by Gilbert was wrong, Lebron has understood that and if he leaves for Cleveland it would be a move that would show that he understood what he did was wrong. Also this current Cavs team has great players on its roster. Kyrie is the cornerstone of the franchise, he is a top 10 guard in the NBA. Wiggins shows a lot of promise and his defense is at a pro level, they also have Waiters and Thompson who play well, money to spend, and add Lebron to that mix and this team would be a contender for the title (they might not win it immediately). While Miami has nothing to offer, except an aging Wade, an inconsistent Bosh, a new guard in Napier, they went and signed Granger and McRoberts but that will not help them lure James. Right now as it stand Cavs have the edge, while the Heat do not, if Lebron liked the signings of McRoberts and Granger he would have walked out from yesterday's meeting as a Heat player, instead no decisionwas made. So go ahead and rally, while that may seem beautiful to the media, I do not think it will play a role in Lebron leaving or staying, Cleveland and Clevelanders did that 4 years ago to no avail!

James Kendall
James Kendall

How about 'Get Bent You Egomaniacal Jackwagon' by an artist who's name eludes me.

Ricky Autonym
Ricky Autonym

The Heat are destined! For the draft lottery!


Yeah, go and LEAVE EARLY. This is as SAD as what happened in Cleveland 4 years ago. Next a song and dance, oh that was yesterday from Pat. I hear how much better Miami is than Ohio, but it just isn't, that is the drugs you are on


You realize that Pay Riley effectively just called LeBron a coward two weeks ago, correct?

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