South Florida Activists Protest Israeli Assault on Gaza

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In recent weeks, Israel has unleashed a torrent of military attacks on Gaza. Though the Israeli government claims it's just a response to bombing by Hamas, it's all really part of a multi-decades-long, U.S.-backed Israeli occupation of the seaside strip. To suggest otherwise is simply to attempt to flip reality upside down.

So on Monday, South Florida protesters, many of whom are connected to Muslim and other activist communities keenly aware of this power disparity, decided to demonstrate. Targets included the Sun Sentinel and the offices of U.S. Reps. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Ted Deutch.

Many of the targets were asked to attend a congressional hearing this Friday that will feature Tariq Khdeir, a Palestinian-American teen from Florida who was recently brutalized by Israeli forces only a few days after an Israeli lynch mob burned his cousin, Mohammad Khdeir, to death.

The debate in Gaza has been raging since early June, when three Israeli teenagers disappeared in the southern West Bank and then a Palestinean teen was killed in revenge. Hundreds of missiles have been fired, and flights have been canceled.

For a more comprehensive timeline of the current assault on Gaza, check this link.

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The 2 Palestinans shot by the IDF on Nakba day is fine though.


+ the killing of 3 Israel's teens started this round.    

little doubt Hamas supporters started this.


"it's all really part of a multi-decades long U.S. backed Israeli occupation of the seaside strip. To suggest otherwise, is simply to attempt to flip reality upside down." Wow...bias much?  You are not even going to try to be impartial or report on facts instead on injecting opinions?  What a joke!

KennyPowersII topcommenter

@Anonymous I believe you have facts confused with opinions. What you imply as facts are arguable opinion.


@Anonymous Millions of Native Americans are still pissed we took their land.  lucky for us we had better weapons.

-regardless, PLO and Hamas will always fail, if they continue to use violence as their strategy.

1st step, stop shooting missiles, and blowing up busses. 

also, there are video's of IDF, warning shots, and human shields move to the top of buildings.  -then there is firing weapons in schools, and hospitals.

sacrificing their followers is a media strategy.

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