Miami Heat Free Agency Rumors: Here's What We Know So Far

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Free agency is well underway, and so far the Miami Heat has signed no one. In fact, all we have are rumors, speculation, and so-called "reports" swirling around all saying different things (or, in most cases, saying nothing at all).

So what's a Heat fan to do?

What's to be believed? Who is right? Who is wrong? Is Pat Riley ever going to sign anybody?


Relax. Let's dive in and answer some of the most burning questions concerning the Miami Heat and its quest to retool its championship squad.

Did LeBron really ask for a max contract?
According to this report by Brian Windhorst, yes. And, according to common sense (and math), LeBron is clearly worth it.

Why are there so many conflicting reports?
Because news is a 24-hour, eight-days-a-week operation, and something has to fill in the spaces while we wait for real-life things to happen. So we're going to get a lot of noise coming at us from all directions. Some sound, and some -- like this one that calls Chris Bosh "a fading star" -- not so sound.

What's with this report about Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh not knowing what LeBron is going to do?
Chris Broussard of ESPN wrote a report on Wednesday that basically says Wade and Bosh are in the dark with what LeBron is going to do. There are several issues with this report. First and foremost, Broussard names "multiple sources" but never clarifies who these sources are or how deep into the team they might be. Of course, anonymous sources are the way news has always been broken, but these supposed sources seem a tad dubious. Not that Broussard is making stuff up. He may very well have people on the inside feeding him info. It's just that these things have to be scrutinized. For example, how would these multiple sources know what Wade and Bosh are thinking unless they sat at the lunch meeting they had? It's possible either Wade or Bosh told someone this, but it's highly unlikely.

The other thing is than Dan LeBatard went on ESPN's SportsCenter on Wednesday night and said he's hearing the exact opposite of what Broussard reported -- that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all know exactly what's going down and that the communication between them and the team is much clearer now than it was in 2010, when they first joined up.

Did Pat Riley speak with Pau Gasol?
According to this Yahoo! Sports report, yes. Yes, he did.

Whoa. Gasol on the Heat would be awesome.
Yes. But that's not a question.

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