Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton Loses 2014 MLB Home Run Derby in Style

Miami Marlins Instagram (@marlins).

Oh, Giancarlo. That power.

Last night, the rest of baseball-watching America figured out what we already knew: Giancarlo Stanton is pretty much the strongest dude in the sport.

So what if our beloved fauxhawk-wearing monster didn't win the Home Run Derby -- that honor would go to Yoenis Cespedes, the Cuban-born Oakland A's player who hit 30 homers over three rounds, becoming only the second player ever to win the derby in back-to-back years.

Giancarlo Stanton won the internet instead.

Stanton wouldn't make it to the final round of the event after a poor showing in the third round, but during the first half of the event, when every hitter took hacks, our guy unloaded on a pitch and took the biggest one.

MLB estimated the bomb would have gone 510 feet if unobstructed. MLB players estimated it went farther.

Oh, Giancarlo. That power.

Even though he didn't win, for one night, he made us forget about LeBron.

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Rachel R Levy Lewis
Rachel R Levy Lewis

I don't know which was better, watching him bat or watching the reactions of all of the other players!

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