LeBron James Rumors: Cavaliers Trade Players to Make Room for James

Photo by Keith Allison via Flickr cc
We're officially at DEFCON HOLY CRAP with the LeBron James Decision 2.0.

As he is set to meet with Heat team President Pat Riley in Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon, comes news that the Cleveland Cavaliers dealt away a big contract to make salary cap space for LeBron.

This either means they know LeBron is going back to Cleveland, or it means they just took a massive gamble on a guy who might burn them again.

Also, it means Heat fans have a case of the massive dirty pants.

According to ESPN, the Cavs are sending Jarret Jack to the Brooklyn Nets in a three-team deal to clear around $21 million in order to offer James a max contract.

ESPN is also reporting the Cavs are going after former Heat sharp-shooter Mike Miller as well as Ray Allen.

Meanwhile, LeBron is set to meet with Riley in Vegas. Reports say that LeBron's agent, head coach Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade will also attend this meeting.

To make matters a little more unnerving for Heat fans, Bleacher Reports' Ethan Skolnick says that the Heat's recent acquisitions of Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger may have been a mistake, if they want to sell LeBron on sticking around.

Add to the mix that Chris Sheridan says a source of his claims LeBron returning to the Cavs is 90 percent done.

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James Kendall
James Kendall

Haha I can't wait to see all the heat sycophants who have been kissing his ass blue for years tell me how much of an asshole he is now. #letsburnsomejerseys!!

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