Potential Hurricane Showing "Signs of Organization" in the Atlantic Ocean

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Courtesy National Hurricane Center
Okay, so it ain't even a Tropical depression yet. But after decades living in this steamy subtropical hurricane magnet of a land mass, we have an instinct for these things.

A front located about 1150 miles east of the Windward Islands is showing "signs of organization," according to the National Hurricane Center. It's moving west-northwestward near 15 miles per hour and "could develop into a tropical depression later today or tomorrow."

The odds of it becoming a real storm are 70 percent. Pretty darn high.

Though hurricane season starts in June, August is when things start to get interesting. The feds are predicting a lower than normal hurricane season this year with only a couple major storms. It seems El Nino is cutting some storms down to size.

So far there has only been one hurricane this year, Arthur, and it just grazed the East Coast. We are betting there will be more.

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