Group Working on Selling David Beckham to Bring MLS to Fort Lauderdale

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Goldberg says that all it would take would be the backing of local businesses, and an OK from city officials. After that, the ball would be in Beckham and his investor's court.

With Beckham having trouble securing a spot to build a stadium in Miami-Dade, in addition to the tax-payer snags that it would bring, the international football star has made veiled threats to take a look at Broward County as a possibility. This prompted New Times to come up with a list of places in Broward Beckham could do just that.

This emboldened Envision to start the wheels turning.

"We saw your article," Goldberg says. "And we thought, look at this. We're not the only ones thinking about this."

And, as we pointed out in our article, Envision Uptown too sees Lockhart as giving something Miami-Dade can't give fans: easy access to and from the venue.

Envision is working with a real estate advisor to set something up with city officials.

"We're just getting things stirred up to see if there's any interest," Goldberg says. "We're not going after tax payer money, there's no residential here. We're already setting up to meet with the mayor, and commissioner Bruce Roberts to discuss a package and figure things out. The key is that we have to get the businesses behind the idea."

Citrix, Goldberg says, has already shown interest in the idea. And that's a start.

"There's development opportunities by the executive airport, and we have 70,000 employees in the area. If we can put together the right package, we truly believe businesses would get behind it financially. There's a lot of property to build for businesses here to rejuvenate the area and turn it into a sports and entertainment hub."

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riverrat69 topcommenter

Great idea. Never give up the quest for public money for private enterprise.  Fleece the Broward taxpayers instead of the Dade County taxpayers.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

Bingo. This was always a money grab and not about soccer.

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