Fort Lauderdale Woman Claims She Was Drugged While Drinking With Dennis Rodman

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photo credit: Launce Rake
Dennis Rodman is once again in the news, and, as it is with Rodman, that's not a good thing.

According to a report by TMZ, Rodman was named in a Fort Lauderdale Police report by a woman who says she was drugged last week while drinking with Rodman at a hotel.

Apparently, Angela Torre, 22, says she met up with Rodman and a buddy at the Ocean Manor Resort Hotel on July 1.

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Torre never actually comes out and accuses Rodman of anything, but she does claim in the report that she was with him when she was allegedly drugged.

According to police, Torre says she woke up in a hospital and decided to leave before anyone could tell her why she was there or give her results to any possible tests taken on her.

An initial investigation by police confirmed that the fire department took Torre to the hospital after she was found "passed out" in the hotel restaurant.

But TMZ reports that Torre returned to the hospital for a blood test, fearing she had been drugged. Those results have not been released.

Torre told police she had a bruise on her chest and a bump on her head, according to the report. TMZ says no rape kit was administered.

According to the report, Torre believes she was given drugs by someone without her knowledge, though she doesn't know or remember by whom.

So while Rodman isn't a suspect or isn't being accused of anything (at least for now), it's still another case of Rodman being in the news for the wrong reasons.

This comes just five months after he had a meltdown on national television where he ranted about taking former NBA players to North Korea to play basketball. He eventually blamed the meltdown on booze and stress.

And then there was that time he went to North Korea and called Obama and Clinton "assholes."

And, of course, there was that time he called Kim Jong-un a friend for life.

As for this recent incident, police say they're still investigating.

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I don't get what women see him in

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Kelly Rouke McCoon
Kelly Rouke McCoon

We saw him there late last month when he looked at my 2 1/2 yr old son and says to him "you're gonna f@&$ a lot of women when you get older" in his pink camisole and pink and purple rhinestoned hat. What a disaster!!!

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......................well apparently at least ONE sees a lawsuit settlement !

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