Five Reasons LeBron Isn't Going to Cleveland (According to a Clevelander)

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2. Because of Dan Gilbert. Obviously, of all the moneymen holdings the keys to an NBA franchise, Gilbert isn't a frontrunner for worst. But four years ago the infamous Letter gave us a peak inside at his thinking -- and it isn't pretty. Sure, Gilbert had every reason to be sore (then again, he's a billionaire). And LeBron did do him wrong (still, he's a billionaire). But for Gilbert to grab a crayon and blast out an emotional tantrum betrays an entitlement issue and a vicious lack of respect for LeBron's own capacity to choose. It's easy to see why LeBron might not be inclined to hop back into basketball bed with someone like that.

1. Because God Hates Clevelanders. How else do you explain 50 straight years of sports misery?

So there are you five reasons why LeBron won't be putting on the wine and gold again. But if you read this far, I might as well tell you that a guy I know who runs a sports book who knows a guy who runs a blog said he overheard an insider saying LeBron announces today or tomorrow he's going to Cleveland. So . . . it continues.

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Seán Schauseil
Seán Schauseil

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Ricky Autonym
Ricky Autonym

This list sucks. Hes going back to Cleveland. Bet.

Don Walters
Don Walters

I think you all misunderstood....LeBron is going to The CLEVELANDER.

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