Fort Lauderdale Is Doomed to Suburban Sprawl

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Fort Lauderdale is no stranger to luxury condos. Las Olas River House, the Waverly, and Nu River Landing all offer A-list amenities, if you're into that sort of thing. Besides making downtown a live/work/play area, they all also pack in a lot of people.

But they're certainly not gonna become the norm in Fort Lauderdale. One expert says that they -- and all condos -- are a dying breed there. Not only that but apparently Broward's county seat is more or less doomed to become all suburban sprawl while the areas around it flourish and turn into metropolises.

"Fort Lauderdale is not performing like its neighbor to the south, where [the condo business] is just booming," says Peter Zalewski, a rep from the site Condo Vultures. "The primary reason is that it's not really a friendly, conducive market. Government leaders tend to be anticondo and pro low-density."

Everyone knows that Miami has more city cred than Fort Lauderdale. (Would Will Smith ever write a paeon to Las Olas?) But Zalewski gave a startling example that shows just how badly the city is being left in the dust, and not just in terms of pop-culture shoutouts. In terms of new condos in the area, the county falls just behind Coral Gables and North Bay Village. Meanwhile, both Hollywood and Hallandale Beach are building about four times more.

With Miami's rental prices going through the roof, Fort Lauderdale has a big opportunity to capitalize on people looking north. Zalewski says the city won't take it.

"Miami has 17,201 units going in, and Fort Lauderdale has 786," he says with a laugh. "That pretty much indicates what's happening."

Between 2003 and 2007, Lauderdale allowed construction of 49 towers with 5,535 new units. Last year, CBS Miami reported that there were only about 40 for sale. So while property values have risen in Fort Lauderdale, it seems that the market has been almost completely saturated.

"The leadership of Fort Lauderdale is getting in the way of its own development," Zalewski says. "More buyers are going to be looking at the city soon, but will community associations encourage that growth, or will the market just skip over them?"

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frankd4 topcommenter high rise condo units in MIAMI are bought by international DRUG king pins and in BROWARD are bought by retirement-minded snow-birds and casually visiting northeastern types who don't stay in hotels or want time-shares so somewhere along the way they bought a ft liquordale condo (many INLAND and away from the beach due to hurricane insurance costs)

neither sources of local government funding VOTE here so it sets up perfectly for scams and frauds in publicly funded financial fiascos like RIVERFRONT and the downtown courthouse PARKING GARAGE

frankd4 topcommenter

.......................the local-yokels cannot afford luxury high-rise condo units so that is what is being built (or the exquivilent rental apartments) and it will ALWAYS be that way because corrupt politicians would rather have their residential units occupied by owners who do NOT vote here and who require less in government services such as schools 

imagine a city of only snow-birds who pay real estate taxes yet have no voting power so those few good olde boyz who DO qualify to vote can get their pals into office and get away with PREDATORY TOWING and "screw the tourist" scams and rip-offs of UNsuspecting visitors and guests who DO NOT have plans to stay here

that's WHY public funds get pi$$ed away on airport runway extentions, the largest county COURTHOUSE in the country, empty school "portables", trains and railways to no-where such as THE WAVE and ALL ABOARD FLORIDA,  and of course,  the WATER TAXI

IN miami THOSE politicians get away with gigantic stadiums and tunnel projects

here in BROWARD the scams feature smaller run-of-the-mill "improvement" type operations such as public transportation related frauds that get bought, kickbacks paid, and the project idea then gets shelved away


In Fort Lauderdale they are building rental units, I believe 5000 are in the pipeline or under construction. The one thing Fort Lauderdale needs to do, is work on infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. I moved here in 1981 from Miami because it was a bedroom community, you could walk and bike safely without all the congestion. Unfortunately Fort Lauderdale is becoming like Miami it is not enjoyable to be out of your car. That is what needs to change here, they need to enforce the traffic laws, like speeding and improper lane changing. Let Miami keep that insanity, and give me back my relaxed town. 


i live in Fort Lauderdale and have seen condos taking over on small business roadways like Sunrise blvd and Federal Hwy, blatantly blocking views and sun for the residences that now are doomed by a huge building's shade as well as the eyesore of a lurking high rise in the midst of suburbia. Lets keep a good thing how it is, less city-like traffic, more neighborly relationships, small businesses and more. The new upcoming condos  are also not even housing young professionals or middle class permanent residents - the ones who drive all the economy of downtown Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas watering holes, eateries and many other businesses. Most of the upcoming projects are in the high 500,000 to millions looking for snowbirds who won't even be living there, and thus not driving the economy year-round. What we do need, is more affordable housing for these young professionals, the 25-40 age range who are trying to work in the metropolis while also raising a family. This doesn't mean more condos, as association dues and assessments hit hard to families and young professionals and quite frankly are a rip off, but more affordable neighborhoods or lower apartment buildings that still foster the idea of "home." This is what Fort Lauderdale is scarce on - HOMES. You want us to work here, drive your economy and raise a family here, then create them, not condos. Thank you to the city for trying to put an end to endless building of high-density living.

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