Boca Inventor Wins Award for Hassle-Free-Headphones Creation

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Courtesy of Mart Goodall
Thanks to a Boca man's invention, this device can stop your headphones from tangling.

Earlier this month at InventHelp's INPEX 2014 -- the largest invention trade show in the country, held in Pittsburgh -- medals were given out in 40 categories, with more than 300 inventors vying for the hardware.

A Boca man named Mart Goodall took home a gold medal in the Sports category for his invention called CableBuds. What looks like a small circular object the size of a quarter or so is actually tiny magnets embedded in an ultra lightweight disc that attach to a thin metal plate placed behind clothes, according to the product's site. This traps the earphone cables to clothes, forming a magnetic clip that will not damage what you're wearing.

The clips (which cost about $10) come in standard black and white or in a whole line of designer sets: clips with an American flag on them or "WWJD" or even different smiley faces. They're available at, but they're also sold as customizable promotional products, if businesses desire.

Goodall -- who's originally from England but has lived in Boca Raton the past 19 years -- thought of the idea while biking with friends in 2012. The former CEO of a printing company that Pitney Bowes bought in '06 and a longtime tech officer and consultant to various printing software companies, Goodall saw his $200 headphones end up in his bike's wheel.

"I was really frustrated that I ruined those headphones, so I went to look for something to clip them up for next time. But to my surprise, there wasn't anything like that yet. I actually wanted one, and I just figured, you know, I can make this myself."

So he formed DryBonez, the company that sells CableBuds and has a patent pending. Goodall, for now, has his eggs in DryBonez, but he's encouraged by what it could turn into because of how the invention conference went.

Courtesy of Mart Goodall

"I can't say I expected to win gold, but I was pretty hopeful to win something. Just based off the reaction of people seeing it beforehand. Without exception, everyone saw a use for it. It's tough to get a product off the ground and into the consumer's hands, but I know I have a good product."

You can follow Ryan Cortes on Twitter.

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You should look at FreeWavz too - there are no wires on those; even less of a hassle! 


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@LCRunner FreeWavz look nice but are not aiming at the same market. CableBuds enhance existing earbuds for $10 and do not aim at replacing them with wireless for $150+.

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