Eight Reasons Pam Bondi Is the Worst Attorney General in Florida History

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Rick Scott seems to be a big target when it comes to the majority of Floridians fed up with the way things are run down here.

Will that vitriol be enough to oust Scott in the election come November? Time (and the ballots) will tell.

But another key figure is also running for re-election come November. Someone who has done just as much damage to Florida as Scott has, albeit with a more pretty face.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is flat-out the worst this state has ever seen, and she could very well win re-election due to people not knowing enough about her dirty deeds.

Here now are eight reasons why Pam Bondi is the worst AG Florida has ever had:

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8. She Supported Arizona's Crazy Immigration Laws
When Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer implemented her draconian immigration laws in Arizona that made it a federal crime for an immigrant to be in Arizona without carrying registration documents, and gave police the freedom to crack down on businesses suspected of hiring immigrants, she received a lot of blowback from other leaders around the country. But, Pam Bondi not only supported Brewer, but embraced her ideas by signing a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Brewer's law as it went to the Supreme Court.

"I'm not saying Florida is in an identical situation, but I did sign on to an amicus and I will continue to sign on to an amicus brief, when they affect states' rights," Bondi said at the time.

7. She's All Kinds of Shady
Bondi is a staunch supporter of the death penalty, except when it interferes with a party she wants to throw herself. Last September she requested Gov. Rick Scott to postpone the execution of Marshall Lee Gore because the date of his execution landed on the same day as Bondi's re-election kick-off party. Putting off the execution reportedly cost the Department of Corrections around $1,000.

In another case of lack of self-awareness, Bondi was all up in reviewing allegations in a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who went after Donald Trump after he was accused of ripping off 5,000 customers in a supposed "get-rich-scheme."

But just a couple of days into her review, Bondi's "And Justice For All" committee received a big-ass check worth $25 grand from Trump. And then, just be sheer coincidence, Bondi dropped her investigation on Trump.

And then there was that time she was accused of violating public records laws by deleting office emails, and text messages that were requested by an attorney.

6. She Led the Charge Against Obamacare
When Rick Scott hinted he would think about Obamacare for Florida, Bondi pounced and was critical of her otherwise good pal. Then she wrote an op-ed piece slamming Obamacare, saying that it was a gate-way to fraud and trolling up the ol' "unconstitutional" talking points.

Then she hit up Fox News to talk about how terrible getting thousands of uninsured Floridians medical insurance -- even as said Floridians said they wanted and needed it. In other words, she was pretty fired up to attack the Affordable Care Act from all sides with the passion of a fat guy at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant buffet.

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Pam Bondi sonds like a reasonable person overall to me.

1. They call them illegal aliens because they violate federal and state laws in entering the country without permission. Try that in France and especially Mexico. You will do Jail time in Mexico, several years. If caught working wihtout work permits the jail time can be VERY long. The state of Arizona has tens of millions in costs because the Fed will not enforce the law. I agree 100%, when one is here illegally they MUST be ejected or there is no sovereignty.

2. Delaying and execution that SHE must peronsally review prior to executing when she is ont eh campaign trail is appropriate. In fact, if the didn't do so then most likely the state would have been sued costing taxpayers millions instead of hundreds.

3. Receiving money from Trump MAY seem inappropriate, however, no politician wold accept that kind of money if they are in charge of the non-profit recieving it under a circumstance where it would look like a bribe. My guess is that the decisions were already made and the investigation completed. believe me Trump has a LOT of money. If there was not enough evidene to get a straight out conviction it would have cost the taxpayers tens or hundreds of millions to prosecute such a powerful individual. If NY had enough to prosecute then Florida only needed give NY ay relevent informaiton and evidence to support. Let NY pay for it.

4. Accused of deleting emails is NOT anything but an accusation, You chose your words very carefully didn't you? Liberals accuse conservatives all the time of doing things that they regularly do and feel they should be immuned form prosecution over. THis is exaclty that kind of thing.

5. Leading the charge against ObamaCare, an illegal unethical and in my opinion criminal scheme to defraud Citizens of health care and charge a premium for mid income workers and above and give away free health care in a "closed system".  Obama Care was passed by DEMOCRATS with the cry "we must pass it to find out what is inside it". Legally speaking, no elected official should be abe or allowed to vote on ANY bill they hav not read in entirety and understand ahave have legal briefing on. You stae that she is bad because she opposes fraud on the people in the form of liberal law that is unconstitutional and unethical and immoral. 

All in all I think that YOU are the problem, you and your ilk, not Pam Bondi.

frankd4 topcommenter

..................actually for FLORIDUH bondi is perfect - just like oH MARco! is a US senator but when you say "from florida" then people really just laugh

there IS a reason the state is the HOME OF THE CIRCUS


There's really great candidate in this race who isn't getting the media attention he should be getting - make sure you check out Bill Wohlsifer - www.BillW2014.com

He drafted the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, he vows to re-legalize industrial hemp to help clean up Florida's water problems (check out www.hemp4water.com), he's stronger on civil liberties than any candidate, he's hard on cronies and he's earnest - he's been fighting for health freedom long before he decided to run for office.  Best bet for freedom and preservation of ALL your rights is Bill Wohlsifer! 


Zero prosecution of banks led by Pam Bondi.  Would she even be competent for such complex litigation?  It's doubtful from what I read.  She fired two AG's for investigating robo-signers.   Florida was ground zero for bank fraud -  LPS and Marshall &  Watson got off Scott free (no pun intended but ha ha).  Though she may be the butt of jokes, her lack of ability and will to stand up to large corporations is disastrous for our state and consumers.  I am working with the AG's office for over a year.  There is an investigation of the national home builder KB Home.  I think the investigation will go nowhere, even though thousands of people are involved and tens of millions of dollars.  But I've been told by other agencies, "this governor will never let anything happen to this company, and Pam Bondi must do what she is told."  I have no idea if that is true, but from the way this is going.......... see my website  to see who is (not) afraid of Pam Bondi.    http://www.kbhomesleak.com/whos-afraid-of-attorney-general-pam-bondi-not-kb-home/ 

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Heading into her 3rd marriage? How's that for stability? Please, someone find the dirt to dump this whack.


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Andrew Creech
Andrew Creech

It was all good, and I agreed with the article, and then became immediately turned off by the racism at the end. "Look at 'em. Like two white peas in a pod." Ask yourself this question, if it were two black peas in a pod, do think the article would've gotten past your editors? ...and why would your editors flag it? They're right for doing it, and they should've done their job here.

icculus17 topcommenter

"Florida's marriage laws have a close, direct and rational relationship to society's legitimate interest in increasing the likelihood that children will be born to and raised by the mothers and fathers who produced them in stable and enduring family units."

and locking away their daddies and cutting food stamps is a great way to do this apparently


I just can't understand why a site that does such an outstanding job of reporting the egregious plundering of Fl citizens by the financial community prints this type of piece which oozes the petty bias and obvious disoriented political persuasions of a writer who specializes in such delusional fantasy. Biondi should be publicly chastised for her sorry leadership in cleaning up Florida's foreclosure fraud which would be in keeping with the value of this site, instead our time was wasted by unqualified commentary on the "virtues" of  topics such as this administration's tragic failures regarding its immigration policy and Obamacare.


Look at her background--deputy to Attila the Hun in Hillsborough State Attorney Ober for years.  This guy on the campaign trail in 2002 was spouting NRA "I love guns" BS.  She was chosen to be Scott's obedient enforcer in his raison d'etre for running for guvner in the first place:  killing "Obamacare" for his HCA cronies!  He and his familiar (Pam) spent millions of Floridians' public funds in their doomed RW corporatist crusade to reduce minority voter participation in FL, to despoil FL's environment by many schemes, to unconstitutionally divert public school funding, already a disgrace, to benefit FL corporations' tax liability and enrich for-profit charters and voucher mills--the list goes on and on!

The cherry-on-top was her hilarious "non-wedding" to which she flew half of Scott's administration to a Caribbean island to celebrate nuptials that never occurred!   Did somebody "forget" to finalize their divorce in advance of the ceremony?  Pam's not talking, but what a faux pas!

All of the half-dozen or more expensive lawsuits she and P. Rick filed against the federal government fell flat, of course!

Send this to every voter you know in FL.  They have a right to know what this disgrace has been up to for nearly 4 yrs.  Then, recommend that registered Dems vote for George Sheldon for Attorney General.  He has served honorably in several capacities at the state level in FL. 

Jonathan Whittaker
Jonathan Whittaker

I don't understand how backwards people keep getting elected. The general population can't be this stupid. Against legalized Marijuana Pam? Google Charlotte's Web Marijuana, read the CNN story, and then tell me if your child suffered that type of pain, you wouldn't do anything to help your child. This is just a ploy to keep money flowing to police depts. that stand to lose federal funding for the war on drugs if marijuana becomes legal. Kinda funny that Republicans and Libertarians whine and complain about the money the government uses, yet won't support initiatives like legalized marijuana to tax and save money for the state. And I won't even comment on the gay marriage thing because you will find yourself on the wrong side of history. It's just like the Civil Rights movement and what people do in their private lives is frankly none of your or my business. Why are you against people being happy? Pam Bondi is a great example of someone who doesn't listen to the people she serves, and just listens to the money. Another typical politician who is partly responsible for Americans distrust of politics and the huge division and hatred we see today in politics. Shame on her.

SethPlatt topcommenter

I would like to see an infographic illustrating the amount of money she has blown on lost cases that also shows the public opinion support %s of the those cases. 

Bad politician, but even worse attorney.

Jasmine Murias
Jasmine Murias

With a quick scroll I thought this was Britney Spears...


lotsa bullet points but you missed almost all  the most important probems, namely, that as attorney general, she doesn't do shit about florida's most pressing problems. for one she's allowed the foreclosure crisis to trudge on for years more without any more justice in the courts or the eviction processes, effecting countless millions. 


She's an absolute 10 an deserves to be re-elected just on those merits alone.


A more intelligent statement does not exist on the whole of the internet!  Bravo!


@thelocalseth A 10?  You need to get out more.  Check out RECENT photos of her.   Her face is fading fast.   

PLLLLEASE Florida, wise up and don't reelect her.

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